How to Develop Your Own Multi-Service App Similar To Gojek

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At present, there are a lot of mobile applications available that fulfill people's wishes and help to get everyday essential stuff. Such as, we got an app for food, grocery, healthcare, beauty care, transportation, etc. But what if a person can get all the pieces of stuff under one app? Wouldn't it sound mellifluous? Yes, that's called the multi-service application, or it can be recognized as a super app.

As the name suggests, the multi-service concept stands for providing various services under one platform. We can find a lot of all-in-one app platforms worldwide, such as Gojek, Rappi, Careem, WeChat, etc. Apart from other multi-service apps, Gojek is a hot topic in the town that earned worldwide popularity in a short period. Who could believe that it was first started as a ride-hailing service via a call center hub, but now Gojek is Indonesia's first decaccorn with over 29 million active users.

Hence multiple startup entrepreneurs transfer their local trades into multi-service app platforms to fulfill the user's demands and the goal of achieving the maximum profit. If you are that one entrepreneur planning to build your multi-service app similar to Gojek, here is the guide to track. Consider following this guide, which shows the easy steps of development to build your app similar to Gojek.

The Ongoing Craze of Multi-Service Apps

The trend of multi-service apps is on the rise. Multi-service apps provide users with multiple services in one convenient place, eliminating the need to switch between multiple apps. These services may include messaging, banking, shopping, entertainment, navigation, and more. Integrating the banking and payment services into the app platform helps both users and merchants to handle the transactions efficiently.

Pymnts study of replacing the physical wallet with digital shows that two in five customers are convinced that digital wallets could overtake physical wallets in popularity. If you look at the most popular multi-service apps, then you can know that such platforms have their own e-wallets. The concept of digital wallets also gains immense popularity with all-in-one app trends.

Companies are increasingly creating multi-service apps to offer users a more streamlined way to access the services they need. Hence an application like Gojek can truly be your savior in order to start your multi-purpose trade. To create app similar to Gojek, you must have to reach out to a responsible technological associate who can provide enough sources for the development process.

List of Easy Steps of Development

The listed below are the easy steps of development to follow, which will help you to enter the multi-service market.

Explore the Industry

For any online organization, it is essential to go thoroughly through market research. So the first step to follow would be to analyze the market before creating the app platform. When you conduct the market analysis, then you can know about a lot of things like your current competitors, characteristics of their platform, issues people face in such applications, demands of consumers, suggestions of the users, current market trends, and more. Gojek came up with the solution that consumers demand; hence if you want your app to go viral, you must stand up with new ideas, which is possible to know by exploring the industry.

Make a List of App Features

The next step is to decide on the essential features you would desire to integrate into the software. Usually, the all-in-one platform operates in three to four panels: the user panel, driver panel, merchant panel, and the main admin panel. Therefore you would be required to decide on the features for particular panels. Let's shortlist some of the prominent features you would like to add.

User Panel:

These features will create a comfortable environment for users to shop from the platform, which includes;

  • Easy signup through social media, google accounts or mail;
  • An advanced search bar to explore multiple services;
  • Add on filters to find specific services;
  • History dashboard to check previous orders;
  • Multiple payment gateways to pay from their preferred account;
  • Live order tracking feature to keep an eye on order status;
  • Multiple language supporters, which makes easy usage of the platform for non-domestic users;
  • Prebooking function to book taxis for future prospects;
  • In-app messaging or calling feature to contact merchant or delivery partner;
  • At last, a quick fare estimation feature is required to add on to calculate fares.

Driver Panel:

Here is the list of features for the driver panel, making it easy for drivers to provide delivery services for your business.

  • The login/signup feature makes it easy for delivery partners to register themselves as the driver;
  • The order dashboard gives a clear view to check on the received order requests;
  • The activity status feature must be added so drivers can turn off their status in case of absence.
  • The in-app call feature is also required to contact the users to solve any queries regarding their orders;
  • It is required to integrate GPS navigation to reach out to the user's location;
  • With the feedback portal, the delivery person can check on the reviews given by users for the equipped services.

Merchant Console:

Merchants can efficiently manage their goods and services with the following features;

  • Well-equipped dashboard to check on the order history, payments, and profit analysis;
  • Order management to accept or decline received orders;
  • Delivery time management features to set up their preferred delivery time to dispatch orders;
  • In-app chat or calling feature in case of connecting the users regarding queries or order status;
  • A well build feature to run the discount schemas on the platform;
  • A feedback portal is given to the merchant panel to check users' ratings regarding their services.

Admin Dashboard:

There is a requirement to add multiple features to control the overall tasks of the multi-service app.

  • First of all, an advanced dashboard to check on all the services, consumers, merchants, and delivery partners;
  • Admin gets the full authority to decline orders, driver profiles, and even consumer accounts if it seems insufficient;
  • Order tracking functionality to check the status of ongoing orders and delivery tasks;
  • Push notification to notify users regarding their order status and other kinds of loyalty programs;
  • Multi-currency support to receive the payment in a steady flow;
  • Social media integration to promote their business on the app platform;
  • Admin can run various loyalty and subscription programs to gain more consumers;
  • A feedback portal for the admin panel to update their services based on the user's feedback, etc.

Decide on Platform

The next crucial step is to select a medium to launch your app similar to Gojek. Well, here you got three options to choose from, which are; a native app, a cross-platform app, and a web-based app. In the native app, you can launch your app on Android, iOS, or Windows. The cross-platform simplifies the meaning of a hybrid app which is generally developed on single coding and can be utilized for different platforms. The last web-based app platform is parallel to the mobile app but operates on the web browser. You must decide on the platforms first to launch your multi-service app.

Use the Latest Tech Stack

Now you have to decide on the technical stuff to create a platform like Gojek. A wide range of advanced technologies are available to initiate an evolved multi-service software. With the support of the latest technology, you can implement cutting-edge functionalities into the app platform. Such as you can pick HTML5, Google Clouding, AR/VR, Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, Chatbot, Linux, AWS, and more additional.

Design and Development

After checking out the essential factors, now is the time to step forward to the development process. First, the technical team will work to build wireframes of your app, which will give you a clear idea of how your app will look, just like a visual representation. After finalizing the wireframes, the tech team will start the coding for the development.

Test and Launch

After the development process, the next task would be to test the platform. If you wish to save from drawbacks that might occur during the live application, the best practice is to run the test before launching the platform. With testing, you can quickly check if there is any bug so you can sort it out before launching, and it also helps to inspect if the app is working accurately. After the successful app testing, you are all set to launch your multi-service app.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop Such an All-in-One App Platform?

It is not a practical thing to conduct the exact amount of development. The cost of development for the multi-service app relies on various factors, such as app size, UI/ UX design, advanced features, the latest tech stacks, frameworks, and more. Moreover, it also depends on the technology partner you choose; for example, if it is a domestic company, you can get reliable prices. On the other hand, if you choose foreign partners from the USA, Canada, Australia, UAE, or other regions, it will surely cost higher.

However, the estimated cost structure can be $20,000 to $80,000, depending on the primary or advanced version you pick. Such as, if you choose to integrate advanced features like a live chatbot, tracking feature, multi-language support, real-time currency exchange, etc., it certainly leads to a higher budget.

What are the Possible Service Channels to Merge Into the App Environment?

As the whole concept relies on offering multiple services; as a result, you got various service options that can be added to the app, such as;

Meal Ordering,
Courier Delivery,
Grocery Shopping,
Liquor Delivery,
Gift Articles,
Flower Booking,
BeautyCare Products/Services,
Medication Services,
Mechanical Services,
Repairing Services,
Electrician Service,
Handyman Assistance,
Drycleaning Service,
Entertainment Portal, etc.

Revenue Stream of Multi-Service App

Commission From Users:

Consumers can get various benefits with an app similar to Gojek, just like they don't need to install multiple apps. All the tasks can be done through a single app. Moreover, they can possess all kinds of services, so such a multi-purpose app tends to charge customers a specific amount of money whenever they make a purchase.

Commission From Drivers:

Next, you can earn money from the drivers registered under the app. Drivers have to pay a specific amount to the business owner whenever they complete the assigned delivery task. In that way, the business owners and drivers can earn certain money with the delivery service.

Commission From Merchants:

There are a lot of merchants out there who want to sell their products online. So you, as the multi-service business owner, can partner with merchants to sell their products into your app, and in return, you can charge them a fixed commission whenever they make a sale. That's how you can get a variety of goods and services to offer your consumers.

What Perks Will You Get With an App Similar to Gojek?

Extend Reach

By relocating to the digital platform, the first perk you can get is the broad approach from the online market. After Covid-19, people move forward to online shopping by acknowledging safety and health concerns. So by taking your business online, you can reach out to wide B2C and B2B markets.

Offer Multiple Services

Be a multi-service entrepreneur with the help of an app similar to Gojek. You can implement various services under the all-in-one platform, such as food ordering, taxi booking, apparel shopping, grocery shopping, household services, electronic services, etc.

A Wider Revenue Stream

As our topic is based on the multi-service platform, you can certainly implement many services into your platform. It is clear that the broader services channel can benefit you to extent the revenue stream. You can generate profit from the commission strategy, in-app advertising, and B2B business models.

In Summary

At the end of the guide, you might get a clear idea about the development steps to launch your multi-service application. Choosing an app similar to Gojek makes the best choice for digital solutions. The digital market is too wide to catch since most consumers prefer online shopping. Hence you can get a lot of opportunities as a multi-service entrepreneur that can benefit your business to growth.

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