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  • By Zachary Walker
  • 11-01-2022
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Growth in the popularity of online stores has completely changed the business scenario with people showcasing and selling their products online rather than in physical stores. However, running an online store is not easy. You will have to look at lots of factors, from choosing the right platform to worrying about the Payment methods. Keep reading to learn more about Shopify and its benefits, one of the most recognized eCommerce platforms.

Why do People Use Shopify?
Out of all the platforms available for e-commerce, Shopify is one of the largest eCommerce platforms and is worth considering if you want to start e-commerce. It is the preferred choice for most sellers, as it has the perfect blend of aesthetics, quality, and functionality. The increasing growth in Shopify stores results in even faster growth of Shopify developers Manchester. In the UK, you will find several services providers to help you run your Shopify stores. Shopify is the easiest, cheapest and convenient way for starting up a store ad start online selling. It is best for selling products or services that require minimal configuration.

What are the top most benefits of using Shopify for your business?
Well, several benefits come with Shopify while creating an online store. It provides help in better running and growing of your store. However, we will be going to discuss only ten of them. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Easy to Use
It is the topmost benefit of using Shopify that attracts most business owners. It is a fuss-free platform that is easiest to set up and use. It is the best platform for those people wanting a complete solution with a minimal amount of configuration. Setting up your Shopify store involves less to no technicalities related to the hosting or development of the store. The admin interface provided by it is user-friendly, and so is the user interface.

2. Security and Reliability
Security is one of the main concerns of any business, and Shopify takes care of that. It provides reliability and security while you are dealing with personal or financial information that is confidential. Shopify service is hosted globally, and their people are monitoring their network 24/7 to help you deal with the problems that may occur. They have certain standards and do not pose the risk of viruses.

3. Apps Integration
The Shopify platform can be easily integrated with apps and provides you with amazing customization abilities. The seller can easily customize extra features and functionalities to enhance its value. App integration provides you with better data insights and allows you to easily customise apps. It saves you time, money, and effort and provides precise results.

4. Powerful Tools
The marketing tools provided by Shopify are a part of the cutting-edge features. The features include the facility of SEO and e-commerce analytics. It has built-in tools for sales, marketing automation and campaign creation which helps to targeting audience. With paid ads and SEO optimized content, you can promote exclusive discounts and e-coupons for the marketing of your brand.

Whereas, to measure the success of your marketing campaigns, it provides eCommerce analytics. It also evaluates the performance you have shown, gathers valuable details, and creates a report on the sale activities that will help you to improve and increase your approach.

5. SEO Friendly
Shopify has developed SEO-friendly features. The powerful Search Engine Optimisation features help your website rank higher in the search results so, can be easily accessible by your customers who are searching for the products you are selling. Here at this point, the marketing tools provide you with analytics to tell you about where your customers are coming from. These analytics will help you design and tailor your marketing strategies accordingly.

6. No Worry about Technical Work
For launching a basic Shopify store, you do not need to have any technical background. The good thing about Shopify is that it is easy to set up, and all the hosting and software is provided by itself. It allows you to achieve the fastest and secure hosting. It also takes care of the software updates as well as any spikes in traffic. So, you can launch your store and will only have to worry about the selling and operations. You will not need to worry about technical stuff and it is handled by Shopify itself.

7. Availability of Professional Support
Its global hosting capacity offers 24/7 support. It provides easy access to learn directly from a Shopify SEO expert. You can get access to discussion forums in the community of Shopify and learn how to improve SEO and boost the number of sales.

8. Mobile Responsiveness
As you know, visits on websites from mobiles are now higher than desktops and laptops. It makes it essential for business owners to have a mobile-optimised site. Shopify has been designed as mobile-friendly so, your online store looks neat and clear on all devices. It also provides a built-in mobile shopping cart included on the platform. It offers a wide variety of mobile-responsive themes and free apps for Android and iPhone that lets you manage your online store.

9. Easy Payment Options
Integrating a reliable and secure payment gateway is quite a big challenge for the people running online stores. Your website should have different payment options. Shopify allows you to set up a reliable payment gateway. It supports the Stripe payment option so your customers can easily make transactions without paying extra charges.

10. Shop Anywhere
Shopify makes it easier for you to sell across different channels and platforms. It provides sellers to sell via any platform like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. It helps you increase the potential audience and grow the number of sales.

Shopify is one of the biggest platforms. It provides security support, returns on investment, flexibility, and efficiency. Shopify offers several benefits and provides all those features that allow business owners to run their stores efficiently and smartly.

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