The future of IoT in The Gaming Industry in 2023

  • By Kishan Singh Rathore
  • 14-09-2022
  • Internet of Things
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As gaming continues to evolve through the adoption of ultra-modern technologies & tools, we are still offered new 2D and 3D games to entertain us. IoT is the reason for the revolution in the gaming industry. At present, the gaming sector is booming, from providing analytics and insights to fulfilling its expectations.

In 2012, the gaming market was estimated to be worth $162.32 billion worldwide. The predicted value of this market is expected to reach $295.63 billion by 2026 at a CAGR of 10.5%. However in this article we will discuss the future of iot in the gaming industry.

Introduction to IoT
The internet of things (IoT) connects devices using the internet by putting a computer chip inside. Smart devices, such as your car, PC, or smart TV, can be connected and interacted with using it like a mobile phone. Additionally, it allows players to connect their consoles to any other person during gameplay.

The IoT can be used to solve problems related to your business and manage data. In addition to connecting devices, the internet of things (IoT) transforms information through a variety of networks.

The most advantageous tool from the perspective of industry is the modification of business protocol, which reduces the costs by streamlining operational and mechanical processes. Using IoT to transform your data into insights and then to take action may give you a significant competitive advantage.

A platform like IOP can change the game industry in two ways: by combining online and offline media, and by reducing the physical distance between players.

1. IoT is being propelled forward as a result of the increased use of mobile devices. Smartphones and tablets have a range of sensors that can be accessed by mobile apps, including cameras, accelerometers, touch sensors, pressure sensors, gyroscopes, and heart rate monitors. There's a new industry emerging of smartwatches and fitness bands that allow users to manage calls, SMS messages, and even display notifications from mobile devices.

2. Online gaming can also be influenced by the Internet of Things by integrating it with physical gaming. Players are monitored by the same technology across all game platforms that use player monitoring. The only way a casino can make money today is if a player is physically present.

3. Marketingrograms, discounts and incentives are offered to encourage players to return to casinos. As to attract players to return to the casino as a consequence, the casino has no way of knowing whether its outreach was successful unless the player returns.

Mobile gaming is allured by its convenience, comfort, and constant connectivity. Game operators must keep players interested by sending periodic alerts, redeeming loyalty rewards immediately, and receiving regular input from players and devices. Adding wearables and other Internet-connected devices to online gaming gives game operators even more ways to engage players.

As a result of the current trends, the industry is expected to continue growing in the coming years. As consumer needs and trends change, developers are continuously looking for opportunities to innovate. Here are a few gaming trends that enthusiastic gamers are anticipating.

1. High Fidelity Graphics
The future of gaming will be shaped by high-fidelity graphics. The graphics and gameplay of high-fidelity games are advanced.

As smartphones, gaming systems, high-performance graphics chips, and processors become more advanced, high-fidelity games are becoming more prevalent.

A heightened gaming experience can be achieved by designing graphics cards that support high-fidelity gaming. Gamers will be able to experience realistic graphics and experiences thanks to this technology.

An advanced 3D graphics engine, AI-enabled characters, and complex gameplay are the characteristics of a high-fidelity game. In addition to advanced smartphones, 5G technology, and Alien Isolation, high-fidelity graphics will continue to grow in popularity.

2. Metaverse
Gamers looking forward to gaming in the Metaverse are probably not alone. Gaming's future is bright in the virtual world, and so are its prospects.

By giving users an immersive experience, Metaverse will transform the digital world, including gaming. In addition to blockchain and iot integration, 3D visualization, and the Internet of Things, Metaverse works with other emerging technologies.

The Metaverse is already moving forward with several games releasing prototypes. Avatars and blockchain and iot integration are also making a gradual transition in the gaming industry.

Gamer engagement will be enhanced by the Metaverse, which is lacking in the current gaming environment. Gamers will be able to interact more with each other through avatars, for example. The game also allows players to interact with each other; for example, a player could answer an interview question while another continues to play a game.

3. Cloud Gaming and Streaming
Up to 2030, the cloud gaming market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 45.8%. The increase in digital content consumption has been attributed to Wi-Fi, internet access, and smartphone technology.

It may seem convenient to download games on a smartphone, but cloud gaming offers a better experience. Smartphones and other mobile devices can be used to play games and avoid the storage space constraints associated with running the games locally.

As data will be moved through secured cloud channels, cloud gaming is viewed as the future of the gaming industry, offering a number of benefits, including security. It is now possible to play high-profile games on a wide range of devices without investing in high-end hardware; cloud gaming is compatible with a variety of devices, which eliminates the limitations of being limited to specific gaming platforms.

Final Verdict
A wholehearted adaptation to iot automation solutions would be great for the gaming & sports industry. Gaming enthusiasts can expect great results and an exciting experience with this product. Every year, it evolves at a fast pace, which forces companies to find new ways to attract customers.

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