Mistakes to Avoid While Improving Your PPC Campaign

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  • 02-05-2022
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Sure, you have the best website for your business, the kind that even your top competitors admire. It has the perfect design, a user-friendly interface and is packed with attention-grabbing content. However, the harsh truth is that it will be of no advantage if nobody clicks on the site regardless of how well-designed your website is.

Indeed, clicks are essential if you are to generate traffic to your website. But why should you settle for earning clicks organically when you could simply buy them? One of the most effective ways of "buying" clicks is by using PPC (pay-per-click) marketing. PPC advertising is a form of online marketing which allows you to place ads on strategic websites. Then, you pay a fee to the website host only when a visitor clicks on the site.

However, for this marketing campaign to prove effective for your site, you need to develop good pay per click management practices and avoid any mistakes that could cost you site clicks.

Consider the following six mistakes to avoid while improving your pocket campaign:

1. Failure to Target the Right Audience
One common mistake that marketers make is failing to define their target audience. When you do not specify your audience or target the ads correctly, they will be shown to the wrong audience. And it goes without saying that the wrong audience will only ignore the ads; the chances of this audience engaging with your site are simply too low.

Therefore, before starting your pay-per-click campaign, it is crucial that you first identify your target audience. Create buyer personas that help you get to know and understand your target audience better. Also, you can take advantage of ad groups in Google AdWords to add a target audience. This Google feature makes it possible for you to reach your audience based on their previous interactions with your brand, their hobbies and interests. In turn, this can help to make your ad campaigns much more effective.

2. Failure to Use Negative Keywords
Ask any PPC ad campaign expert, and they will tell you how important it is to include the right keywords in your ads. Keywords are the common search terms and phrases that visitors type when searching for products online. However, while marketers add the relevant keywords in all their ad campaigns, most tend to forget (or ignore) adding negative keywords.

Negative Keywords are specific keywords that prevent ads from appearing when particular words are searched. In other words, they prevent your ads from being triggered when irrelevant searches are made. Therefore, to make your ads more relevant and give them a higher ranking, you should always include negative keywords in your ads.

The Google Keyword Planner tool can help you create a good list of negative keywords. Enter a particular search term, then select all words or phrases that do not seem relevant to your ads. Alternatively, you can use the Search Term Report feature available in Google AdWords. The report shows all the keywords that triggered your ads; if you notice any irrelevant search term that triggered the ad, add it to your list of negative keywords.

3. Not Including Ad Extensions
Ad extensions provide more information to your target audience and visitors. And the more information users have, the higher the likelihood that they will click on your ads. Therefore, unless you want to miss out on opportunities for better site rankings and visibility, you would do well to include extensions in all your ads. These extensions provide extra information, such as call buttons, offers, addresses, promotions and even links to specific site pages.

4. Relying Only on Google Ads
Most marketers also make the mistake of relying solely on Google Ads. While Google Ads are effective to some degree, it is not a good idea to rely on these as your only advertising platform. On the contrary, you should carry out your pay-per-click Campaigns on various ad networks.

For example, you can run your ads on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Using these platforms can help you reach your target audience much more quickly. Also, take advantage of the ad management systems provided on Twitter and LinkedIn. And if you are planning on running display ads, you can always use BuySellAds for your display advertising. The more platforms and ad networks you use, the more clicks you will generate for your website.

5. Not Testing Landing Pages
When a user clicks on your ad, it should direct them to a landing page. Landing pages are not to be taken for granted, as they play a crucial role in converting website visitors; this is why you should always optimize your landing pages to improve the quality score of all your ads. To optimize these pages, use the right keywords and focus on creating a good user experience for the site visitors.

Once you have created your landing pages, you should test these to ensure they are well-optimized. For each landing page, create several different versions and run A/B testing. The key elements you can test are CTA buttons, layout, color schemes, placements and headlines. When you test landing pages, you better understand your customer preferences; useful information can help you improve the user experience and drive more conversions to your site.

6. Failure to Optimize for Voice Search
According to research, mobile users are three times more likely to search for products using voice search than text-based search. In fact, by the end of 2022, market analysts predict that voice shopping will become a 40+ billion industry. Therefore, if you plan to run a PPC campaign soon, ensure you optimize it for voice search. And the best way to optimise your pay-per-click campaign ads would be to keep your ad copies short, add filler words that match phrases and utilise intent phrases in your ads.

Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns are one of the best marketing tools you can use to drive more traffic to your site. However, while working on this marketing strategy, you might make mistakes that could cost you a lot of clicks and site visits. This is why it is crucial to be extra careful when doing PPC campaigns and watch out for the above-discussed 6 Mistakes to Avoid While Improving Your PPC Campaign.

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