6 Best App Marketing Ideas For eCommerce Websites

  • By Atif Shahnab
  • 09-10-2020
  • E-commerce
app marketing for e-commerce

Smartphones are the new shopping malls. With the pandemic locking people up in their homes, people are now shopping via smartphone apps more than ever. We've brought you some ideas that professional digital marketing services use to make sure your app is visible to your users. Hire an experienced mobile app developer to produce the best e-commerce solution. Let's get right into it!

1. Make sure your app is awesome and updated regularly
This might seem obvious to you, but you probably underestimate the importance of a great app, which is as important as your digital marketing strategies. People will find your app in an app store, and for your app to rank high among thousands of other apps, you need to consider a few things.

Your app needs to be downloaded consistently and reviewed favorably by your users to rank high. Both these things can only be achieved if you have a great app, which is updated regularly. Updating an app regularly is important because it makes it better and keeps users engaged. And before you update your app, you need to consider what users are saying in their reviews because user reviews can make or break your app's ranking. A great way to receive feedback about your app is to prompt users while they use your app. However, it's important to do this in a subtle, non-intrusive way, lest you spoil your app's experience.

So, while you might have already hired amazing web development services, you also need to have an awesome app developer.

2. Leverage social media
Social media marketing is an integral part of digital marketing services, and you're probably running a social media campaign for your website. Social media is also a great tool for directing people to your mobile app — and since most people use social media on their phones, it's pretty easy too.

If you're on Instagram, make sure to ask your digital marketing services about Like2Buy, which compiles all your posts on a webpage. Users can then browse through all your products, and clicking on a product will take them to your mobile site or app. This is a great way to provide users with a smooth shopping experience.

You should also note that not every social platform is made for every app. For example, business apps are best promoted on LinkedIn, while retail apps fare the best on Facebook. You can promote your app on Facebook via Facebook Business, which allows you to run app install ads. App install ads are ads that are shown in users' news feed not only on Facebook but also on Instagram — your ads are shown with a direct link to download your app from an app store.

3. Use your website!
If you've hired digital marketing services, chances are they are already working hard to promote your store, and that they've had some success at it. You can kill two birds with one stone by promoting your app through your website — this way, you'd only have to market your website, and app marketing will naturally follow.

One way to do this is to place a "Mobile App" section in your website’s footer. You could also place a prominent banner at the top of your website and offer users discounts if they shop through the app. There are many more creative ways to do this — if you've hired digital marketing services, make sure you discuss this strategy with them!

4. Employ App Store Optimization (ASO)
Remember, users access your app in an app store, and ASO is all about making it easier for them to find your app. Many companies, like GTech Ventures, offer comprehensive packages for digital marketing services. These packages generally include SEO. ASO is a subtype of SEO, and if you've hired digital marketing services, make sure to enquire about it.

ASO is complex, but some of the general points it covers are keyword research and usage, app icon development, app description writing, development of high-quality screenshots and preview videos, and much more. Remember, much like SEO, ASO is best executed by professional digital marketers. So, if there's one reason you hire digital marketing services, it should be this!

5. Partner with vloggers and bloggers
This is called affiliate marketing, which involves partnering up with blog writers and vloggers on YouTube. These people can then promote your app. YouTube is an especially powerful tool for this purpose because getting your message across via video is way easier than getting it across through text.

It will help if you target YouTubers whose channels fall in the same industry niche as your app. For example, if you sell hardware, you could partner up with someone who does electronics reviews. This will maximize the impact of your campaign because it will be targeting a high-quality audience.

Tune is a great platform to keep all your affiliate marketing endeavors organized and simple.

6. Hire digital marketing services!
If you take all the other ideas in this article and combine them into one coherent marketing strategy, its effectiveness would surpass the effectiveness of any of these individual ideas by a great margin. Of course, this would require time and technical expertise, which is why you should strongly consider hiring professional digital marketing services. Your newfound extra time could be used to improve your eCommerce store and service, which is all your customers care about at the end of the day!

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