The 5 Key Stages for Successful Mobile App Development

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  • 03-07-2023
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5 key stages for successful mobile app development

A mobile app is deemed to be successful only when it excels at resolving the pain point of customers and boosting the overall revenue of the brand. Now, can you tell us if your current application performs well on these parameters? If not, don’t you think you made a wrong decision years ago for which you have to regret at the moment? If so, we would advise you to build a fresh app from scratch now with the help of a top mobile app development company.

By doing this, you will be able to come up with the most promising mobile app for your business, which will help you in meeting your organization goals with ease. Whether you want to accomplish any monetary goal or engagement goal for your organization, all that can easily be fulfilled with a design, performance, and solution-oriented mobile app. Now the question comes, how to build such smartphone software? To get the most relevant response to this query, we would urge you to read this entire write-up prepared under the supervision of an excellent mobile app development company. First, let’s start with:

What Are Some Vital Mobile App Statistics to See Before You Hire Mobile App Developers?

  1. Mobile applications are predicted to produce more than $935 billion revenue in 2023.
  2. There are 2.87 million software applications available for use in the Google play Store.
  3. The Apple App Store contains 1.96 million applications overall.
  4. The average resident in the US has 80 apps installed on their phone.
  5. The Apple App Store and Google Play Store have raked in a combined $111 billion in 2021.
  6. The number of mobile applications downloaded every year has upsurged by 63% since 2016.
  7. 85% of time spent on mobile devices is mainly consumed by apps.
  8. 21% of youngsters open an application more than 50 times everyday.
  9. 70% of all US digital media time is spent on smartphone software.
  10. The average mobile phone user exploits 10 mobile programs everyday and 30 mobile programs every month.
  11. 49% of fellows open a mobile app over 11 times a day.

Thus, taking these stats into consideration if you want to construct a brand-new mobile app for your business now, it is in your best interest to hire mobile app developers from a reputed IT company.

What Are Some Imperative Phases for Successful App Creation as per a Leading Mobile App Development Company?

Sailing through a comprehensive mobile app development process requires high attention and concentration to ensure the success of the project. Therefore, we advise you to split the entire app development task into a 5-step process. This way it will become a breeze for you to complete the development work with less complication and finish the project within the expected timeframe. The key stages that are part of most mobile app development projects are:

1. Strategy Decision

The first action you need to take for your app creation is to decide what approach or process you will follow to make your app. This will get you full clarity about how you need to work ahead. However, prior to beginning the planning, the best mobile app development company says you must make sure whether you have the following information or not:

  1. A deep understanding of what you want to achieve
  2. The needs of your application and how it will function
  3. Collective details about the app which will make you perceive what you need to do

Acquire an idea

The formation of every amazing mobile application begins with a fantastic idea. The best way to excel in this job is to train yourself to mull over problems adequately and discover relevant solutions for them. If you identify the problem quickly, then you can figure out its solution easily. Strive hard to grasp why certain problems exist, how they can be solved, and discuss those troubles with other people to get their unbiased opinion over them.

Please remember, the idea to develop your smartphone software should offer a relevant response to the following riddles:

  1. Can the plight be solved?
  2. How can the concerned plight be solved?
  3. Is the solution viable and valid?

By brooding over such queries, you will get a solid idea for your app construction that will yield impressive results down the line. And once you are ready with your notion, hire mobile app developers from a well-known IT company to fabricate your desired app.

Analyze your Competition

Analyzing your opponents will get you deeper insights into all the features and functionalities that your mobile program should have. Look for an application on the internet that offers a similar solution or handles a similar difficulty and then collate the information, like:

  1. Is anyone using such an app?
  2. If yes, what is the actual number of total users?
  3. What are the most helpful features of those apps?
  4. What do users like and dislike about such apps?
  5. What are the challenges software developers faced during those app’s transformation?
  6. What are the changes that have been made to those apps?

Once you have collected the aforementioned information, it is wise to compare them with your trouble and solution and insert different functionalities into your mobile program accordingly. And if you need any help with features inclusion in your smartphone application, you can always hire mobile app developers from the cloud.

2. Analyzing and Deciding the App Features

Before you plan to form your targeted software, it is necessary to get a deep sense of all the features and functionalities that you are considering incorporating into your digital product. This will help you clearly interpret what your app will do down the road.

For instance, in agile methodology, the process commences with clients explaining to developers how their potential software will be used and what challenges it will address. Thus, in that case, it makes sense to analyze the functionalities that will be made part of the prospective app by pondering over:

  1. Who will be the target users of the app?
  2. How much time, effort, and money the app will need overall?
  3. Which SDK or framework will you use for your mobile app development?

Make a list of all the requirements for forging your app and see if the mentioned requirements can be sufficed or not. If you work on this suggestion of an optimum mobile app development company, the chances are low that you will face any complication during your mobile app formation.


Planning mainly refers to the needs of the project you are working on and how those needs can be fulfilled. This stage requires you to pay more attention since it indicates how you are going to manage the entire process. Moreover, each process we are talking about can be divided into individual models which will make it easier for software personnel to work on each process at a time. This way the whole process will be finished before the expected timeframe. And if you need some tips and techniques to expedite the whole process, you can turn to a highly-acclaimed mobile app development company.

Platform confirmation

Do you know that MADP or Mobile Application Development Platform is a handy tool that turns out to be useful for creating, designing, and maintaining outstanding mobile applications? This platform allows app creators to develop, test, debug, and maintain smartphone apps throughout their lifecycle. Therefore, before you make up your mind to be better off with a particular platform, we would recommend considering following things:

  1. What sort of app are you planning to develop, like a native, hybrid, or cross-platform app?
  2. Do you need a third-party library to build your app or not?
  3. Which design strategies do you want to implement for your mobile program, like single codebase, multiple codebase, or graceful degradation?

Whatever platform you choose, make sure it contains all the features and functionalities you would need to bring your app idea to life. Since the app you are going to construct is purely based on your specific requirements, it is a smart decision to pick a platform that offers the maximal possible usability and satisfaction to your end users. However, if you are not able to take a confident plunge because of the reasons best known to you, just remember the finest mobile app development company is just a call away for the required guidance and assistance.

3. Designing the Whole Application

Designing is the most important part of the whole app development process because here only the UI of the app is given a distinct and eye-catching design. What else? Here, the user interface is created in such a way that it draws the highest possible attention of visitors. Be it a web application or mobile application, if you are building one, simply ensure that it offers a seamless and user-centric experience to all viewers. In case, you need help to design the aforesaid UI, you can hire mobile app developers without any concern.

Just to let you know, the design stage can be further classified into following activities:

A. Data architecture and Workflows

As far as data is concerned, it must provide all the details of the app you are developing that any user might want to know. That means the data should be organized in such a way that satisfies the users’ expectations.

And as far as workflow goes, it indicates the step by step working process of a mobile program. Be mindful, it is essential for each solution to follow certain rules to come up with the right product. And you will be surprised to know that workflow aids in integrating these rules to a great extent along with the important information. In short, it lets you imbibe about the process requirements and how they can be utilized in an efficient manner.

B. Wireframes

You can apprehend wireframes as conceptual layouts whose main job is to give a visual structure to the functional elements of your application. Apart from that, the wireframes offer a robust interconnection between multiple design components, leading to the establishment of a systematic flow of your smartphone program.

Please be informed that wireframes are mainly focused on three things, i.e.,

  1. User interface
  2. User experience
  3. Application layout

Here is the golden opportunity to organize your ideas and design concepts in the most suitable manner so that it will turn out to be handy in addressing issues in the earlier stage only. Still, if you face any problem during your mobile program development, you can always connect to a cutting-edge mobile app development company on the web for help.

C. Prototypes

The main job of a prototype is to create the user experience that the actual product is intended to while designing the overall workflow of the app. While developing a prototype, you might need to invest more time than your expectations, but it allows you to test different functions and features of your app in an early stage. It is the main reason agile methodology calls on a prototype to ensure the functionality that will be offered in the app is right or it needs to be changed to some extent.

Now if you also want to produce a prototype first and then the original application, it is suggested to hire mobile app developers from a globally-known IT outsourcing firm.

4. Development and Iteration

As per agile methodology, the development phase is more important than any other phase on this list. But do you know why? Well, it is for the simple reason that here only actual programming of your application takes place. And this whole process comprises:

  1. Environment coding
  2. Preliminary testing
  3. Installation testing

Just so you know, the app development process we are talking about is generally an iterative process where every development job is broken into small pieces to form the perfect software. For example, some common phases in which iterative process is broken into are:

  1. Planning
  2. Developing
  3. Testing

Now, let's comprehend each of them in detail:

A. Planning

This is where the activities that are needed to perform in the development phase are listed first for the current iteration. And while doing this, every job is defined properly along with its all aspects, such as:

  1. The objective of the task
  2. Requirement for the task
  3. Expected results

Here, the concerned software developer of a mobile app development company is expected to take the most important plunge, i.e., whether to reuse the codebase with certain alterations or prepare a new codebase for the task at hand. The time required to finish this activity is calculated in the first place, so it becomes an easy job to assign the subsequent task precisely.

B. Development

If you are familiar with software development even a bit, you would be knowing that this process entails the development of three main things, such as:

  1. Front end
  2. Back end
  3. API

The front end is the user interface where your potential customers will interact with your application. And to support the needs of the front end, the back-end server of your app will come into play, which includes database and server-side support. And when it comes to API or Application Programming Interface, it allows one app to communicate with others without any hassle.

Do not forget that APIs are not a database or a server, it is a bunch of code that gives access to the server. And if you are facing any problem with API development, it is a sensible decision to hire mobile app developers to deal with your issue.

C. Iterative development phase

The iterative development phase is all about:

  1. Implementing the features, functionalities, and styles of your app
  2. The completely developed functionalities are moved forward for testing purposes
  3. The test results are shown to the project manager for analysis

Therefore, it is necessary for the developers you are considering hiring to grasp the actual goals and features of the app which they are creating. No stone should be left unturned while testing and verifying each iteration for optimal performance. Thus, before you hire mobile app developers, kindly keep this thing in mind.

D. Testing

You can't decide to release your app in Google Play Store or Apple App Store without passing it through a rigorous testing process. Yes, testing helps you identify the minor and major bugs in your mobile program, which if you fail to detect it will directly affect your virtual product. Hence, the primary objective of testing is to make sure that the concerned mobile program is secure and stable. The topmost mobile app development company says if the recent statistics are to be trusted:

  1. 44% of in-app faults are discovered by users
  2. 47% of smartphone programs need more time for screening purposes

5. Judgment and Deployment

At the end of every iteration, the entire team of a mobile app development company evaluates the product to find out the changes that need to be done. In agile methodology, the fully developed and tested features are delivered to consumers after the completion of an iteration. And new features are added to the application once the whole app development process comes to an end.

Coming to the deployment part, it is the last stage where you will launch your app for your clients’ usage. And it can be carried out in two ways:

A. Deploying API

The API you have tested will be used in the production environment. And during this time, you need to make sure that your team has deployed the app in a scalable surrounding, like Amazon Web Server.

B. Deploying API in App Store

You must have understood that we are going to talk about deploying your smartphone software into Google Play Store and Apple App Store to make your product available to all users. For that, you must configure your app properly for the release by:

  1. Filling out forms for every store
  2. Submitting marketing documents
  3. Entering a description for your app

However, if you need any sort of guidance and assistance while deploying your application to respective platforms, hire mobile app developers to make that job easy for you.

The end remarks

Now that you have grabbed all the essential information about some significant phases for mobile app development, it is time to hire mobile app developers to handle your next project pretty well.

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