How To Make Business Processes Streamlined With Mobile Apps?

  • By Nellie Marteen
  • 27-12-2021
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Using messaging or calling apps on mobile phones is a no-brainer for individuals. However, taking it further by making use of custom mobile applications for business operations can be a game-changer. Learn how to streamline your business processes with mobile apps in this article.

Nearly four decades back, Steve Jobs envisaged that the mobile phone can be much more than a mere calling and messaging system and pack a host of software on their screens. Since then there has been no stopping. Largely, mobile app development company, across the globe have stood the test of time, evolving rapidly to become an integral part of our daily lives.

However the question arises if we are all so entrenched into the app world, why don’t we use it in work. It does not make sense to juggle all the work manually when you can use technology to manage your business operations efficiently. We give you a low down of some humble but highly efficient software built by mobile app development services providers that can take your productivity several notches up.

Essential mobile applications for business process efficiency

1. Mobile-based ERP Applications:

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) as it is called, is a must-have to ensure timely decision making and optimum utilization of resources. It also comes in very handy for remote decision-making by analyzing deadlines, KPI (key performance indicators, and reports. A mobile application development company can help you create a suitable design to have ready access to use your ERP system and its data on mobile devices without a large investment. It helps in the following ways:

Better data quality
Good visibility
Quick decision making
Imparts agility

2. Customer Relationship Management on mobile:

The mantra for business success today is personalization. Every customer wants individualized attention to feel the brand is delivering its promise. Customer Relationship Management applications on mobile phones make this process of managing millions of customer data effortless. With a CRM, you can draw up powerful email campaigns, sales, and marketing plans, lead management strategies along customer service roadmaps efficiently. On a mobile app, you can manage all the critical customer information stored in just a few clicks.

Create a custom dashboard
Organize customer data
Generate sales and marketing reports
Plan customer outreach and marketing campaigns
Strategize and ideate customer service

3. Business communication with apps:

Real-time collaboration through instant messaging, audio and video conferencing, and file sharing can boost productivity as well as decision making. This segment has also seen a lot of activity in recent months due to increased hybrid and remote work trends. The business communication apps can also be combined with productivity features such as project management and scheduling along with communication. They help in ways such as:

Secure, reliable, and centralized communication
Real-time collaboration
Reduced travel and phone costs
Support hybrid and remote work
Lead to better team monitoring and evaluation
Integration with other applications
Fuse modern technologies like NLP (Natural Language Processing) for voicemail, AI (Artificial Intelligence) based incoming message analysis

4. Customer Support on mobile apps:

Opening up customer support through a mobile application is like being there 24/7 for customers. A business can opt to have it in two ways: i) for internal use ii) for external use. Most of the mobile application development services today offer both.

Internal: At the organization level, the customer service app can help to arrange and manage all tickets. It can also help in the allocation of tickets to the right agent. Top app development companies also have the capability to add web-based calling into the application for better customer service.

External: For a customer, the brand’s mobile app can direct them to various self-service options, guide them to digital channels like live chat, email, and social media. If the issue is unresolved then allow them to raise a ticket through the app itself.

5. Content Management System (CMS) through apps:

We are in the digital age now and every communication is through documents in the form of spreadsheets, presentations, videos, and images among others. It becomes pertinent to store as well as have timely access to all these files when needed. A CMS app can help organize all the documents and prove to be extremely beneficial to extract information from anywhere, anytime through a simple app.

CMS apps also come in handy for creating documents using templates by importing data from other resources such as CRM platforms. Some of the features include document notification and metrics.


With the changing workplace and business needs, every organization needs to step up and adopt modern ways of working. Building a custom app by picking up a suitable iOS or Android app development company can help you in bringing much needed efficiency but cutting layers of redundant tasks. A knowledgeable mobile app development services company can also help in plugging issues by system performance monitoring solutions to prevent untimely app crashes or checking integration and configuration with servers.

Making a wise choice with experienced mobile app makers can help you align industry deep knowledge, technology expertise and future trends to keep you ahead of the curve and safeguard your investment.

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