How to Hire iOS Developers in 2023

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how to hire ios developers in 2023

Apple had paid out more than $320 billion to iOS app developers as of January 2023 for the sale of products and services via the App Store. In comparison to the prior year, there are 60 billion more.

33 billion apps were downloaded from the Apple Store in 2021, according to Statista. Despite the 111 billion downloads on Google Play, Apple generates more income because iOS customers are more likely to pay for apps and make in-app purchases.

This post is for you if you are a business owner who has decided that you want to have a mobile app. This essay explains how to discover iPhone app developers and how to pick the best one for your project because we understand that the whole coding and app design process can be overwhelming to the non-technical person.

We offer some advice so that you can hire iOS developer who will help your business succeed in 2023 as the field of mobile app development changes.

The Growing Demand for iOS App Development

It is common knowledge that there is an increase in demand for Apple developers' talents on a global scale. Over the past few years, there have been more direct employment and contractual options available. Being a good iOS developer also requires a higher degree of education, certification, and experience.

Because the number of apps being created for the Apple platform is growing exponentially, there is a significant demand for iOS developers. Apple's mobile operating system is one of the most popular options for app development companies due to its widespread use.

It's obvious that employing top-notch iOS app developers has never been more crucial for businesses trying to construct or optimise their mobile applications, given that there are more than 1.2 billion iPhone users and 2 million apps and games accessible on the App Store alone. Additionally, it is predicted that the average American uses mobile internet apps for 3.5 hours every day.

This niche's importance and potential are probably already clear to you. Find out how to do it successfully by hiring a competent developer in this article.

Important Qualifications to Look For in iOS Developers

There are several factors to think about when hire an iOS developer. You need a specialist who can construct an app, but you also need someone who can design one that is appealing and user-friendly. In this section, we'll go over some advice on what qualities to seek in an iOS developer so that when your app launches in the App Store, it receives the attention it merits.

Strong skills

Here are a few of the essential qualities you should seek in an iPhone developer:

  • working with Swift. There is no getting around the need for a developer who is familiar with Swift. It serves as Apple's primary programming language for creating programmes for iOS and macOS. Apple introduced this language in 2014 as a replacement for Objective-C, which had been used since 1980 to build apps for Mac OS X and iOS devices. Swift is well-known as a quick and contemporary programming language that allows concurrency and error handling without sacrificing speed.
  • The Human Interface Guidelines (HIG) for Apple The fit between a developer's designs and Apple's guidelines must be clear. They ought to know what kinds of features will be most useful in an iPhone application as opposed to being eliminated from the finished product because they don't follow HIG guidelines closely enough.
  • They should have working knowledge of Xcode, UIKit, and CoreData in addition to HIG. Git, JIRA, SQL, and Confluence are a few other technologies that a developer should be familiar with.
  • Understanding of design tenets. Every Apple product is made according to some fundamental principles. Every developer is aware that making an original app alone is insufficient. Additionally, it must be appealing and user-friendly. A professional should understand UI/UX and adhere to the concepts of user friendliness and simplicity.
  • Having knowledge of app scaling. Your app must be developed in a way that will allow it to evolve along with future technological advancements because technology is constantly changing. Scalability will become essential to your company's success as it expands and draws in new clients. Hire an iOS app developer with experience building scalable mobile apps makes sense.
  • Knowledge about APIs. Any application depends on its APIs to function. An API gives you the ability to extend your mobile app development process since it gives your front-end application a uniform foundation to access the backend.
  • Strong understanding of OOP, mathematical methods, and mobile app development techniques.

Soft Talents

The key lesson here is that you need to be aware of the developer's background, methodology, and problem-solving style. Don't fall for the trap of hire an iOS programmer who is only proficient in writing code. You should also keep an eye out for other crucial traits, like interpersonal skills and enthusiasm for their work.

To determine whether the developer is a good fit for your corporate culture, you should also be aware of their background.

Consider how well you can collaborate with other team members, such as designers or product managers, to provide user interfaces that are both meaningful and compatible with the software development lifecycle (SDLC).

iOS Developers' Salary

If you're looking to hire an iPhone app developer, it would be wise to research how much iOS developers make. If you can control your spending and don't want to break the bank, you must thoroughly vet candidates before hiring them.

So what is the typical salary for iOS developers?

Depending on the business, region, and expertise, average pay might differ significantly. As an illustration, a highly specialised programmer who has spent years developing their talents as a freelancer makes about $94K in the USA or $82K in Europe. Junior iOS developers are paid $61K in the United States and $45.5K in Europe. Between $30 and $150 per hour.

It makes sense to utilise the diverse pool of expertise present in Eastern Europe, particularly Ukraine, if you require assistance developing a new iOS app for your company. Senior experts make more than $60,000, whereas junior specialists start at $12,000 per year. Ukraine has a wealth of expertise, and according to the findings of 550+ technical exams, Ukrainian developers scored 93.17%, higher than either American or Israeli specialists.

Alternatives for Employing iOS Developers

Depending on the app's developer, the project's cost, completion date, and outcome will vary. There are at least three possibilities: hire a freelancer, develop the app internally, or work with a mobile development company.


A freelance iOS developer can be hired with little to no risk or up-front expenditures. Since they are paid hourly (or per project), you do not need to allocate funds for a full-time salary for each team member. You need to do nothing more than submit your specifications on websites like Upwork or Freelancer and wait for bids from developers who can meet your needs.

Within-Company Development

Developing an app internally rather than hiring someone from outside your company may be a possibility if you have a team of developers working for you and access to additional resources like servers, databases, etc. You should be mindful of the expenses you will incur, such as salaries, taxes, and other operating costs.

Mobile Development Firm

A mobile development studio would be the best option if you lack the necessary technical knowledge or experience to create apps on your own. All through the project, they can offer direction and assistance. Agencies typically have a staff that has a wealth of experience in launching numerous solutions to the market while adhering to the requirements of the contract.

A Stfalcon Candidate Selection Process

Finding the ideal candidate is crucial when hiring a new IT specialist. In order to guarantee complete cooperation, the Stfalcon applicant selection procedure is carried out in a set of steps. The primary stages are shown below, and each level has its own set of guidelines.

Stage 1: The Recruiter Checks the Team's Values

Checking the team's values is the first step in the hiring process. If the employee's goals align with those of the organisation, or vice versa, the hire should be aware of this. Additionally, he determines whether a person's motivation or readiness for work is lacking in any way.

Stage 2: If Necessary, Check Your English

Stfalcon, a Ukrainian business, participates in numerous international initiatives. We assess the candidates' and team members' English language proficiency to ensure project success.

Stage 3: The Technical Lead Evaluates the Team's Expertise

The challenging skills mentioned earlier in this post are revisited at this point. The team lead is also in charge of code review. We select committed iPhone developers for our clients' projects in this manner. You can find a sample of a committed team's work below. A "fresh" project will be finished in 2022.

iOS Application Development Case for StRONGMom by Stfalcon

Clients approached us to solve their admin panel issues and address user complaints about the platform's illogical logic and flaws. We made the decision to start the project from scratch.

The STRONGMom project's major objective is to give women all the resources they need to stay healthy and in good physical condition before, during, or after pregnancy. The primary components of the business concept were broken down into three categories: activities, calendar, and timeline. Each profile includes information on the user, training materials, an application user manual, and helpful resources from partners.

For data transmission with mobile client applications, we created the REST API. EasyAdminBundle, which was used to create the admin with Symfony, makes it simple to customise.

The creation of iOS apps followed the principles of clean architecture and was built on a modular architecture.


Stfalcon has continued to produce successful initiatives, original ideas, and new solutions during the war. Any ideas you may have are welcome, and we want to make them a reality.

Because this is the ideal time to enter the market, get in touch with us for a thorough conversation.

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