How To Create An App Like Snapchat And How Much It Costs

  • By Hermit Chawla
  • 28-04-2021
  • Mobile Apps
an app like snapchat

Snapchat success stories have inspired a lot of app developers and entrepreneurs! You must be getting inspired and motivated by these success stories to do something like Snapchat.

Are you planning to start your own social media application like Snapchat or Instagram?

Wondering how to create these applications and how much it costs to create one? Here we go.

In this article, we are going to discuss everything from the application features to development cost. Check out the points below to get your development right.

5 Steps to Make an Application like Snapchat
1. Discovery Phase
In this phase, you must plan the main like the budget of the project and the requirements for the current project to start the development.

Your main goal in the discovery phase is to find out the main functional and non-functional requirements of your app development.

Once you know your requirements, align them with your budget and current resources that you have, and start arranging and working on the things that you might need in the future.

2. Documentation
In this phase, you have to plan the main like the budget of the project and the requirements for the current project to start the development.

Start documenting everything and your journey. This is going to help you to do an analysis later on everything that is going to be implemented.

Documenting everything is going to help you analyze where you went wrong and things that you did right. It helps us analyze our problems deeply when we journal and document them.

Documenting your whole journey and the process comes hand in hand!

3. Cost
In this phase, you have to plan the main things like the features, scalability of your application as per traffic that you are expecting which your application will get.

You need to plan everything before you publish your application to the Apple and Play store. Because features of the apps will be able to be tested with unit testing and you will need the budget for development and testing.

Testing and development costs will vary from developer to developer and based on the features that you will like the development team to add, so plan accordingly.

Once you have the application ready and when you are ready to deploy on the database for registrations and scale your application. You will need to use the cloud and database services which will cost you more and then the marketing budget is separate.

Except for all these main expenses that you will need to develop and promote the application. You must all keep some budget for paid marketing and digital marketing.

In case, if you don't get enough downloads on your application, you will need to do digital marketing to get more downloads and traffic to your application so more budget.

4. UI/UX
UI/UX is the main when it comes to mobile phone applications. Because if you are not providing some better and smoother interface.

Your application or business will have a hard time surviving in the market. Due to so many applications which are a lot smoother and faster your application has to stand out.

To attract users to your platform/applications UI/UX plays a vital role in the picture!

5. Features
You will need to add some of the new features that apps like Snapchat and Instagram lack.

Once you find some of the loopholes and features that you can implement into your application.

You will have some more chances of getting viral just like TikTok!

Adding features into your applications that are problem-solving and entertaining at the same time is the key. So, focus on giving the best valuable features to your users which will help in growth.

Forget about getting popular in the first year or planning to beat Snapchat or Instagram, because no one can do that now. Once a brand always a brand!

Try to bring some new thing into the market and attract a million users first and then start focusing on scalping up things by using these users to do influencer marketing.

Remember to give it sometime an application is also a business. It will take some time for it to get viral. Once you get some initial traffic onto your applications later things will be easy later.

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