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  • 15-09-2022
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Back when Laravel first came out, it was a godsend to many developers and organizations. It provided a safe, easy way to build web applications with modern features like routing, eloquent templates, and a built-in security layer. Today, Laravel is still considered one of the best choices for building web applications, not only because of how easy it is to use. But also because of the high demand, it has among developers and organizations.

That said, Laravel is the most popular PHP framework for web development. It excels at building dynamic, scalable web applications. The framework has been adopted by some of the web’s most high-traffic and high-profile sites, including AlphaCoders, BBC, and CrowdCube.

Hence, Today, Laravel developers are in high demand across the globe, with salaries ranging from $60,000 to $200,000 depending on experience and location. But, it’s not just developers who are in demand. As the Laravel community has grown, so too has the need for Laravel development outsourcing services and products.

In such scenarios, when you are on the quest for experienced Laravel developers for hire, you have to be cautious. You need to keep your eyes wide open to examine Laravel developers to avoid wrong hiring. Because you would not want the developers to leave your project in the middle or misuse your confidential data.

That is why I am here with some witty tips for your to recognize and hire honest and real Laravel developers. So, let us start with why small companies to enterprises are running after Laravel developers.

Top reasons to hire Laravel developers

Laravel developers who have in-depth knowledge and experience in the framework can be a valuable asset for the company to build and maintain robust solutions within considerably less time.

More often than not companies hire a dedicated Laravel development team that empowers them to customize their Laravel websites or web apps as they desire sustaining quality of functionality, security, as well as reliability.

The Laravel framework has a localization feature that enables multilingual support, allowing developers to build multilingual apps for enterprises with a worldwide audience. Thereby, companies with their Laravel developers offer more personalized and engaging experiences to their end customers.

One of the many reasons to hire Laravel developers is to accelerate the time-to-market as the framework offers a command-line tool called Artisan.

In addition to the above, businesses hire expert Laravel developers who extract the best templates from Laravel’s wide range of ready-to-use templates to create compelling layouts and separate user interfaces and focus on the core logic.

When it comes to websites, no company would sacrifice on SEO part. So, they hire Laravel developers as it supports caching for websites, boosting load times.

With Laravel schema builder, companies have their developers create and manipulate database tables, columns, and indices.

Furthermore, Laravel comes equipped with in-built libraries. But to use them effectively, companies always rely on expert programmers who blend some features to achieve desirable outcomes.

The framework allows configuring the authentication process without any complexities. Yet, for security and accuracy, it is always good to hire proficient Laravel developers.

Things to consider while looking for developers for Laravel Development

Now that you have adequate reasons to hire Laravel app developers like other big companies, you should list out things. Things that if you keep in mind, hiring the talent will become effortless.

Technical skills of Laravel developers

While hiring Laravel developers, it is important to consider their technical skills. Laravel is a framework for PHP that mainly focuses on the MVC pattern. These are some of the skills that you should look for in a Laravel developer:

Firstly, look into the coding skills of your potential Laravel developers as this is a primary skill to have a good command over frontend technology and the framework’s underlying programming languages, such as PHP, HTML, JS, and CSS.

Secondly, see if the Laravel developers you hire are acquainted with the latest versions, updates, and trends of the framework as well as its best industry practices.

Thirdly, check for familiarity with object-oriented programming and standard design rules for scalable web app development;

Having knowledge of code versioning tools like GIT and the ability to resolve web issues are necessary;

The ability to handle RESTful APIs, SOAP, MVC architecture, and OOP, along with cloud serves and administrative tools is highly praised;

In addition to Laravel and frontend technologies, look for developers who are good at database management and project management with scrum, agile, waterfall, and so on;

Previous work record of Laravel developers before hiring

Hiring a Laravel developer is a tricky task. You need to make sure that you hire someone who has experience in addition to the skills required for the job. Because hiring a Laravel inexperienced developer can lead to problems in the long run, such as missing deadlines, poor app performance, so many bugs to solve, and more.

Therefore, it is important to know whether they have previous work records or not, which can be found on their LinkedIn profile. Or else, you can also ask them about their previous work experience and if there is any live website or app built by the developers.

Complex problem-solving skill

Laravel developers with experience in enterprise-level projects are the most sought-after ones. But if you are looking for Laravel developers for a big-scale and long-term project, ensure the developers are adept to tackle the challenges of the project. They should be able to solve complex problems as and when arise by collecting necessary information and brainstorming on their own.

Soft skills

When you’re out looking for Laravel developers, it's very important to find ones who are both enjoyable to work with and skilled. That’s why it’s important to cross-check the below list of skills before hiring anyone.

A knack for working independently and in a group with good listening skills;
Ability to lead brainstorming sessions to drive solutions;
Able to bring unique ideas to the table;
Excellent communication abilities
Self-supporting and can also manage time efficiently and delivers tasks on time.

Cost Factor

When it comes to the cost of hiring Laravel developers, you know that Laravel developers’ salaries vary across the globe. Hence, hiring in-house Laravel developers can be more costly than standard salary pay as you will also have to bear software, hardware, and employee maintenance cost additionally.

On the other hand, it will be far more cost-effective, if go with outsourcing a dedicated Laravel development team or dedicated Laravel developers. Such developers work solely on your project as per the engagement model you choose to onboard them. Such as;

Time & Material Model — This allows you to schedule Laravel developers' working hours and pay for them. You can have direct control over them during the timeframe.

Fixed Price Model — In this budgets are defined upfront and developers are paid as milestones are reached. However, this works best when your project requirements are well defined.

Now, go hire your Laravel developers!

You learned a lot about hiring the right Laravel developer today. I hope the post didn’t bore you but fuses you with confidence to source the real resources for your Laravel project.

Laravel is an open-source framework powered by the world’s princess programming language PHP. As it is already free, you do not need to cut the corners. I mean, many paid and free Laravel tools and packages are out there. Now all you need is adroit Laravel developers who can channel the power across all aspects of the framework and its ecosystem.

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