Five Simple Ways To Boost your Business Using Gamification

  • By Shehroz Khan
  • 10-09-2021
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Gamification is a terminology to incorporate gaming functionality and methodology. In other words, it helps in capturing attention and building interest to interact with your business. Most business owners install gamification plugins for WordPress websites to boost their business using gamification tactics.

When it comes to the human psyche, they get attracted to something offering FREE to avail whether they are from any age group. They are also interested in playing games and especially when they will be provided with amazing discount offers and prizes by playing them.

Do you know?

“38% of US gamers are aged between 18 and 34. 21% of people are under 18 whereas 26% are between 34 and 54 age group. This is surprising!”

Do you still need to boost your motivation to apply gamification techniques for taking your business to the next level? No problem at all.

Now, we will share some amazing success stories that became successful by incorporating gamification techniques into their businesses.

The Compelling Success Stories
1. AstraZeneca is a biopharmaceutical company that tried gamification to their medical training and surprisingly got 97% of their company’s entities to participate fully.

2. Deloitte is a multinational company that gamified its training programs and improved its long-term engagements.

3. Nextjump - An eCommerce company that applied gamification terminologies and compelled 67% of its users to go to the gym.

4. Ford Canada - It is a ford motor company that gamified the online learning portal and increased the performance of each user by 100% within thirty-five days.

5. Inside View - A software company that gamified its employees’ online social platform interaction and increased the Twitter updates by 312%.

We hope that would be sufficient to motivate you to apply gamification techniques to your business for instant growth. Now, there are some gamification plugins for WordPress websites. Let us list them for your better understanding.

1. Loyalty Programs
Most businesses are focusing on building the loyalty program that is the backbone of any business growth. If your customers are loyal to you, that means your business will grow rapidly.

This has become easy because of growing gamification techniques. With that said, there are gamification plugins for WordPress websites available for building various loyalty programs that help in boosting your business.

On top of that, myCred is a very popular point management system and loyalty program plugin. With this, you can easily generate referral systems that motivate the customers to purchase your products and refer them to their connections. In compensation, they earn points per reference that can be redeemed while shopping from your website.

2. Training & Development
Automate the process of learning and development at your workplace. This is relatively easy for every business owner. Simply build a learning platform with different useful courses on your WordPress website.

This is how your employees will be able to learn new things that will eventually benefit your business. When it comes to loyal learning, you can incorporate the gamification factors in learning by using the myCred LearnDash add-on to your LMS website.

This will motivate your employees to learn skills with dedication and leverage them for earning points, badges, and ranks for achievements. This is another way to boost your business using gamification.

3. Employee Gamification
To build a strong relationship with your employees, business owners are showcasing leaderboards where earned points of your employees will be displayed. In such a case, myCred BP Group leaderboards are used that allow you to set up point balances for each employee.

Furthermore, try to incentivize your employees; this really helps for boosting your business. Incentives can be of any type, such as points, rewards, discount offers, free access to the resources, and a lot more.

4. Brand Awareness
It seems easy but a difficult process. There are two amazing gamification plugins for WordPress that are available to install on your website for boosting your business using gamification. Let’s discuss both of them.

myCred Social Share - This is an amazing addon that rewards your users with points on sharing your website content to their different social media platforms. This helps you build your brand awareness without any marketing efforts.

myCred Social Proof - This add-on keeps an eye on your users’ activities and notifies you of the current activities of your registered users. This helped the website visitors quickly check comments, content and viewed videos by different users. It helps you build your brand awareness by letting your website visitors know about the activities.

5. Free Offers
Entice your website visitors by offering them things free. For example, OptinSpin is a gamification plugin for WordPress websites that enables visitors to spin the lucky wheel and win exciting prizes.

This really helps in boosting a business and taking it to the next level of growth. OptinSpin consists of multiple slices, and each slice contains different discount offers that can be set by the administrator.

In other words, it is a lead generation tool that asks for every unique visitor email address to insert for spinning a wheel. Moreover, you can offer an extra spin to the visitors, which makes them happy and become loyal to your business.

Wrapping Up
There are more ways to boost your business by using gamification plugins for WordPress websites or manual efforts. But, we have covered the best ways to do so. If you apply all of them, you will be good to go.

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