7 Features of Airbnb That Rental Companies Need To Think About Before Developing An App Like Airbnb

  • By Sunny Chawla
  • 08-05-2020
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Uber clone script, Ola clone script, Airbnb clone script, Facebook clone script, and more, you can easily find a clone script to any application on the internet today. However, they are still clone scripts and are neither as effective or efficient as the original one.

So, if you are thinking of creating an application that resembles any of these famous applications then you need to think about the features that the original application provides and find out best ios and android app development company. If you are thinking of building a rental app then we have got the top 7 features of a popular Airbnb app that you must ponder about before going for development.


Yes, we all know that Airbnb allows easy accommodation to any nearby rental housing service, hotel, etc. But a unique feature that is unique to this application only is last-minute accommodation. Well, sure last-minute bookings are a hassle and it becomes quite difficult to follow along with them. However, if you are going to develop an application like Airbnb then you need to have this last-minute accommodation feature in your application. Also when you fully understand how this works, you might come across a fact that it’s not difficult to manage, as everything is done online by the application automatically without your involvement.

So, the thing with an autonomous booking is that you must be able to allow your application users to book rooms for the same day, irrespective of the time. The users must also be able to choose to form the different options that they have near to their location in real-time. Also, you need to make sure that you set up some criteria for real-time booking, or collision may occur, and that won’t is easy to deal with. Keep in mind that this feature is crucial for you as a rental company, as this will exponentially increase your business by bringing in more customers than you can imagine.

Support Premium Rental Service

Not all the rental houses are going to be at the same location and of course not of the same quality. There will always be some property you have that you could rent for a much higher price than the others. If yes then you need to include this premium rental option in your application. This will include all the premium houses under your company. And since these premium houses is a sign of a high-class rental service, you can always set the prices accordingly.

This section of housing will act as an attraction in your application for people looking to try out something new and out of this world. So make sure that you have this section of rental service in your application.

Add Favorites Option

Well if you are going to include all the amazing features of Airbnb into your application, then one is a must. We are pretty sure that you might have come across a house or you might have seen something really nice and thought that you would definitely like to come back here. And if you come across this rental service though Airbnb then you could simply add this to your favorites. This way next time when you need housing in the same area, you could simply visit that rental service again. This your users won’t have to search for housing, again and again, making the rental process a lot easier and hassle-free. So make sure to include this save the favorite place as an integral part of the application.

Plan Together

If you think carefully people who need rental housing services are the ones who are either on a trip or actually planning one. As so Airbnb also has an integrated feature that allows its users to plan their trip together with their friends. We would highly recommend you to add this feature into your application, but also make sure that the interface is implemented in an effective manner or else it’s going to confuse your users.
You can also implement this feature as a single click feature that allows your friends to view the same places that you are searching for, making the planning a lot easier. Although that’s a choice, you can also integrate this as a secondary integral part of the same application. This might make the application a little heavier, but in the end, it will be worth it.

Simplify Process

The rental business needs some sort of authorization and includes a process as specified by the central government and you need to follow all of them carefully. You cannot just rent a house to anyone, you need a verification of some kind and also need to store other important information into your database with photo and id verification number. This verification number can be anything passport number, Adhar card, pan card, etc.
So the basic idea behind this is to make the booking process more secure and user-friendly at the same time.

In-App Navigation

You need to include this feature to help your users reach their booked places. You can easily do this by dynamically using google maps. Also, make sure to include other contact information such as mobile numbers, email addresses, etc, just in case.

Rating And Reviews

You need to include this feature to improve your business. You need to know how your application and other services are performing directly from the ones who are utilizing them. So make sure to ask for a rating and also reviews from your users.

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