What Is a Ludo Game App, Rules and Where To Play?

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Wanna become a Ludo game champion? Learn about the Ludo game, its gameplay rules, and where to play this game online. Gone are the days when people used to play Ludo games on the physical boards. The time has changed and those physical boards have been converted into smartphone screens.
Nowadays, people are more enticed to play mobile versions of board games rather than buying a physical Ludo board. However, it doesn’t mean that the craze of the traditional Ludo game is finished. It is just that it has moved into the realm of digitalization which makes it broadly accessible and enjoyable. And it is all thanks to Ludo game development services driven by leading gaming companies. They are opting for modern technologies to bring an outstanding Ludo gaming experience for Ludo game lovers.
Ludo is the most imposing board game of all time and still, millions of people slash their free time by playing it. The Ludo game might be imposing but it has some challenging elements which make it more engaging. In this post, we will be discussing the Ludo game, its rules, strategies to win, and where you can play one. So, without wasting time, let’s get started.

What Is a Ludo Game?

Ludo is a board game played with pieces and dice. The Ludo game is played with 2-4 players and a maximum of 8 players depending on the game variant. The game is also available on mobile and web platforms which provides you many great features that a physical Ludo board game doesn't provide.
The main objective of the Ludo is that players move their respective pawns to the home and whoever manages to reach all of their pieces first at their respective base or home wins the game. Also, this is a passing game which means each player waits for their turn. The player rolls a dice and the number that comes on the dice is counted as a step for the pieces. 

Ludo Game Rules

Just like any other game, Ludo also has some rules that make the game more challenging and fun. These rules are not so hard to understand. Whether you play physical-based Ludo or online Ludo games on smartphones, tablets, and websites, its rules are not so different for every platform. The 5 basic rules of the Ludo are: 
  • The rule for the number of players who can play
  • The rule for pieces or pawns movement
  • Rule to get out the pawns
  • Rule to eliminate opponents' pawns in the game
  • Rule to lead the pawns home and win the game
  • Rule for Number of Players Can Play

This rule is determined by the Ludo game variant. A classic Ludo board game mainly involves a maximum of 4 players at a time. Each player chooses one of four colors (red, blue, green or yellow) and gets four playing pieces or pawns of that color.
  • Rule for Pieces or Pawns Movement

A player's pawn on the board moves a number of spaces corresponding to the score on their rolled dice each turn. For example, rolling a three allows the player to advance their pawn three places clockwise around the board. Pawns can only move clockwise and cannot move backwards.
  • Rule to Get Out the Pawns

The game of Ludo begins with anticipation in the air as the dice are rolled. A player is delighted to see the coveted number six staring back, allowing their first piece entrance onto the board. But others must wait anxiously for their turn, stuck in the starting position with bated breath. Only when snake eyes or a perfect row of pips is displayed on the dice can another join the fray. Each lucky roll after brings a choice - to send in reinforcements or march ahead in hopes of victory. So the players strategize; when to attack, when to hold back, all the while keeping an eye on the dice, the key to leaving base and entering the battle of Ludo.
  • Rule to Eliminate Opponent's Pawns/Tokens In the Game

If a Piece lands on a occupied box where already other players pawns are there, then their pawns gets eliminated from the game and sent back to the starting box/area. Players can eliminate other player’s pawns if they are in the same position or box. The pawns that are sent back to the home will have to start over by rolling 6 or 1 on the dice. If pawns are in safe box then they cannot be eliminated by any players.
  • Rule to Lead the Pawns/Tokens Home and Win

The first player to move all of their pawns from the starting area to the home area wins the game. When a pawn makes a complete lap around the board, its path continues up the home column. When a pawn reaches the last point of the home column, the triangle-shaped home, it is considered out of the current game.

Best Places to Play Ludo Game Online

If you want to play a Ludo game, you can buy a Ludo game board set from the market. However, if you want to play Ludo online then there are many gaming platforms and apps available on the internet which allows you to play different kinds of games including Ludo. Here, we are mentioning the top leading gaming apps where you can play Ludo games without any problems.

Ludo King

Ludo King is one of the Leading Ludo game platforms among others. With over 500 million downloads it is the most popular Indian gaming app embarking in the big league of Indian gaming. In the Ludo King, you can play up to 6 players in the online multiplayer mode. It also has a real-time voice chat feature which allows players to interact with other players while gaming. 
They can send each other different types of emojis, funny stickers, or text messages. Apart from this, there is a tournament mode where 8 players can join the game with 6X winning rewards. The platform offers fresh new game themes that players can choose and change whichever they like most. However, this is a premium feature that requires purchasing it. You can team up with your mates and play 2 vs. 2 Ludo matches. 

Rush – Ludo Game

Rush Ludo is a strategy-based online Ludo game but more fun and engaging. Similarly to any other Ludo game, Rush Ludo also has a 2 to 4-player option which means up to 4 players can play Ludo at a time. The objective of the game is to lead all of the tokens in the home area to win. So whoever manages to reach the home area first, wins the game. This platform has over 50 million active user base and is a trusted real money Ludo platform.
The platform is fully RNG certified which means there will not be any set pattern of dice rolling which leads to a fair gaming experience. Also, you will only face real players across the world. With fast money withdrawal, Rush Ludo is safe and secure. Rush Ludo offers new dynamics to the traditional game to make it more engaging, competitive, and faster-paced.
The platform also includes power-ups and special moves to gain an advantage, such as doubling a dice roll or protecting a pawn from being eliminated from other players' pawns. If you are looking for a more advanced level platform to play Ludo games then Rush Ludo is your stop.

Ludo Supreme

Ludo Supreme is another great online gaming platform that belongs on the list of top leading real money Ludo apps. Over 70 million people have already downloaded the Ludo Supreme app. The platform offers up to 10 lakh as a winning reward. 
This is India's most trusted real money gaming app that offers instant withdrawals, supreme cashback, RNG-certified functions, and dedicated customer support services. The app has an additional ultimate gaming experience that includes different types of game modes such as 10 min Ludo, regular tournaments, multiplayer, and play online/play with friends.

Ludo SuperStar

Ludo SuperStar is a popular Ludo game that offers an amazing gaming experience. One of the great features that Ludo SuperStar has is that it has some vibrant colored design which gives a similar experience to the Classic Ludo board. The game is developed by industry-leading Ludo game developer “BlackLight Studio Games”.
The game offers some amazing features like multiplayer options, team-up mode, Blitz, play online, and play with friends. Ludo SuperStar also provides various customization options, such as different game themes, avatars, and even personalized dice. These features add uniqueness to the game which makes this platform completely different from others. The game has similar rules to classic Ludo games but provides special modes and challenges to keep the gameplay fresh and engaging.

Top Effective Tips and Strategies to Win in Ludo Game

Ludo is a fast-paced game, therefore, to win against your opponent you will need to make a game plan. Strategies are essential for success in any online Ludo game format. Using effective strategies from the outset is a key to outrunning your opponent in the game. Here, below we have mentioned some of the effective tips and tricks to win in an online Ludo game.

Strategize Your Ludo Moves

Strategy is essential for success in any online Ludo game. Whether playing different variants like Ludo Turbo, Ludo Supreme, or Ludo King, developing and implementing an effective strategy from the outset is key to remaining competitive. Having a plan is what will allow you to stay in the game, regardless of the Ludo games and variants.

Do Not Slack

Just as in a football match where the outcome of the result is uncertain until the final seconds of the game. Just like in football, whether you will win or not is completely uncertain till the final piece. As they say, "You snooze, You lose."

Safe Your Best Pawns

The main priority is to save your best pawns that are nearly in the stage of winning. And other opponents will try to cut your path of winning by eliminating your pawns. So it is essential to map out everything from your pawn's place to your opponent's pawn's place.

Do Not Lose Sight of Your Opponents

In an online game of Ludo, your opponent stands between you and victory, as the game serves as the battlefield. Remember that your goal is to win the prize money by defeating your opponent. Eliminating their pieces from the board will increase your chances of success, so play strategically when removing them from play. The more opponents you dispatch, the closer you come to claiming the reward.

Play With All Your Pawns

Unlike in traditional Ludo where tokens start in specific places, all tokens are open and able to be placed anywhere on the online Ludo board. Take advantage of this flexibility by strategically spreading out your tokens across the board. This gives you an advantage over your opponent, as they will have fewer opportunities to eliminate your tokens if they are not all clustered in the same area. Avoid situations where an opponent can easily block multiple of your tokens at once by thoughtfully placing each of your pieces in different sections of the game board.

Use Safe Boxes

In the game of Ludo, the safe boxes provide protection for your tokens. A token entering a safe box cannot be eliminated by an opponent's token. Each of the four online Ludo games contains 8 safe boxes total. The starting position for each player is a safe box, and every eighth space thereafter is also a safe box. Safe boxes should be utilized when a token enters an opponent's territory. They can prove very helpful in these situations.

Home - Kill

When you are closer to the home area it will be best if you avoid eliminating your opponent's pawns until and unless you know your pawns are completely secure. Remember, in many online competitive Ludo games, you get points for each step. So, you are close to home, so make sure you avoid eliminating others' pawns.
These are some of the best tips and tricks to play Ludo online and win. However, the outcome of the dice is unpredictable, therefore, planning your gameplay is crucial. By following the above strategies, you will increase your chances of winning more in the Ludo game.

Final Verdict

Ludo is a popular board game and the internet and other modern technologies just give it a new path. Today, Ludo is one of the most played games across the world and has a massive user base as well. 
Rules on the other hand are not too complex to understand as most of the rules are the same everywhere. With the advancement in technology, there are countless online platforms and apps available where you can play Ludo games for fun or for real money. These platforms offer a next-level gaming experience to their users and allow them to securely enjoy the gameplay.
We hope that this guide on “What is Ludo Game, Rules and Where To Play” will help you understand the game mechanics and where you can play them without going anywhere. Also, the Ludo game apps we have mentioned, are completely reliable and one who is looking to play online Ludo games can choose them.

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