7 Tips for Choosing Right AWS Consulting Partners for Your Business

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  • 09-05-2022
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Many business organizations are keen on utilizing cloud computing frameworks. It includes a range of services like data storage, website hosting, establishing machine learning, etc. The main purpose behind these tech giants' shift towards on-demand computing is its ability to store all the data on the cloud with reduced cost. Every user has access to the cloud services whether they are aware of it or not. Some cloud service providers are Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Oracle, IBM Cloud, SAP, etc. Besides this, a few cloud services are Dropbox, Salesforce, OpenShift, etc. The most popular utility computing platform is Amazon, and the services they provide are the Amazon Web Services(AWS).

What is Amazon web service (AWS)?

Launched in 2006, AWS Development Services has the potential to retain prices, advance remodeling, launch brand new products in the market. They are also proficient in facilitating error-free and expandable support worldwide.AWS Development Services are exceedingly in demand for networking, security, distant computing, mobile development services, etc. Amazon web service has proved to influence the market, and the majority of the companies are using their services. For better understanding, let’s check the stats;


The market share of AWS in cloud computing is nearly about 41.5%
Its other competitors, such as Microsoft Azure, hold upto 29.4%, Google Cloud around 3%, and IBM about 2.6%. These numbers indicate that AWS has a powerful grasp of the market.
AWS has engaged more than 1 million dynamic users
10% of them are AWS users. The remaining are business entities
The AWS Partner Network is supported by over 90% of the top 100 fortune companies for AWS Development Services and Solutions
AWS has been able to lower its price by 67 times

Total Revenue AWS:

Below is properly mentioned the total AWS revenue distribution over the years;

Total Revenue
$5.00 bn
$7.90 bn
$12.00 bn
$ 17.46 bn
$ 25.65 bn
$35.03 bn
$45.37 bn
$62.20 bn

To exercise AWS in its full-fledged mode, the elementary way is to take help from the AWS consultants or engage with AWS Consulting Partners. These AWS consultants are the people who have excellent proficiency and have gained mastery in their work. Before hiring these experts, check out the tips for Choosing Right AWS Consulting Partners for Your Business:

1. Analysis: Before putting your foot in hiring services from the AWS Consulting Company, one might need to inspect a few things. Just because others are doing it, so you must do it, is not a good idea. Look out for your needs and glimpse the money expenditure because the budget is really important. The information regarding the time frame should be known. These are some common things that need to be probed before selecting an AWS Consulting Services Partner. Depending upon the requirement, one needs to take the decision. For instance, if someone requires consulting services for a shorter span, there is no need to hire a giant AWS Consulting Partners for Your Business. But if it's really important, then one should go for it.

2. Check for the expertise: This is one of the prime things one should look out for. Several companies have been in the industry for a decade. But one should go for a firm with a knack for the cloud industry. Get hold of their previous work and inspect how they have helped bring positive change in organizations. While choosing the AWS development company, never forget to check the qualification of the team members you will work with. They should be well versed in their knowledge domain and possess all the necessary certifications.

3. Choose a one-stop place: AWS is a broad term and is not limited to a specific sector. It includes almost everything, right from providing expert advice to the clients to giving them feedback about which realm in which they are lacking. Offering certain technology-related suggestions and advice for the betterment of their organization. So, they should be genius in having enough information about AWS Magento consulting, cloud security, retrieving data, support, assistance, etc. Analyze their competency in cloud migration, back-end services, managing queries, networking, database, development services, etc. Let’s gain some information about the most commonly used AWS Services;

AWS Lambda (serverless computing with adaptable real-time overburden)

AWS CloudFront (quick and smooth transfer of data to clients with truncated delay globally)

DynamoDB (provides automatic data duplication on various regions for better performance)

Amazon Redshift (manages exhaustive data sets)

There are many more AWS Development Services; therefore one should opt for an AWS Consulting Company who offers all the services rather than availing services from various other sources. In this way, time will be saved, everything will be organized, and efforts will be put in the right direction.

4. Cognizant of various technologies: To make someone your AWS Consulting Services Partner is a huge thing. So, verify their command over a multitude of technologies. Several technologies like Java, Microsoft, .NET, PHP, Python, C++,
iOS, MySql, ruby, ruby on rails, etc. If they are not acquainted with these technologies, hiring people from those AWS Consulting Company will be a bad choice. It will only waste time as well as money. Hence, choose that AWS Consulting Services Partner who is qualified and trained at its job.

5. Thorough investigation about the company: If you have to put out enormous money while choosing the right AWS consulting partner, proper research needs to be done. First of all, check if they are a third party or not. If they are, then there is no use in hiring them. Sometimes a client needs their problem to be solved ASAP, and for that, every time, a request is forwarded by a third party to the concerned team. It just becomes a distressing and nerve-racking experience. So, it is advised to select that AWS Consulting Services Partner who has a team of experts.

6. Check Reviews and portfolio: The foremost thing is to see how many organizations they have worked within the past. Also, who are they currently in partnership with and even look out for their experience in the market. Try to hire an AWS Consulting Company that has more than 3 years of experience in the relevant field. Even do in-depth research of their portfolio. See what kind of reviews they have received and are the clients satisfied with their work. Do they work on the feedback that is provided to them? And are they able to deliver what they had promised, i.e., basically scrutinizing their potential and finesse?

7. Get a quote: This is the most pivotal step, as everything depends on it. There are some AWS Consulting Companies that cost an arm and a leg. So, it's better to have more choices. The more options you have, the better facility for you to land up with a better offer. There will be some companies that will be providing AWS Development Services at a low price. Don’t get enticed by them; relatively check their delivering capability. Be calm, as there would be a firm who will be ready to deliver services to you at an economical price. Always try to negotiate for greater standard solutions.

Final words

These above tips have proved beneficial while hunting for AWS Consulting Services Partner. AWS is extremely authentic and serves as the spine of IT functioning. They have become the first choice for customers around the globe as there has been a speedy mushrooming of start-ups. Even large-scale companies and prominent government organizations are willing to use AWS to become a more robust, secure and ingenious platform.

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