How To Use Google My Business To Boost Your SEO?

  • By Aakash Soni
  • 05-05-2021
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An attractive website and exceptional offerings - are these enough to boost your sales? Hell no! Your business should extend its dimensions to appear before the target audience and leverage SEO best practices as soon as possible.

Nowadays, every business owner tends to utilize SEO principles in their websites. So, how to become extraordinary and edge over your competitors online? Well, local SEO using Google My Business is your answer.

You can build your business profile on Google My Business and kickstart your online presence by boosting your local SEO facets to unexpected heights. So, without any delay, let’s jump into knowing how to use Google My Business and skyrocket your SEO efforts.

Benefits of Google My Business Listing 

Halt! Are you having second thoughts about listing your company on Google My Business? If it’s a yes, then you have landed at the right place. Before heading anywhere else, let’s get familiar with the local SEO benefits.

● Enhanced Visibility on Search Engines
Google My Business profiles improve local search ranking and take you among the top 3 local results in a SERP. You can pin your business in Google Maps to find even more attention on the web.

● More Traffic and Sales
Do you know that 72% of local web searchers visit a regional store, situated within 5 miles from their locations? It means that Google My Business listing not only drives massive web traffic but also increases your sales exponentially.

● Spread Brand Awareness
A higher local search rank guarantees your audience the quality of your offerings. Such local SEO optimization results in more brand awareness and audience trust with your company.

● Fetch a Wider Audience
As 97% of customers learn about a local business from the web, fetching more leads online is simpler using Google My Business, an exceptional advantage of Google ranking which was unachievable otherwise.

Tips to Use Google My Business Perfectly 

Now that you know the upsides of listing your business on Google My Business, it’s time to leapfrog towards learning the efficient usage of local profiles. You can optimize the local business profiles to improve your visibility in Google in the following ways.

1. Accurate and Up-to-Date Information Works Best
Joining Google My Business is a cakewalk. However, feeding accurate business details and keeping them up-to-date is a potential challenge for everyone. Moreover, you need to ensure that the information on local profiles and your website remains consistent every time.

2. Optimize Your Google My Business Profile
Much like your website content, an optimized Google My Business profile works wonders on SEO parameters. Use high-target keywords in your company description but don’t stuff them unnaturally. Add local phrases to boost your ranking in Google.

3. Collect Reviews from Customers
Gathering as much user feedback as you can is a healthy habit. Since online reviews influence the decisions of over 93% of customers, every business needs to prioritize collecting feedback.

Ask for genuine reviews from your customers and illustrate your Google My Business profile with them. Staying passive towards the reviews can be dangerous. So, you should revert to all feedback as soon as possible.

4. Consider Google My Business Messages
Google My Business and its listings have a positive reputation among web surfers. They tend to trust its notifications and the messages received via the platform. Being a clever marketer, you need to utilize the tendency to your favors.

All you need is to activate the personal messaging feature on Google My Business and communicate with each customer directly. You can assign the chatting feature to answer customer queries, exchange service information, and clear their doubts.

5. Track Your Google My Business Profile Performance
Blindfolded efforts won't lead you anywhere. You need to analyze your SEO attempts and track their performance. Similarly, you should monitor how your Google My Business listing performs on the web from time to time. So, Google provides you with remarkable insights to watch over your local SEO campaign.

It offers you information on how your customers find your profile, which is the most-used CTAs, and the time when you receive the highest engagements. After analyzing these inferences, you can tweak your SEO strategies for local businesses to reach out to a larger audience.


Woohoo! You have finished learning about the top ways to use Google My Business efficiently. Local SEO success depends on how proficiently you leverage the principles in your listing. Although these methods look simple, they are difficult to achieve. So, you might require to hire an SEO expert for your campaign.

If Google My Business optimization seems intimidating, you can reach out to the top SEO agency for high-quality assistance. SEO experts know what it takes to weave a high-yielding SEO strategy for your business and implement them for sure-shot results. You can also reach our to android app agency for app development.

That’s all from our side, hope this information will help while optimizing for your business.

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