Best App Ideas Using React Native Cross-platform Technology

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  • 19-03-2021
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React Native has been the hottest buzz in the period of cross-platform app development. Innumerable apps are built using React Native Development. The most intriguing part of React Native is that it incorporates the best of native and hybrid apps, to the best. Both, the iOS and Android editions of the application have 3/4th of the codebase as compatible, curtailing the development time relatively.

A brief road walk to React Native

Aided by Facebook and the community empowered
flawless and cross-platform in essence.
Written in JavaScript, provided in native code
The innovation of native apps and interactive UIs for iOS and Android using React
Understand once, write anywhere concept
Reusable code across platforms
Live reloading of altered code without refurbishing.

Why Is React Native App Development So Popular?
React Native is deemed ideal when it comes to hybrid apps. It consolidates the graphical processing unit while creating the app, and thus offers sharpened performance.

It is openly favored by a large community, apart from Facebook. This bestows the best drive in terms of actual open-source society.

There is a large percentage of code reusability in React Native mobile apps and therefore it is a developer’s thrill, primarily when it comes to composing the same code for iOS and Android. Overall, it delivers a seamless native-like user atmosphere and experience

Advantages of the React Native Technology:
The React Native App Development technique has been verified as the simplest and fastest technology used to create mobile applications.

Let’s have a look at the benefits of the React Native Technology:

It is utilized to create hybrid mobile apps like a solitary application that can work on numerous platforms.
It is the most prominent framework as correlated to other structures used for mobile app development.
It also helps in improving the efficiency of the developer.
It puts up with tinier time to develop a hybrid mobile application than other technologies and, hence, lesser efforts.
The mobile apps developed using react-native have impressive performance.
Mobile apps developed with react-native have striking and dynamic UI and UX, along with its backing in incorporating outward modules for native libraries.

One can constantly traverse between native app development and the react native app development and vice versa.
The react native programming language is supported by both android and iOS platforms.

Some best app ideas to be built on React Native -

Online Shopping App: Get the best products at the best price
It is anticipated that 90% of shopping will be made online by 2025, it is a smart move to take your business from a conventional to a digital platform. And the idea of commencing your ecommerce business onsets from the extremely trending shopping apps like Flipkart, eBay, Amazon, and many more.

Music App: bring your favorite tracks to one place
One of the vastly and promptly thriving categories of a mobile application is the music app. If you are a start-up or a new business owner, you should really consider at least once about investing in this app. You can learn from the design and enactment of the distinct music applications like Google Play, Spotify app, etc., as they are made wielding the React-native platform.

Car Washing App: Get Your Car Maintained without any hassle
Owning a car is certainly a very much needed luxury in today’s time, but maintaining it and keeping it clean is a bit of a task. Many car service stations provide many car service stations that offer you to book monthly car wash services, but waiting up to set the appointment is not feasible for everyone. That's when the Car washing app comes into action. It helps the user to select the preferred time and schedule the car washing accordingly.

Expense Tracker: keep your expanse count on your fingertips
This application can be beneficial for every individual to track their expenses daily. Users can maintain day-to-day transactions, either weekly, monthly, or yearly. One can furthermore save their credit card or debit card details or bank account details, use this application, and henceforth, can make a payment wherever necessary with just a few clicks.

Dating apps: find your perfect match
Dating apps are super trending these days. One can find their perfect match, with your liking and suitable preference. The React Native social network app comprises the integration of pertinent social networks and plug-in navigation through the app, managing the user’s location using maps, etc. Therefore, if you are looking forth to creating a dating app, no other choice is better than React Native.

Summing up -
The list of App ideas using React Native cross-platform technology is endless. What we can surmise is that React Native is the best functional open-source choice to build the best cross-platform mobile application. React Native apps are visually remarkable, robust, scalable, immersing, intuitive, and user-friendly cross-platform mobile applications. Hire full-stack React Native developers from react native app development company in the USA to create future-proof mobile app solutions.

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