10 Tasks You Can Assign to Your Amazon FBA Virtual Assistant

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  • 03-05-2022
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When you have an Amazon store, you need to manage various tasks of the business to run the business efficiently. It will make it difficult for a single person to manage so many responsibilities; thus, hiring an Amazon FBA virtual assistant can benefit you.

An Amazon FBA assistant is a professional who holds expertise in performing tasks of the eCommerce business and managing the store. They can help you grow your Amazon business, and thus, hiring them can be a good choice.

You may gain a variety of advantages by establishing an online business on Amazon. You may make use of Amazon's reputation, reach, and large client base. It will help you to increase your business sales.

Setting up an online store may be easy but managing it is not an easy task, and here the role of Amazon FBA VA comes in. They can help you with a variety of functions which will allow you to manage the store easily.

In this content, we will tell you about the tasks that you can assign to an Amazon FBA virtual assistant. Major tasks to assign to Amazon FBA virtual assistant.

1. Inventory management
Managing inventory is a crucial task for all businesses, especially ecommerce businesses, as there is continuous inflow and outflow of goods. Thus, managing the inventory is a tough task for eCommerce businesses, and you need the assistance of experts to manage it effectively.

The FBA virtual assistant can help you track your stock levels across all the warehouses, orders, deliveries, and sales. They can also plan and execute the res-stocking strategies so that your store never goes out of stock. They can also use tools and technologies to manage the inventory properly.

2. Order fulfilment
Order fulfilment entails receiving, processing, and sending orders to clients. It is a very time-consuming process and involves multiple steps, which may drain your energy and consume a lot of your time. So, it is good to hire expert virtual assistants and assign this task to them.

3. Product Research
Product research is important for eCommerce companies. You need to have products that customers look for and are in high demand among your customers. You can achieve increased sales when you have the right set of products in your store.

After finding the right set of products for your store, you need to work on the pricing structure of the products, shipping terms with the manufacturer, and invoicing as well. So, product research will take a lot of time and effort; thus, you can assign these tasks to Amazon assistants.

4. Product sourcing
A virtual assistant can help you source the raw materials or products from the supplier at the right price and time. It sounds easy but dealing with manufacturers and suppliers is not easy as it looks. One must have proper communication and negotiation skills to buy products from them at the right price.

5. SEO
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps to improve the visibility of your Amazon store and increase your reach of the business. For an eCommerce business, traffic is very important; without good traffic, you cannot increase your business sales.

An expert virtual assistant can build an SEO strategy to improve your business reach. He can use tools and technologies and make use of various techniques to improve your business SEO. It will also help you to increase leads and sales of your business.

6. Social media management
Today, a vast population is present on social media, and your target audience is also available on social media platforms. Thus, you can attract your target audience to buy your products through the proper use of social media.

A virtual assistant can create attractive posts and engage the audience on your social media page. They can also run various social media campaigns to generate a buzz for your brand. Though these all things, you can also gain many new customers for your business.

7. Product returns and exchanges
In an eCommerce business, you will get an ample number of requests for returns and exchanges. So, it will be quite tough for you to manage all the requests on your own, and also, you cannot miss any single request. Thus, you require the help of professionals for this task.

A VA for amazon FBA can quickly process all requests for returns & exchanges. Thus, your customers will become happy and also, they will stay loyal to your business.

8. PPC
PPC stands for pay-per-click; it is an online marketing method where the advertiser pays a fixed amount of money whenever as is clicked. It can increase the number of visitors to your website and also increase your leads.

The Amazon virtual assistants know about the Amazon online business very well, allowing vendors to market their items through three different types of advertisements: product ads, headline search ads, and sponsored ads.

9. Review handling
When you have an eCommerce business, then reviews are very important for you. More than 50% of people look at reviews before purchasing products from online stores. Thus, you need to handle the reviews very professionally.

If any customer has not yet posted a review, then VA can ask them to add the reviews and also, they can reply to the reviews, which adds a professional touch to reviews.

10. Customer support
Providing on-time customer service is very important for all types of businesses, whether it is small or big. They can solve customers’ queries and make sure their problem is solved quickly. This will help improve your brand image and help retain the customers. Hire a Virtual Assistant to make sure your customers get proper support.

At last, we would say that an Amazon virtual assistant can help you with various tasks of the online business, and thus you can effectively manage your Amazon store. Also, they hold expertise and experience in performing tasks and therefore, you can improve the efficiency of your business. You can assign the tasks mentioned above to the Amazon VA.

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