The Future of Machine Learning in App Development

  • By Aaron Smith
  • 25-05-2022
  • Mobile App Development
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Imagine owning a business where you can provide services more quickly than ever, eliminate human errors, and boost your revenue through increased customer engagement. Well, stop imagining—those visions are a reality, and it’s all thanks to machine learning.

The allure of machine learning has exploded in the modern business community in recent years—and for good reason. Research shows that the machine learning market globally is slated to grow nearly 39% within the next few years—from a little more than $21 billion to more than $209 billion from 2022 to 2029. And it’s all because machine learning is proven to drive innovation in multiple industries, from healthcare to retail to automotive. Think job process automation, advanced client support through chatbots, and an improved website customer experience.

But that’s not all.

Yes, machine learning certainly comes with some grand uses, but consider the power of harnessing machine learning on a smaller scale, too—namely for your business app. Apps are currently expected to find and process information on their own. For instance, apps can already optimize travel times and scan a QR code created with JavaScript. But think about what else apps could do with the help of machine learning, including delivering faster searches and even better results.

The possibilities are endless.

Here’s a rundown on everything you need to know about the future of machine learning in app development.

Emotion Recognition

With machine learning, you can authenticate users’ access using more than just their faces and speech in the future. You can use their emotions.

This is all possible thanks to neural networks. Think in-app recommendations based on whether a user seems happy or bored, or imagine safety features that warn motorists when they seem too tired. Facial expressions and user behavior will drive future app machine learning.

Greater Personalization

Machine learning is also slated to make app usage more personalized than ever before.

Machine learning-powered algorithms have the potential to analyze the information available on online sources, such as social media, to provide customers with custom experiences. That means whenever your customers begin to use your app, the app’s algorithm will connect any data revolving around their usage and behavior. The app will then show your app’s users information that is most relevant to them.

More Security

Expect your business apps in the future to also be more secure against threats and spammers thanks to machine learning. Machine learning prevents malicious data and traffic from reaching users’ mobile devices by utilizing algorithms to pinpoint and then prevent any suspicious behavior.

Advanced Searches

Finally, machine learning can help you to increase your app’s search capabilities. Specifically, your users’ search results can be more contextual and intuitive, leading to better user experiences.

So, how exactly is this possible? Customers’ numerous queries teach machine learning algorithms how to prioritize search answers according to the queries. With modern apps, you can also collect user data, such as users’ typical behaviors and search histories. This information is invaluable for seamlessly and efficiently showing your users the most critical, accurate search results for their needs and interests.

Tap into the Power of Machine Learning for App Development

In today’s competitive business world, users can easily switch between apps if certain ones do not fulfill their needs five minutes into using them. Fortunately, you can maintain your competitive edge by leveraging machine learning for your future app development efforts.

Consider the above-mentioned possibilities of machine learning in app development as you seek to improve your business’s reach and bottom line. With the help of artificial intelligence, you can be well on your way to staying ahead of the curve of app development.

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