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  • By Prashant Pujara
  • 13-06-2022
  • Artificial Intelligence
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Nowadays, a large portion of the copyediting process is manual, with people checking and editing the final copy before it is posted. When you are a creative professional involved in writing, you must be aware of the several writing assistants that have been popular over the years. Even so, whereas these tools are useful for editing, they don't provide much assistance with the writing process. That being said, the AI and the beginnings of advanced (NLP) language models and unique and these tools that augment your writing process by helping you effectively convey your idea.

What is Wordtune?
Wordtune blends state-of-the-art AI techniques with language models that understand the semantics and context of written text. Thus, Wordtune is able to comprehend the text and suggest other methods to rephrase the same statement differently without altering its meaning.

Writing Assistant AI Wordtune is a free browser extension for Chromium-based browsers available through the Chrome Web Store. You may install it on a browser that supports it and use it while writing on platforms such as Google Sheets, Gmail, Docs, Twitter, and Facebook among others.

What services does Wordtune provide?
Worktune provides various writing features that help you enhance your written content and communicate your message more efficaciously. The features and functionalities you receive will vary based on which plan you choose to subscribe to. Here are a few examples of what you can do with this app:

1. Rewrite: This feature enables you to articulate your intent in various ways. Wordtune does this by suggesting a few distinct rewrites against your written statement. Then, choose the alternative idea that perfectly represents your purpose and replace it with your original text.

2. Word finder: This feature provides you with numerous choices for words to use in your sentence. Even if English isn't your first language, Wordtune can help you get your point through by suggesting an equivalent phrase in your own tongue.

3. Smart Paste: This facilitates the incorporation of external text into writing. So, when you want to insert any such text from another source into your writing, this feature seamlessly integrates the pasted text into one writing to render your document sound (and read) natural.

4. Suggestions: This function provides alternate word suggestions for use in your writing. If you're having problems finding the right word to convey your message, word recommendations can help by recommending terms that match your message's context naturally.

5. Examples: This pulls up statements from the web that use similar text in their sentences as you have in yours to dispel any doubts you may have about your written piece. You won't be worried about the use of incorrect phrasing in your writings this way.

6. Translation: It can also translate nine different languages into English. Using Wordtune, you can find the English translation of a term in a supported language. Korean, Spanish, Arabic, Hebrew, Mandarin, Russian, and Hindi are currently supported.

Platforms that Support Wordtune
The various platforms that support Wordtune are:
Google Docs.
OutLook (WEB)
WhatsApp (WEB)
Slack, etc

If you are busy with content creation and involved in a lot of writing, Wordtune is the best support for improving your writing and conveying your message more effectively. That being said, even though the free subscription only provides two features and functionality, we believe it is sufficient to improve your writing and make it more compelling and easy to understand.

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