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  • By Walter Moore
  • 24-02-2020
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There is a trend now to use Instagram photos in email campaigns by businesses. This enables them to increase their reach, level of engagement, and the chances of the subscribers performing the desired action. With the innovative features of the Instagram platform, you can now automatically share photos from your Instagram account with your email subscribers. Add a selfie, and it will brighten your newsletters.

Bringing Instagram to the inbox is now a trend that has proved to be most beneficial due to the ability of the businesses to share heavily-filtered moments through emails. It is all because Instagram now provides an RSS feed for either hashtags or accounts, enabling the senders to pull in photos automatically. All you have to do is use a free-to-use service that allows you to use its feeds through which you can pull in anything such as:

- Images
- Descriptions and
- A link to the image that is hosted on Instagram.

When you place the photos in the templates, you will be provided with multiple two feed URLs, one for your account and one for the hashtags, respectively. These URLs will work just fine in both the RSS reader as well as in the email campaigns. All you have to do now is the place these in your email campaign.

Take the best photos
It all starts with taking the best photos to include in your email marketing campaigns. There are a few things to keep in mind to take good Instagram photos using your smartphone. You will need to understand some basic principles, such as composition, lighting, and handling of elements. The simple rules to follow include:

- Using natural light more as that is the foundation of any good photo that is brighter and richer. Avoid using your flash as it will wash out the subject and flatten out the picture as well. If you shoot indoors, take pictures in a well-lit room or near the windows. At night, use ambient light sources such as store windows, street lamps, and others.

- Focus on the exposure because overexposure will brighten up the photo. It will be hard to fix, even with the editing tools. Adjust the lighting on the screen to prevent overexposure. You can adjust it by tapping and sliding your finger up or down or by tapping on the brightest part of the frame before taking the photo.

Also, make sure that you shoot at the right time, preferably when the sun is low on the horizon. If you shoot at midday, wait for the clouds because direct sunlight will be harsh on your photos. The clouds will diffuse sunlight creating a more flattering and softer effect.

Rule of thirds and white space
The rule of thirds is a significant factor in photography principles that guide a composition. In this process, you must divide the whole frame into three vertical and three horizontal lines that are evenly spaced. This will give you a nine-part grid. You should place the subject in focus on the intersections of the lines. This is a better alternative to a perfectly centered shot that will make your Instagram photos look more beautiful.

You can place your subject at the lower right or left intersection or those on the top. However, for some photos, you may isolate your subject for a better and cleaner effect. In that case, you will need to use two specific rules in combination, such as:

- The rule of thirds and
- The rule of white space

This will create a great effect and provide a powerful result. In such cases, for example, if you use the rule of thirds and place the subject where it crosses the two intersecting points at the bottom, you must use the white space for the top third section of the photo. This will isolate the subject of the photo.

Your phone camera may already have these gridlines created for you while taking the photo. Just make sure that you overlay these to place the subject correctly on these gridlines.

Need for good Instagram photos
Expert Instagram marketers like Gramista suggest that you will need to improve your Instagram photos so that you get the desired effect and result when you include these with your emails. It is not only the editing tools and filters that will do it for you. You will have to make sure that these photos are good enough to be posted and used in emails.

- Good photography matters most on Instagram, and it can make or break your sales, especially if intending to use these for your emails, shoppable posts, and stories to drive more traffic and sales.
- It is also necessary today because most of the consumers rely on social networks, especially Instagram and Facebook, to make their buying decisions.

Therefore, you must showcase your products in the best possible manner and light to use in your Instagram email marketing to stand out, get more clicks, and generate more sales and revenue.

Use Instagram Stories
It is also an excellent move to use Instagram Stories because more than 300 million people use it daily. This is because these stories are:

- Very popular
- Highly engaging and
- Exceptionally attractive.

Therefore, if you are not using it already, it is high time that you start doing so. When you post Instagram Stories, you will find a fun way to tell your audience about your business, product, and what you want them to do. It will also increase the number of followers as well as the engagement rate.

But you will need to use it like a pro to get the desired results because these will be visible only for 24 hours. Therefore, you must use these stories just like a traveling exhibit. You can take the help of several third-party apps if you want some help in making an engaging and absolutely perfect Instagram Story.

Now that you know the tips and tricks to integrate Instagram into your email marketing campaigns, go ahead and get started immediately to ensure business growth.

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