5 Trending Photo-Filter Apps For 2019

  • By William Lucas
  • 19-08-2019
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People make use of compelling application software like Snapchat, Instagram filters, and other photo editing apps. There are number of apps available nowadays on the Internet for editing both for android as well as iOS phones –

Let’s have a look at these hot trending photo-filtrate apps. Here is a list of some most awesome photo-filtering applications –

A. Snapseed – This is the advanced photo editing software available for both the android as well as iOS phones. It is the most rivaling desktop photo filter app with a huge range of features like cropping, straightening, rotating, framing, doodle, etc. Also, the users can create their own filter from scratch because it also has some pre-set filters.

One of the features of this application which set it aside from other photo-filtering apps is its sharpening feature which does most of the job. It also has been a dominant masking feature which will help the users to do in-depth editing of the photographs like making the background blurry or portrait based.

B. VSCO for Android and iOS - This is the classic app which has stunning filters that make your photos look like they are taken from an analog film camera. There are a range of soft and supple filters which will give a classic and royal touch to your pictures. The editing tools are available like cropping, bordering, vignettes, etc. The users can also adjust exposures, contrasts, temperature and skin tones with the help of this application software.

Once the user is done with the editing, he or she can share the picture via VSCO’s community online just like Instagram.

C. Prisma – Turning the photos into artistic portraits and paintings is merely art and that art can be converted into reality with the help of Prisma. 300 + filters are available. This software makes use of artificial neural networks to make users able to make their photos appear like they are painted by Picasso. This app is free of cost. It also has online community just like Instagram has so when the people are done editing the picture, they can post the picture in the Prisma feed and can also save it on any other application. So,  people are suggested to give it a go and make your pictures alluring and beautiful.

D. Foodie – This is the app created to take the pictures of your food and eatables to the next level. So, all the foodies out there get ready to take awesome food pictures with the help of this amusing app while enjoying mishmash cuisines. It has amazing filters like Instagram has. It will also help the individual to take a perfect birds-eye-view shot from different angles.

E. Enright Photo fox - This is the artistic photo editing app for both iOS and Android phone users. It is the ultimate photo-filter app which even won the Apple Design Award in 2017. One of the amazing features of this app is the user can blend the photos together for giving dramatical effects to the photos. Also, people can also use graphic elements in their photos.

The people will have to see a bunch of tutorials online on how to use this app if they want to run their creativity wild.

Bottom line - Not only this, there are a lot more applications online which are very effective and operative and sometimes it becomes overwhelming that which app is best to be used for photo-filtering. It's better to become master at using only one photo-filtering app rather than trying to get skilled at bundle of photo-filtering apps. Get best mobile app development services from leading mobile app development company.

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