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  • 09-11-2020
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Social media analytics is the process by which a digital marketing expert gathers data from various social media platforms that helps the proprietor to take crucial business decisions for the future. Facebook and Twitter are the two leading social networking sites that are coming up with new features to enhance the users’ experience. In such a scenario, the metrics of social media analytics are getting vast.

Impactful Social Media Analytics for Facebook & Twitter
The leading social media analytics for Facebook and Twitter are mentioned here in detail. As a businessperson, you should know about it to technically communicate with digital marketers.

Social Media Analytics for Facebook
Social media analytics for Facebook is vital for every firm as it helps a business person to understand if it is getting proper audience exposure. Social media analytics tools act as the support system making it easier for the digital marketing experts to study the data.

The top things that an expert can track are:

Engagement of the audience
An efficient dashboard of a social media analytics tool can help you to track the level of audience engagement. An expert can extract the number of shares, likes, and comments on a post and analyse the audience engagement concerning a specific period.

Generally, social media marketing experts analyse audience engagement stats every 15 days. The interval can also range from one to three months.

Follower growth
All business profiles on social media have a common objective to gain followers. So, follower growth can be considered as a powerful social media analytic. The tools can show you the number of followers that have either increased or decreased on your profile in a specific period.

As a proprietor, you can organise more ad campaigns if you observe a sharp increase in the number of followers.

Active audience
The active audience can disseminate information about your company or brand on Facebook. You can check the number of engaged audiences who frequently comment or like posts on your page. However, this work is done by the experts, and they can hand you the report.

Demography of the audience
To have a clear idea about the target audience, a businessperson should know the audience’s demography. It is a prominent social media analytic for Facebook.

The reports of audience demography are based on statistics, and you can design targeted ad campaigns for the audience to improve sales.
Furthermore, you can get closer to the target audience and communicate in detail regarding your product or service. This not only can improve your sales but help you develop a brand-loyal customer base.

Social media analytics for Twitter
As a social media platform, Twitter is largely different from Facebook as it deals with Tweets and hashtags. However, there are tools for analysing different elements of Twitter and extract the reports. They are:

Number of tweets
The number of tweets posted on a daily basis determines the amount of traffic a business-related Twitter profile might have. Digital marketing experts can observe the graph given on the dashboard of any leading social media analytics tool.
As a businessperson, you will have to increase the number of daily tweets on your business profile to attract more and more audience.

Frequency of tweet
Most tools show illustrated graphs with data related to the frequency of the tweets in a given period. If a business profile on Twitter has an excellent tweet frequency, there will be higher chances of gaining leads.
Moreover, this chart shows the total number of likes and dislikes on a tweet as the experts can understand its impact on the audience.

One of the important matrices to consider while observing social media analytics is the performance of a tweet. The results of a tweet performance can help you to make further strategies for your business.

Overview of ‘Mentions’
With proper ‘Mentions’ overview, you can track the audiences who work as influencers for your tweets. The influencers ensure that more people see your tweet and talk about it. Moreover, you can observe the pace by which a hashtag attached to your post gets viral.

Audience engagement
Most social media analytics tools provide the feature of graphical representation showing the level of audience engagement on a business profile of Twitter. It works the same way as Facebook analytics.

There are more chances for you to find the young and urban target audience on Twitter. So, you must deal with a particular product or service they can relate to.

Tweet Content
Observing the tweet content is vital to determine a specific type of tweet that attracts and engages more audiences successfully. Tracking tweet content can be easy with a powerful social media analytics tool for Twitter.

The social media marketing experts can instruct you to post more tweets with links, images, and texts, specifically if they observe it to engage the audience satisfactorily.

Final Words
As social media platforms have become a large pool of audience, most businesses are making social media profiles and executing marketing procedures. However, proper social media analytics helps a company to gain prominence in the digital world.

If you have already started up a business, it is high time to make social media profiles for it. Also, you can hire an expert who can execute digital marketing processes and work with social media analytics tools.

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