7 Worthy Method To Utilize Social Media For Event Promotions

  • By Anne Joseph
  • 21-04-2021
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Are you looking forward to hosting an event on social media? Well, events are an essential part of any organization to build brand awareness. Actually, it's one of the organic ways to boost your product or services in front of a massive audience. In other words, organizing an event will give people a chance to learn, connect and grow. One of the best ways to make your event a rant success is by leveraging the social media platform. Social media is an excellent pillar for marketers and business owners to enhance their business and reach their customers.

In this article, you will learn a few methods to promote your event on social media. 

Pictures Speak More Than Words
On social media, you have plenty of ways to create your content; you must not limit yourself with text messages. Moreover, it's not necessary to use text messages all the time. Mostly, people on social media prefer to engage with rich media like images, videos, gifs/memes. Do you know? Pictures speak more than 1000 worthy words; people get different views and more specific information about your event through this type of content. You can add details like venue, pic of the event planning phase, and more in the picture.

Know When To Post On Social Media
Posting time matters if you want to spread your content in front of a massive audience. Hence don't post at your leisure or when you are free. Posting at the right time will bring bags of engagement, views for your post. You may worry about finding the right time for your post; the right time is nothing but your audience's active time. Depending on the media, busy times will vary; for instance, if you're looking at the right time on TikTok, you can access analytics tools to get audience timings.

On Facebook, it's best to post at 1 PM on Thursday and Friday. For maximum clicks, consider at 3 PM. For LinkedIn, it's recommended to post at 10 PM and 11 PM on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

If you are targeting specific demographics, you need to experiment with different timings.

Create A Event Hashtags
If you decide to create specific hashtags for your event, you have to remember two things: your hashtags should be short and related to that particular event. Building such hashtags will grab great potential for social media for your event promotion. Once you create your event hashtags, try to promote them on your content. Ask your team members, speakers, use your hashtags, and try to make it as famous as possible. While choosing hashtags, check their popularity and familiarity among the audience, use catchy and crispy words, make it most memorable and easy to spell.

Make Use Of Multiple Channels
If you are planning to promote your event on social media, you must focus on multiple channels. Don't simply rely on one or two popular media. Every platform has its own specialties and framework. You have to identify the special feature that is capable of promoting your event at a large scale. For instance,have a look at HP who launched #HPCoachelladreamland challenge on TikTok, receives 176 million views and made their brand famous. When you promote your event on TikTok, it helps to get cheap & fast TikTok views of your event and make it world famous because it has 850 million monthly active users with 20.33 million daily active users.

Also, don't think you must only use popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter. Even you can prefer less known platforms like Vine, Tumblr, and more because they have less saturated content with less competition.

Host A Contest
Social media contests are always effective because they provide instant fun and entertainment. So, almost everyone likes to participate in social media contests, especially if you reward the winner with worthy prizes. You need to plan a perfect contest for your event. It must be both useful and easy to enter. Depending on the media, you can frame your concept for the contest. Remember, your contest's primary aim must be to promote your event and influence your audience to know more about it. Once your contest is ready, share it with multiple media to get maximum participation and exposure. Anyway, make sure your contest is easy to enter and participate in.

Tell Who You Are, Share Your Story
If you're organizing an event for the first time, you must make your story known to the people. You can add a link to your "about me" page in your social media posting. Or, you can simply share a story of your business or android app agency, the struggle you face to reach this place. Avoid hesitation to share your complete story with the audience. If your stories are inspiring and uplifting, it has more chance to go viral; that way you can bring more audience for your event.

Post More Behind-The-Scenes
Behind-the-scenes is one of the mind-blowing content to promote any particular event or product. When it comes to behind-the-scenes content, everything is essential. Try to cover all the stuff you have done to organize your event. Sharing that footage as your pre-event promotion will create massive inclusion for your event. Those clippings will gain more engagement and audience attention.

Getting sponsors or collaborating with influencers will help you attain maximum reach and exposure for your social media events. You can even ask your influencers to release teasers or trailers for your event. Launching teasers will create buzz and excitement among the audience. Sure this article will help you to promote your event on social media in an effective way.

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