5 AI and ML Trends That Will Impact Businesses And The Internet

  • By Vikas Luthra
  • 10-05-2022
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The world is witnessing a new technological revolution in the field of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine learning), and it's speeding up with each passing year. China has recently claimed that they have developed an artificial intelligence system that can build hypersonic missile systems on its own. It is an atrocious claim, but it makes you think about what AI is capable of. Sunder Pichai (Google Head) recently commented that AI is going to impact the human race even more than the invention of fire. In contrast, Elon Musk has warned against the rapid pace of AI development in order to prevent it from going out of control. However, amidst all of this, one cannot deny that AI, along with ML, is making a deep impact everywhere. Businesses are no exception, and they are feeling the impact of AI and ML. In this blog, we will discuss the 5 hottest artificial intelligence and machine learning trends that can drive your business upwards and that are impacting the internet globally. Your business might not be directly using ML and AI, but these machine learning and artificial intelligence trends are likely to impact your business. Moreover, if you haven’t adopted AI & ML, the adoption of technologies related to this ML and AI will surely help your business both in the short term and long term.

1. Natural language processing (NLP) :

Natural language processing is an important branch of AI and machine learning. With the help of NLP, computers can understand voice and text and converse as we humans do.Moreover, with NLP, humans' interactions with computers become more natural and refined. However, the impact it is having on businesses is crazy. Voice searches are already an important factor as customers use them extensively to search for products and services on Google and other search engines. If you don't integrate voice recognition enabled search on your website, app, or an e-commerce portal, you are likely to experience a decrease in sales. Moreover, NLP can help businesses to analyse large quantities of voice and text data on the internet and derive conclusions from it to make strategic decisions for the future. Machine learning is enabling the launch of new kinds of devices like smart speakers, home devices, televisions with voice control capabilities, controllers, and more. In the future, more such devices will enter the market, and businesses must adapt to these emerging changes.

2. ChatBots:

We often desire to speak to humans while chatting with customer support, and we know that machine-based chat systems are not great. However, technologies in ML & AI are moving at a rapid pace and chatbots are becoming more intelligent than ever. In the future, it is believed chatbots will rival humans in terms of understanding communication and will reply as real humans do. If your business provides customer service and you are thinking of making it more efficient, then incorporating the latest chatbots technologies in some way will surely benefit it.

3. Cybersecurity:

We know that on the internet, things happen at a rapid pace and in big numbers. Understanding these events is beyond the human mind's capabilities. Moreover, finding out about an event that is a security threat in the form of a hidden virus, trojan, or malware is even more difficult. Additionally, cyberattacks also occur in many places. AI and machine-learning-based software help detect these dangerous activities and prompt the concerned authorities. Some of these programs can automatically take action by using their artificial intelligence to defend against such attacks. These technologies make use of neural networks, and learning built on observation to locate even those threats that normal software cannot locate.

4. Metaverse

As per Wikipedia, Metaverses are networks of 3D virtual worlds designed to foster social connections. The Metaverse has been around for 2 decades, and not everyone thinks it is going to have much of an impact. However, it could prove to be a wrong judgement. Facebook is investing heavily in the metaverse. In the metaverse, people can enjoy immersive reality and can do the kinds of tasks that we have only seen in movies or read about in science fiction movies. For instance, you can be in your online digital avatar and enjoy a virtual party, play games in an augmented world, even go on dates, purchase virtual products, and do much more. It is already impacting the gaming world and in the coming time, we can see more businesses adopting and using metaverse to their advantage.

5. AI and ML for security and Surveillance :

Security and surveillance services are already benefiting from advancements in AI and machine learning technologies. These sets of technologies use a combination of face recognition, pose detection, video recognition, voice recognition, and biometrics together to create a system that is more robust, secure, and advanced. Especially, for security agencies and law enforcement agencies, it is already proving to be a game-changer. Consider a situation, a suspect is roaming on the platform of a railway station and security cameras detect it and inform law enforcement agencies.This will prevent an unwanted event of crime or terrorism from occuring. Isn’t it amazing! However, This is just a small example, and the potential of these technologies is enormous. Even private businesses can adopt these and gain benefits from it.

The way technologies related to machine learning and artificial intelligence are progressing, it is becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to ignore them. One can feel the impact of ML and AI-related technologies around us. Businesses of today should start adopting the latest trends related to machine learning and artificial intelligence to be ahead of others. NLP, Voice recognition technologies, surveillance, chatbots, cyber security and Metaverse are a few of the leading trends related to ML and AI.

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