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  • 05-09-2019
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Not a lot of people can easily dive right into the world of website management, especially small business owners. Operating a website is in itself intimidating, but what stresses business owners the most is understanding traffic sources.

If you are looking for ways to generate traffic into your new website, resourcefulness can get you far. Budding bloggers and new business owners can apply tricks of the trade to thrust their website into the limelight without putting a dent in their wallets.

What is a Traffic Source

traffic source

Traffic sources, in the simplest sense, is explained as the summary of origins of each visit to your website. Every person who clicked on your website came across your page through a specific origin. This point of origination is tracked by web analytic tools and is sorted out as a traffic source. The different metrics of traffic sources are:

- Direct Traffic: Measured by the number of people who keyed in the URL of your website or clicked a bookmark.
- Search Engines: Paid and organic traffic facilitated by search engines such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing.
- Referring URL: Traffic that came from other web pages, which could have been from campaigns, blogs, or affiliates that display your link.
- Others: Other marketing efforts that you have tried such as email marketing and direct marketing.

Every traffic source you generate has a certain cost, which depends on several factors like the type of traffic and quality of traffic provided. But before listing five of the most cost-effective traffic sources, here are a couple of guidelines to avoid getting ripped off by paid traffic sources:

- Walk away from websites that promise 100, 000 visitors for only $10.
- Never buy from Fiverr gigs. The traffic they generate is just from bots.
- Do not entertain email blasting services. Your emails will most likely end up in spam folders.
- Read and conduct research before settling into one.

Here's the List of Cheap Traffic Sources for Your Startup Website
Plenty of paid traffic sources boast about delivering quality traffic to your website. The competition is quite high, so expect some sites to overcharge.

cheat traffic sources for start up website

As mentioned earlier, being resourceful will allow you to find economical website traffic sources that actually convert well.

1. RevContent
Buying traffic from Revcontent can either be cheap or a little pricey. It will depend on your placements, category, GEO, and device. There is a chance to see your ads featured on top websites like NewsWeek,, and Metro.

2. Microsoft Advertising, formerly known as Bing Ads
Cheaper than Google Adwords, Bing Ads work the same but in a more cost-efficient way. While they do not have the same amount of traffic to offer like Google, their numbers are still above average. You can also run ads on Yahoo and AOL through Bing.

3. Reddit
Currently the 6th most visited social network and the 25th most visited websites all over the world, Reddit offers huge traffic potential. However, this market is more for the brave souls. Redditors, which is what the website users call themselves, can either be judgmental or complete trolls. Of course, there are many nice ones too, but having nasty comments linked to their marketing campaign is a risk not too many will take.

4. Popads
Popads, as the name implies, generate traffics from pop-up traffic. While popups and popunders can be annoying to users, they are very cheap traffic sources. It is possible to pay only $5 for a thousand impressions. And mind you, they still work. Some people experience about 5% conversion rate through this method. This is twice the conversion rate you can receive from Google Adwords.

5. Youtube
The third biggest website on the planet makes the list without a doubt. This website gets plenty of traffic on a daily basis, since millions of people use its app. Advertising on this platform is as trouble-free as Adwords, but at a much cheaper rate. Like with RevContent, ads can be really cheap or a bit more on the expensive end depending on the type you wish to create.

Do not just depend on Google Analytics Traffic Sources. It is rare for start-up companies and small businesses to have the capacity of going all-out to improve their website's necromancer. Fortunately for you, there are several paid traffic sources that can deliver quality convertible traffic at a reasonable rate.

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