Top 10 IoT Trends That Will Rule in 2020

  • By Sachin Agrawal
  • 14-02-2020
  • Internet of Things
internet of things

It’s one and a half month past this year and the right time to contemplate over technologies that have and will reshape our lives. In the past few years, the Internet of Things (IoT) has come a long way, getting transformed from a disruptive technology into a social phenomenon. IoT has had an intense effect on our perception of the devices around us.

It’s a big-time for the Internet of Things (IoT).

Now, IoT doesn’t end up with smart light or a kettle that may turn on with a single click on a mobile application, instead, we have surrounded ourselves with a large number of IoT-powered devices such as smart speakers, TVs, wearables, toys, meters, commercial security systems, fitness trackers, smart door lock and many more.

According to Statista, by the end of 2020 there will be more than 30.73 billion IoT devices across the world.

IoT has the potential to enhance productivity by minimizing the human error risk factor. Hence, more and more mobile app company are seeking to cuddle this technology, and get it deep seated in their processes, for growth.

Moving on, here are the top 10 IoT Trends that are likely to rule in 2020:

Trend #1: Multilingual Voice Assistants
Most of the people on our planet are at least bilingual, which means they can speak minimum two languages. But this is not the case with voice assistants. They can communicate only in a single language, which is a problem. As, to interact with a larger audience, virtual assistants should be multilingual, or at least bilingual. At present, the multilingual functionality is the need of the hour. Having multi-lingual or bilingual voice assistants is one of the top trends for 2020.

Trend #2: Smart Wearables Are Transforming
Smart wearables have been transforming many industries. From sleep monitoring to food tracking, the number of smart wearable medical devices is growing continuously. These devices have smartened the way of life for many. You can now monitor your health through these tiny devices connected with your smartphones. As people love to wear wrists, technology giants such as Apple are focusing more on manufacturing wrist bands.

Trend #3: Rise of Self-Driven Cars
Well, it’s no more a dream: the autonomous cars will soon be on roads! This incredible technology will completely transform the way we commute.

The complete-driverless technology has been visualized since quite long now, however, it is still under testing; though some partially automated cars are already running on roads for quite few years. You may be aware of some automated features of the BMW7 Series, such as automated parking and more. Likewise, many other automobile giants are also diving into this incredible driverless technology, which is expected to be one of the huge trends of 2020.

Trend #4: Smart Mirror
It may be surprising for you, but yes you can access news, weather updates, calendars, social media updates and do lot more with cool widgets on a smart mirror, which is a two-way mirror having an electronic display behind the glass. It’s a creative technology to attract users. This year, this technology will be introduced, especially for retailers; it’s definitely going to change the way people shop!

Trend #5: Security Measures Will Strengthen
IoT is becoming popular day by day, protecting data from cyberattacks being the prime concern. This year, a proper set of rules and regulations will be developed to protect the data. New routers will launch with the built-in antivirus software to prevent data breaching.

Trend #6: Flying Taxi
You may have read many articles in magazines and news, about the flying taxi! Wondering, if this is real or not? It’s real! Well, indubitably flying cars are becoming the center of attraction for many, still, some people are doubtful about its success.
Recently, Uber and Hyundai launcheda flying taxi that may ultimately transform your ridesharing trips. Imagine, how amazing this will be!

Trend #7: Data Processing with Edge Computing
Edge computing is a special approach that processes data by the IoT devices closer to the location instead of diverting it across multiple routes to reach the cloud or data centers! This minimizes the risk of data loss. However, edge computing is not the latest trend, but is predicted to undergo improvements, this year.

Trend #8: Flexible displays
You may have seen flexible displays in the news, articles and social media, but have never appeared in real.
Right from the beginning, displays have been considered a flat piece, but now manufacturers are entering the arena of advanced technology. Soon, you will see flexible screens on your smartphones and other digital gadgets. Flexible displays are the future of smartphones.

Trend #9: Sensor Innovation
Sensors are economical, highly useful technology that controls everything from automotive fluid levels to pacemakers, and can even track our pets. As technology continues to evolve, sensor innovation also makes its way in various industries such as medicines, hospitality, retail, food, health, and wellness. It enables remote, real-time secure sensing and monitoring with detailed insight reports. You may be aware of a fitness watch or band; it tracks everything! No wonder, sensor innovation makes life easier and manageable. By the end of 2024, the market of wearable medical devices is expected to reach whopping $14 Billion!

Trend #10: Advanced Data Analytics
Data analytics is the most important feature of any technology. Without proper data analytics, it’s difficult to analyse the result of the actions performed. This year, IoT is offering better data analytics that may help you in extracting data at a much deeper level and get it displayed precisely as required.
This may help businesses in understanding customers, and better decision making, which in turn helps in building strong relationships.

So, these are the most powerful IoT trends that will be going to rule this year. All these trends are enough to make our lives more secure and comfortable. Undoubtedly, IoT is evolving and will be the next digital transformation.

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