How AI Can Improve Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

  • By Kiara Miller
  • 14-09-2022
  • Artificial Intelligence
ai in digital marketing

We would all agree with the fact that marketing has a new address in the contemporary world. To explain, marketing has gone enormously digital as most consumers today interact with brands through search engines or social media. This explains why marketers are keen on allocating a substantial amount of their marketing budget to digital marketing tactics.

Besides, it is also true that digital marketing has come a long way to evolve in a mesmerizing way. Technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain, chat bots, VR and so on are changing the digital marketing landscape. AI in particular has revolutionalized the world of digital marketing. Having said that, digital marketing campaigns are more improvised and optimized than ever before, thanks to AI.

Probing further, the global market size for AI in marketing is growing at a CAGR of 29 percent. Statistics further reveal that the market size of AI in marketing is projected to reach USD 40 billion by 2025. Clearly, marketers are fascinated by the benefits of AI in terms of digital marketing. But what are these benefits that marketers and companies are banking on? How can AI change the face of digital marketing altogether?

This is exactly what this blog is going to talk about. In this blog, we look at the several advantages of AI in digital marketing. So, let us get started without further ado.

5 Amazing Ways AI Can Enhance Digital Marketing Campaigns

1. Data & Analytics

The modern era through technological capabilities like machine learning and AI is venturing into the field of data analytics. Data analytics is applicable in broad forms, generally to obtain and interpret large sums of data. Take an example of a tech company like Apple.

How can a multinational company like this understand its customer base in every country and also understand its market segments? AI, machine learning, and data analytics are the platforms!

Almost every business operation today leverages data for optimal efficiency and better outcomes. With the help of computer science and AI, businesses can gain insights into the best approaches to doing business after understanding where their customers are and their preferences.

Today AI allows businesses to acquire and interpret huge amounts of data which wasn’t possible before. Digital marketers can now rely on data analysis to improve marketing gateways. In the case of marketing channels like eCommerce websites, social media marketing, and SEO, digital marketers can understand which channels are fetching more results. They can also make improvements where necessary.

In the long-run, marketing efforts are optimized for SMART Goals at a reasonable budget.

2. Content Creation

Content is one of the major aspects of marketing and almost every digital marketing effort is intended to fetch specific results. In digital marketing, AI is revolutionizing our approach to content creation and in fact, bringing about smarter content pieces. The simplest example of AI in content creation is the use of tools like Grammarly, Google Trends, Moz Keyword Explorer, and other plagiarism tools.

Automated software processes like Natural Language Generation (NLG) allow content marketers to obtain natural written and speech analytics from structured and unstructured data. That is possible through the fed data over a given period of time. AI tools identify grammar mistakes, duplicate content, or content that is written by a machine. These tools also offer content suggestions that maximize content quality.

They also automate minor content requirements, allow you to obtain User-Generated Content across internet platforms, and fetch keywords specific to a niche. AI-powered tools also help digital marketers craft large content more easily and efficiently which improves digital marketing outcomes.

3. Personalized Product Recommendations

Personalization is currently key to better customer engagement and best-in-class shopping experiences. It is all about tailoring experiences according to customer expectations. KO Marketing indicates that 51% of marketers confirm that personalization across marketing points can increase ROI to even more than 300%. To substantiate, a Statista report shows that 63% of marketers noticed that personalization increases customer interactions.

Customers also believe that brands or businesses that personalize their marketing endeavors understand their customers better. Big brands like Amazon and Netflix make awesomely annually from automated personalized recommendations. For any digital marketing trying to make the best of marketing campaigns, personalization may be the answer. With the help of AI, any digital marketer can understand customers’ or shoppers’ preferences using the fed data.

A digital marketer can then run more targeted campaigns to maximize customer engagement and fetch quality leads. They can send out personalized product recommendations based on the customer data obtained over time and their preferences. By the way, the latest statistics by Monetate show that customers who were engaged with recommended products were more likely to convert or buy a product.

4. Enhanced Customer experiences

Businesses survive on customer bases. The larger the customer base, the better leads, conversion rate, and ROI. As businesses try to attain such goals, the use of AI can help bring about a positive impact in attaining both short-term and long-term goals.

Via personalized product recommendations, more targeted campaigns, and the use of chatbots, digital marketers can simplify their efforts and maximize outcomes. In this case, AI is used to obtain real-time data which is used in decision-making. AI now offers results that are more accurate and timely which are used to create personalized marketing strategies to meet specific niche needs and expectations.

With such efforts, digital marketers meet customer-specific expectations, especially in new markets and in the case of product diversification. However, the key is track digital marketing KPIs consistently for optimization.

5. Predictive analytics

The application of predictive analytics in digital marketing enables marketers to fetch and analyze data and then make informed decisions. Data-driven marketing has shown to play a crucial role in understanding customer behaviors, preferences, and future shopping pathways among others.

With the help of AI, digital marketers can forecast future customer trends and run optimized marketing campaigns. AI data can point to what shoppers may prefer ( future trends) and allow businesses to optimize inventory after assessing both internal and external data.

In critical and unclear periods like pandemics, AI and IoT can be leveraged to keep an upper hand on supply chains, inventory management, and pricing. In return, all these allow businesses to run efficiently and remain competitive in the marketplace.

Bottom Line

Artificial Intelligence or AI isn’t new to the world, but it’s steadily invading every aspect of life dimensionally. If you thought that AI is adept in the automotive industry, it’s high time you gave a second thought about the same.

If you’re a digital marketer, it’s currently essential to consider technologies like AI and VR to up business operations and provide remarkable customer experiences. AI in digital marketing has so far shown its capabilities in revolutionizing marketing efforts across multiple touchpoints and it’s ideal for every marketer to give it a try.

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