Will Instagram Overtake Facebook & Which is better for your Brand?

  • By Lalita Devi
  • 01-10-2020
  • Social Media
instagram vs facebook

Since social media marketing has changed radically over the last year or so, the influence has stayed undeniable. It might interest you that there are 3.2 billion energetic social media users and most of the marketers are developing ways to earn loyal consumers.

You are already using social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook for your business, but have you ever pondered which one is better for you? well, Instagram has outdone parent company Facebook's social network amidst the top fifty brand profiles and audience size. It is true that Instagram currently Attracts a bigger Audience Than Facebook.

Which Platform is Better for Your Business?
Though Facebook’s edge could give it an advantage in terms of impressive user base and admiration, the growth of Instagram has been very strong and is continuing to go up. Even the statistics have something to tell you.

Have a look:
Facebook statistics
• 2.38 billion monthly energetic users
• 96% of energetic user accounts accessed the social network through a mobile device
• 40% of consumers mentioned that they watch the most clips and videos on Facebook
• 65 million tiny businesses have Facebook Pages
• 74% of marketers state they use Facebook more as a crucial part of the social strategy of their brand

Instagram statistics
• It sees 1 billion monthly active users
• 500 million everyday active Instagram Stories users around the world
• 37% of the US Internet users do use Instagram
• 68% of Instagram users visit this platform every day
• 65% of marketers mention that they decide to use Instagram more as part of the social strategy of their brand

It is clear for you to make out that Facebook could have larger pride numbers but Instagram’s stats are extremely imposing. It is specifically in terms of engagement. Instagram has constructed itself up as a platform that flourishes on users being in a position to engage with the visual content brands share.

but, remember that those massive numbers from Facebook have made it so that tiny businesses feel indebted to start a Facebook Page even if they don’t essentially plan on being active on it. Facebook has paved itself as a chief in the world of social media marketing.

Instagram is Better for Direct Marketing
If you talk about direct marketing involving customers, showcasing new products/services, spreading a word, assessment shopping, and influencer marketing, Instagram clearly stays ahead. Also, Instagram is a heart for the under 30 youth, mainly teens.

But if you speak of Facebook, it stays the finest for visibility with older age groups, as long as you are using paid advertisements. It’s also crucial for you to know that Facebook makes it convenient to funnel users to a third-party website like an online store. however, Instagram bans link sharing in posts and comments. You just have any outside links look in your bio only. Here, the additional steps needed to visit your website make it tougher to produce traffic.

The bottom line is, rather than keeping all your eggs in one basket, it is better to keep them in two. You can make the most of the finest ingredients of both platforms for your business growth. Get more information by hiring a skilled mobile app developer to make your app for the business growth.

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