Mobile App Development for Businesses – A Complete Guide

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  • 23-11-2022
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mobile app development for business

As the need for the best channel for digital media is increasing each day, businesses have put their focus on websites or mobile apps. However, the digital market has seen a shift in its paradigm in the form of mobile applications. The number of mobile users is witnessing whopping growth every year. People want more convenient ways of connecting with businesses, and mobile applications have proven to be the only way to do so.

According to Statista, in 2019, the advertising spending on app installs amounted to 57.8 billion U.S. dollars worldwide. In developing countries like Africa, India, China, and Indonesia, global app install ad spend is set to grow to 118 billion U.S. dollars by the end of 2022.

Mobile App Install Advertising Expenditures Worldwide From 2017 to 2022

Mobile App Install Advertising Expenditures Worldwide From 2017 to 2022

But it is not easy to work on mobile application development, especially when the market is so hyper-competitive and the process is deeply integrated with technology. People often wonder how to develop an app for mobile users to get the required or expected business traffic and earn revenues. The answer is to hire a third-party mobile app development company offering innovative approaches and excellent services to businesses across various industries.

Why is Mobile App Development Crucial For Businesses?

One must first understand the benefits of app development for business. People often put forth the question about why they need a mobile app separately when they already have a website or web application. It is a justifiable question because mobile app development came into existence a couple of years ago whereas websites have been in use for decades.

Considering this, we have listed some significant advantages of developing mobile apps for businesses:

With the help of mobile applications, it is much easier for businesses to reach out to people and target a more significant section of the audience. Unlike interactions with only websites as the primary digital channel, companies launching mobile applications separately will have more leverage in targeting a more significant section of the market and drive more online traffic.

Mobile applications can also increase the revenue collection and profit share of the business in the market. There are several contributing factors to justify this claim. To begin with, the number of mobile users is increasing, and with this, more and more people will conduct business and contribute to revenue. In addition, using a mobile app is much more convenient than our website, especially for customer-centric businesses.

Meeting customer expectations through mobile applications is easier for a business than a website. With the best mobile application development services, you can satisfy the target customers and fulfill their expectations to ensure your business can have the required exposure and visibility on the digital platform.

Since mobile applications can be customized, businesses now have better leverage to ensure they present something to the audience that can behave like a replica of the physical business processes and operations.

How To Choose The Best Mobile App Development Company For A Business?

As you already know what app development is and why you need it, it won't be a problem to decide that you need the best company for the same. However, with so many mobile app development companies in the market, finding the right one for your business is no cakewalk when several options are available. You must consider several factors to collaborate with the best firm and develop an innovative mobile app solution. Keeping everything in mind, we have explained some points on how you can find the best mobile app development services with ease.

1. Experience

concerned company before proceeding with the deal. Since the mobile app development industry is so big, you need to think about the company's experience before moving forward with the deal. By experience, we mean the hands-on expertise the company has gained from offering mobile application development services to various businesses across different industries.

2. Reputation

Brand reputation plays a vital role for any mobile app development company. It is best to partner up with a company that has at least worked for some of the big giants in the same industry your business belongs to. It will give you a sense of relief and ensure that the chosen option is not dissatisfactory. It makes decision-making easy while helping you trust the company to deliver quality work.

3. Services

Every business must check the services offered by mobile app development companies. For instance, if you want e-commerce mobile app development services, you should partner up with a company providing the same. Similarly, if you need a custom mobile app for your business, the company you choose must offer custom app development services.

4. Skills and Expertise

Skills and expertise matter the most, as you now know the benefits of mobile app development for businesses. If your chosen company does not have professionals with the expected skill set, it won't be easy for them to work on your planned mobile app. For example, suppose you want full-stack development services. In that case, the development company professionals must know the tech stack used in full stack development, like node JS, mongo DB, angular, express, etc.

5. Project Cost

Apart from the factors mentioned above, it would be helpful if you focus on the overall cost of the project. Usually, the cost will be determined hourly if the project is short-term. On the contrary, if it is a long-term project and you also want support and maintenance after post-code deployment in a live environment, the cost will be based on the overall contract. Therefore, it's best to send a request for a quote to the best company and compare the overall development cost.

6. Delivery and Quality

When hiring the best mobile app development company, delivery and quality also matter. For example, you must collaborate with the company that promises delivery time based on your bandwidth and keep its promise by ensuring on-time delivery. You should also check the reviews and feedback to understand the quality of the work delivered.

7. Market Understanding

The mobile app development company should have a proper understanding of the market and the trends. For example, integrating blockchain to manage online digital transactions is one of the trending features in the mobile app development industry today. Similarly, custom mobile app development services are in demand due to the growing need for customized apps.

What are the Primary Features of Mobile Business Applications?

Features play a vital role in the success of any mobile application. With technology upgrades and high competition, it is a must to deliver the best. One must include features that fulfill the user requirements while meeting business goals. However, there are certain generic features you have to ensure to add to the application so that it can be in synchronization with the current market demands and conditions.

In light of this, we've talked about some of the most important things your mobile app plan should include, no matter what kind of business you run.

1. User Authentication Portal

The user authentication portal is the very first thing you need to add to the app. When you open Facebook, you need to give the username and password as the authentication parameters. If the combination is correct, you can access the profile. It is an application example with a single authentication layer.

So, it doesn't offer the high level of security that most mobile apps need in the present era, when cybercrime is increasing every day. The best solution will be to implement two to three layers of authentication at the beginning of opening the app. It can be a combination of biometric and password authentication or two different biometric authentication parameters.

2. Security and Encryption

You also need to ensure the mobile app is secured and appropriately encrypted so that hackers cannot find any loopholes in the security layers. If they find a loophole, they will quickly get access to the mainframe of your business’s application, unrestricted access to the stored datasets, and complete knowledge about the business processes.

It will put your customer base at risk along with your entire business because data theft, ID theft, data manipulation, illegal cloning, and so on are detrimental to every digital entity. So, you can integrate 256-bit or 128-bit encryption layers on the application so that hackers won't be able to break the layers and get an entry. In addition, you should also take proper steps to battle SQL injection attacks, XSS attacks, DDoS attacks, and so on. Obtain the SSL certificate to ensure your application's header is secured and protected.

3. Payment Page

Another common feature for mobile applications is a separate payment page. In earlier days, the payment gateway used to be included on the same page. As a result, anyone could know the information for the payment process.

That is why most businesses are revamping their applications to separate the payment page from the home page or the personal profile page. They partner with a compliant third-party platform to direct the customer to the payment portal. It has led to a reduction in cybercrimes involving stolen payment details of customers, hacked transactions, and so on.

4. User-friendly Navigation

If you want to impact your user audience and don't want to lose them over time, you must complete the navigation system super comfortably and efficiently. If the user has to move between different pages to find something very trivial like your contact information or address, it would be the worst experience for them.

Besides, operating the application from a phone and navigating between many different pages can be difficult due to reduced screen size and bandwidth. So, go for progressive or single web applications, which are much easier to use and feature modernity.

5. Proper User Interface Design

The user interface, or UI, must have a user-friendly and trending design, from establishing the right balance between negative and positive spaces on the app's interface to incorporating clickable elements that can be viewed easily. It would be best to address several things to ensure the application you are developing for your business yields the expected results in terms of user experience and revenues collected.

6. Device Responsiveness

Another essential feature your mobile application needs to have is device responsiveness. It means that whenever the user changes the device from IOS to Android or from one mobile to another with different screen and resolution features, the application should behave the same way without any change in its features.

Without making the app responsive, it will be nearly impossible for your business to give users a better user experience. In addition, this particular feature will also help make your application compliant with the SEO rules.


With digitalization taking place, it is not easy to find the best company for mobile app development. In addition to the factors we have mentioned above, certain things impact the level of trust and credibility of the business. That is why partnering with the best company seems to be the most feasible option.

Read on for a full list of things to think about when looking for the best company to make a mobile app for you. So, with our guide, you won't have any trouble finding the best app development company for your business that fits your budget and guarantees the quality of the work and the delivery time. With a team of skilled professionals, we help you find the best solutions for your business, considering your business needs and technology trends.

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