How to Optimize your Business Social Media Profile in 2023

  • By Jessica Robinson
  • 28-11-2022
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how to optimize your business social media profile in 2023

Many businesses and digital marketers understand the benefits of taking their brands to social media! However, very few of them know how to optimize their social media presence. Out of the over five billion internet users globally, 4.7 billion people (59% of the world’s population) are social media users as per Statista.

To substantiate, HubSpot findings confirm that almost 80% of social media marketers assert that social media marketing is a reliable marketing technique. In addition, 64% of marketers stress that they are concerned about establishing stable social media audiences.

Having said that, most marketers are now keen on enhancing their social media presence. However, being on social media and reaping the real benefits of social media marketing are two entirely different things. There are many business profiles on social media that have failed to get the kind of attention they would have liked.

Have you been able to make a real difference in terms? Or do you have a business social media account that seems to be adding nothing to your brand or marketing efforts? Do you spend a lot of time posting images or promoting your business, yet the returns are terrible?

We must say that you made a good decision to take your business to social media, but social platforms have become more competitive, generally for business owners. There are many benefits of social media marketing, but putting your business on social media isn’t enough.

You should also invest time in optimizing your social media profile to render your social media marketing efforts better and more profitable. But how can you optimize your business social media profile to stand out and attain your goals?

5 Ways to Optimize your Business Social Media Profile in 2023

Whether you are a digital marketer or a business owner, here are some of the best approaches you can consider to optimize your business social media profile in the coming year and beyond.

1) Incorporate Direct Selling Features

Although business social media accounts are highly aimed at creating brand awareness and reinforcing customer relationships, these platforms can be used beyond the basics. Many businesses today leverage their business social media accounts as selling points. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram allow businesses to sell on the sites.

With that, you can utilize your business social media accounts besides using them as conversational avenues. That’s what many brands and businesses are doing worldwide and why not you? Therefore, integrate every possible direct selling feature to provide an omnichannel experience to your customers and potential ones.

This will not only help you establish stronger customer relationships but will also help to optimize your business social platform to cater to all forms of visitors.

2) Create a Strong Bio

A convincing and authentic bio sets the stage for a brand’s presence on any social media platform. But be mindful that however much you may want to detail everything interesting about your brand or business, many platforms are governed by a range of rules and policies. Instagram for instance allows a bio of up to 150 characters. Also, you may not have the opportunity to give every information you may want.

However, ensure to use the same name on all your social media accounts and sites. You can also use a high-quality image for your brand’s visual identity. Besides that, add relevant keywords to target the right audience. Detail what your business does, and its offerings, and ensure that your bio is clear and impressive.

3) Include CTAs

Including the right calls to action (CTAs) on your business social media profile is one of the best approaches to optimize it. There are many many types of CTAs that you can use for social media optimization, however, ensure to select strong action words. CTAs like “view shop”, “visit the website”, “shop trending bags”, “download a PDF”, or “sign up” are a great way to make your audience take the desired action.

When customers take the required action, it improves profit margin and grows a brand’s social media presence. On the other hand, social media CTAs can also boost traffic to your official business site which improves SERPs ranking.

4) Use Hashtags & Latest Trends

Like keywords on search engines, hashtags are wonder workers on social media. Incorporating hashtags on your brand’s social media page helps you feature in searches and this can help your business become popular, sell more, or build a steady following. However, it should be noted that hashtags bear much fruit when strategically used.

If you’re unclear about the type of hashtags suitable for your business posts, you can use tools such as an Instagram hashtag generator. Other tools you can consider when it comes to quality hashtags include Iconsquare for Instagram and Facebook, Ritetag, and Hashtagify.

These tools will help you generate a range of trending hashtags as per your posts and niche. Another way to make your hashtags purposeful is to leverage them with quality content. Hashtags perform as keywords and can become major drivers for your business page. Generally, they can allow your posts to get a wider outreach. You can also check out and follow the latest social media business trends to keep you ahead.

5) Collaborate with Influencers

Influencer marketing is the new normal in the marketing realm and if you want to enhance your market penetration strategy, consider collaborating with influencers. Social media influencers are generally people with a good reputation and are trusted for their expertise in a field, product, or service.

Depending on your business type, size, and goals, try partnering with social media influencers. This will help you tap into their follower base and boost your brand image. Besides that, it will enhance brand awareness, networking, and authority. Having your brand credited by an influencer is a good way to highlight your business and social media presence.

Bottom Line

For brands and businesses to exceptionally grow in the modern era, there is no way social media marketing can be taken out of the equation. Being strategic with your business's social media profile can help your business or brand attain a competitive edge. Currently, there are different ways you can optimize your business social media profile as listed here. However, you can check your business social profile to identify what’s missing.

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