Top 10 Best On-Demand Food Delivery Apps in 2024

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  • 16-02-2024
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on-demand food delivery apps

In today's fast-paced world, the convenience of on-demand food delivery apps cannot be underestimated. With just a few clicks on your smartphone, your favorite food will be delivered to your doorstep in no time. As the industry continues to evolve, it is important to stay up to date with the latest trends and find the best apps that meet your needs.

Digitalization affects all areas of the business industry. One sector that is not overlooked is the catering industry. Food delivery apps have become increasingly popular over the past two decades.

Through these apps, customers can choose from a wide range of food delivery options, including restaurant reviews and recipes. In the review, the user can share their experiences with other customers. Find the most popular food delivery companies around the world using the information in this article.

Food Delivery Apps Market

By 2029, the food delivery industry is expected to generate $320 billion in revenue. In 2020, the company saw its fastest growth in five years due to the virus outbreak. With a market value of $27.3 billion by 2021, China is expected to become the largest food delivery market. About 90% of all food supplies in China are controlled by Meituan and along with

What's an app for on-demand food delivery?

The food can be delivered to your home at any time using an app on your mobile phone. Restaurant chains and on-demand food delivery services are growing dynamically. On-demand food delivery services can be ordered through various mobile apps such as UberEats, Zomato, Swiggy, and others.

Each delivery company includes three different apps. Together, they enable the delivery industry to grow effectively and efficiently.

  • User app.
  • Store app.
  • Driver app.
  • Administrator panel.

Important Key Features of the Application for On-Demand Delivery

Each of these apps has interesting features and options. However, the room for improvement is endless.

  • Wallet System: Service providers can integrate the wallet system into an efficient and attractive application. This makes redemptions and rewards easier. Although many apps offer this feature, new users are more likely to stay away from this feature.
  • Premium Plan: Increase your engagement by choosing premium plans and pricing. The key features and discounts offered in the cheapest plans will attract new customers.
  • Contact Details: It is also necessary to provide the supplier's contact details; they must therefore be provided.
  • Tracker: Customers also like an option to track orders once they have been placed. Therefore, including it on your website is a good idea for your business development.

How Do Applications for Food Delivery Operate?

So let's go step by step through ordering and delivering food through an app.

1. First, the customer registers via the food delivery service. After registering, the customer can browse the menus of the various restaurants.

2. The customer places the groceries he would like to order in the shopping cart. You can use vouchers and other discounts before paying.

3. The customer decides which payment method suits him.

4. The order notification can be heard through the restaurant app. The customer will be informed about the acceptance of the order by the seller as well as the owner of the premises.

5. The food app panel allows the user to view the time taken to prepare a meal.

6. The restaurant owner contacts his food supplier and informs him of the order.

7. After preparing the food After preparing the food, the courier takes the order.

8. However, the food delivery app notifies the customer that the food delivery is pending.

9. Using the same delivery app, customers can check the quality of food in terms of taste, quality, and delivery time after delivery.

Models for Ordering and Delivering Food

Food delivery and ordering apps became the norm as smartphones took over the world and conquered it in more ways than one. The new way of food delivery and ordering is based on monthly subscriptions.

There are three common ways to order food and have it delivered.

Aggregator model

The aggregator model comes first. A company like Doordash, Grubhub, or Uber Eats would develop a complete solution for food ordering and delivery. They could offer websites for drivers, customers, and business owners, as well as apps for Android and iOS. The only disadvantage of this form of business is that the owners have to pay a large part of their income to the aggregators. This can reach 40%.

The Owner Model

The business model involves hiring an app development company to develop custom iOS and Android mobile apps for restaurant and food service businesses. To achieve the same goal, they also have an online presence. You don't have to give even a cent of your profits to anyone, which is one of the advantages of this type of model. You also have the option to allow other owners to use your software.

SaaS-based solutions

There is a third option, a SaaS solution (food delivery and ordering) on ​​a monthly subscription basis, which addresses the shortcomings of these models and combines the best aspects of both. With this type of model, entrepreneurs simply need to finalize a plan that suits their needs and budget. The SaaS solution provider already has all the necessary mobile apps and websites.

Why Food Delivery Apps Are so Popular

To buy food online from a nearby branch, simply install the food delivery app on your Android or iOS device. Let's find out what is the reason behind the success of the food delivery app.

Save time

Because you can save time by ordering a meal from your mobile phone, food delivery apps are becoming increasingly popular. It's easy to switch between companies and meals are delivered directly to your location.

Large selection of payment methods

Different payment options that food delivery apps offer make paying easy. This allows users to choose their preferred payment method. You can choose to pay online by debit or credit card, online banking or cash on delivery.

Ghost Kitchen Trend

The number of food delivery apps has increased significantly due to the growth of virtual restaurants. A virtual restaurant, sometimes called a ghost kitchen, is a restaurant that only accepts telephone and online orders for delivery or takeout. A particular food retailer relies on the cuisine of an established restaurant.

Ghost restaurants have started exploiting the huge demand for online food delivery services to generate profits based on the growing trend of restaurants offering the best food delivery services. 


Many operators are developing more attractive offerings to stand out in a rapidly evolving food technology market. While some apps charge users a small delivery fee, others now offer free grocery delivery.

Another reason that attracts many customers to the delivery industry is voucher and discount offers.

Top 10 Best Food Delivery Apps Worldwide

Profitable companies have developed their own food ordering and delivery apps, leveraging the memory of the company (fixed restaurants) and their customers (people ordering sushi or pizza). It is now a B2B2C model rather than merely a B2C or B2B model.

Developing an app that makes it easier for companies to manage orders, provide customers with the services they need, and interact with their brands is the key to success in this competitive market. They will work with you if you can increase their sales, reduce costs, and expand their market.

Check out some of the best food delivery companies below. Contact White Label Fox for help preparing to launch your food ordering app.

Uber Eats

More than a hundred thousand major cities around the world offer UberEats services. Many restaurants like to work with UberEats because of their market dominance and wealth. Customers can choose from a wide range of options, creating a positive feedback loop for growth. UberEats is one of the most viewed food delivery services in the United States.

What makes Uber unique?

Let's tell the truth. While Uber's Uber app is sometimes error-prone and isn't always the most user-friendly app for its millions of users, it is the most popular food delivery app. This is where the power of brand awareness is the fact that.

But some of the most important features of the app are:

  • Bulk orders make it easy to share the cost between colleagues and friends.
  • You can use the Schedule Later feature to plan your meals.The Schedule Later feature allows customers to postpone deliveries until they are ready to eat their food.
  • Easy Recharges allow customers to easily order their favorite meals.

Just Eat

Just Eat is a European brand engaged in online food ordering and delivery. More than 82,000 points of sale work together and the way to make money is commissions. Every day, 60 million people utilize Just Eat.

customers who use the Just Eat app can benefit from the express ordering option for personal collection. The company also allows restaurants to use delivery services. The food categories include different varieties such as gluten-free, vegetarian, and even halal.

What makes JustEat Takeaway so good?

  • Simple and user-friendly interface.
  • Awesome search features.
  • There are many different promotional codes.


DoorDash is one of the most popular and oldest food ordering apps. The app is used in more than 800 cities and has many restaurant partners.

customers can place orders from national or local restaurants through Doordash. The delivery schedule is available in the customer application. It is also possible to track the delivery through the application.

What's the most impressive thing about DoorDash?

  • Quality food.
  • On-time delivery.
  • High Customer satisfaction.


London-based startup delivers food to more than 200 cities. Europe's most popular food delivery service allows users to place online food orders from popular restaurants and eateries without having to traditional dining atmosphere. The company serves more than 800 cities in 12 countries.

In what areas does Deliveroo excel?

  • Greater diversity through the ability to work with restaurants that go beyond the norm.
  • Access to coupons and discounts.


FoodPanda is a popular online food ordering app available in 41 countries. With almost 40,000 restaurants and partners in the Berlin area, the company delivers food at the right time. Asia is Foodpanda's biggest market.

order history, wallet, and multiple addresses are just some of the features available to users of the app. The app also has an order-tracking system that allows users to track their grocery purchases.

Benefits of FoodPanda:

  • Numerous places to stop for refreshments.
  • Discounts and rebates are easy to spot.
  • Easy payments.


Swiggy is a famous food delivery app in India. The number mentioned was Swiggy. An application on Google Play with almost 150,000 downloads. Every city in India is associated with this number. The leading online food delivery app working with 140,000 restaurants.

The app is easy to use. Once you select a restaurant, you'll see reviews, ratings, costs, and other important information. The app also has sections for starters, main courses, and desserts.

What makes Swiggy different?

  • Hassle-free GPS helps customers order food nearby.
  • The focus is on the Indian market.
  • The wallet feature allows you to store your money and use your savings to purchase items.


Zomato is an Indian food delivery company operating in over 25 countries. If you want to eat at a restaurant, Zomato can provide food delivery service and also recommend you the most recommended restaurants.

Zomato is known for using social media to promote its services. Zomato's marketing strategy and premium services have helped the company gain exposure among Indian customers. Zomato's business model is unique and effective in customer retention.

Why do people love Zomato?

Sharing information is becoming easier, almost like social networks for foodies.

  • Intuitive and comprehensive search tools.
  • Easy sorting based on user preferences.
  • A solid knowledge base that helps solve customer problems.
  • Easy verification features.
  • Full User Profile.

Domino's Pizza

Domino's is a well-known pizza delivery service with a unique purpose. It is the most satisfying food preparation and ordering experience and, unlike other apps mentioned in this list, only offers food from its own restaurant.

Why do people love Domino's?

  • Photos of open customer orders are displayed.
  • Ability to change toppings, edit orders and completely customize your meal.
  • Order Tracking shows you every step, from preparation to cooking to pickup and delivery of your order.


The Kuwaiti company that orders food from Talabat operates in seven Middle Eastern countries. The app is used by over 2 million customers and offers over 10,000 dining options.

The application appearance is clean and simple. In the meantime you can track your order. The app also supports online payments.


Since its founding on the streets of Barcelona in 2015, Glovo has seen accelerated growth. Glovo currently operates in 200 cities in 26 countries and offers fast food delivery.

More than 20,000 agencies are connected via the application. The number of active users exceeds 10 million.

Why do people like Glovo?

  • Intuitive user interface.
  • First-class search capabilities.
  • Fast delivery.
  • High customer satisfaction.


As we enter 2024, the on-demand food delivery industry continues to evolve and grow. With these 10 best food delivery apps, you can easily and conveniently satisfy your cravings.

Whether you're looking for a quick meal or craving a specific cuisine, these apps will help you. Discover the future of food delivery and experience the ease and joy of having your favorite meals delivered straight to your door.

Customers are always attracted to applications with important features. Now is the right time to enter the growing food delivery app market. When competition is high, a unique app is essential and must contain a distinctive selling point (USP) to stand out from the competition.

By partnering with other brands and offering customers discounts on certain foods, grocery delivery services can attract more consumers. Both parties will gain more. If you want to design a food delivery app, just call us for a free consultation.

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