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Whether you're a fleet manager or running a logistics company, the secret to your logistics, dispatch, and operational efficiency depends on how effectively you invest in the best GPS tracking system. Choosing from the many commercial and open-source free GPS tracking software alternatives available could be challenging, depending on your specific needs.

You can track your fleet with the help of these identified software applications without going over budget. Bid farewell to costly tracking systems and replace them with the listed GPS vehicle tracking software. This article presents you with a brief overview of how GPS tracking software can help your logistics business and help you choose the top 10 ones in the global market.

What is GPS?

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a triangulation system based on satellites that gives position and time data for any location on or close to the Earth. It uses a constellation of at least 24 satellites in exact orbit around the Earth to carry out its operations. GPS devices on the ground or objects receive signals transmitted by these satellites.

The time it takes for signals to go from the satellites to the reception is processed by the receiver. At that point, the GPS receiver can determine its time, altitude, latitude, and longitude. Furthermore, with the inclusion of additional satellite systems like GLONASS, Galileo, etc., GPS accuracy has increased over time.

What are the Factors that affect GPS Tracking?

Before we learn about the best GPS tracking system, it is essential to learn about what factors affect GPS tracking.

  • Satellite Visibility and Arrangement: The quantity and configuration of visible GPS satellites influence tracking accuracy. Greater accuracy is associated with more visible satellites.
  • Signal Obstruction and Reflection: Structures such as trees and buildings can reflect or obstruct GPS signals, which might result in inaccurate tracking. The recipient may become confused by this bouncing off surfaces.
  • Atmospheric Conditions: As GPS signals pass through the atmosphere, they might be distorted by factors including dense clouds, rain, snow, and ionospheric disturbances, which can reduce accuracy.
  • Receiver Quality: The GPS receiver device's sensitivity and quality are essential for precise tracking. Higher-quality receivers with sophisticated signal processing capabilities generally produce more accurate findings, particularly in demanding situations.

Top Features GPS Tracking System Must have

With so many fleet and logistics companies using it, GPS tracking systems have become essential instruments in today's constantly changing technology scene. The characteristics that are integrated into these systems are crucial in determining the efficacy and efficiency of many processes, ranging from improving fleet management to guaranteeing individual safety. Some of the top features of GPS fleet tracking software must carry are-

  • Real-Time Tracking

One of the essential features of GPS tracking software is its capacity to deliver real-time position data. Thanks to this functionality, fleet managers can instantly monitor the exact whereabouts of people, vehicles, or assets. Real-time tracking is the cornerstone of GPS systems. Fleet managers use it to optimize routes, businesses to ensure on-time deliveries, and concerned parents to monitor their children.

  • Route Enhancement

Contemporary vehicle tracking systems are essential for route optimization, saving businesses money and effort.

These technologies solve problems that arise when drivers plan their itineraries by hand. Without this technology, businesses frequently face issues such as drivers taking needless long trips, overlapping routes, or inefficiently allocating new tasks to cars. Coordinating over the phone with drivers about their future destinations or route adjustments costs time.

Fleet managers can effectively plan and optimize routes every morning by using a vehicle tracking system.

  • Geofencing Capabilities

Geofencing is one of the more sophisticated features of GPS tracking systems. With this, users can draw virtual borders on maps and get notifications whenever a tracked device moves in or out of the designated area. Companies may streamline their logistics and security by creating secure zones.

  • Location History

One of the most valuable features of GPS tracking devices is the ability to retrieve past location data. With this tool, users can examine and evaluate previous routes, stops, and movements. Individuals can keep a thorough log of their trip history, and fleet managers can spot trends for route optimization. The historical data function offers a detailed summary of tracked actions and improves decision-making processes.

  • Customized Reporting

GPS tracking software for fleets offers the advantage of customizable reports that fleet managers can use for prospects. Users can create comprehensive reports on a range of data, including stop durations, fuel consumption, and journey distance. These reports help organizations make data-driven decisions that optimize operations and boost overall productivity.

  • Maintenance Reminders

Proactive maintenance is crucial for fleet managers and car owners to guarantee top performance and lifetime. Maintenance reminders can be set up in GPS tracking systems according to mileage, engine hours, or usage patterns. This function prolongs the life of assets and helps avoid expensive malfunctions.

What are the Benefits of using GPS Tracking Software?

Using GPS fleet tracking software for your fleet can bring in multiple benefits. Some of these are-

  • Better Asset and Vehicle Management: GPS tracking software allows companies to monitor the whereabouts of equipment, vehicles, and assets in real-time. This results in better utilization, less downtime, and better inventory control.
  • Enhanced Fleet Efficiency: GPS vehicle tracking software helps fleet businesses plan routes more efficiently, use less fuel, spend less time idle, have better drivers, and have a more efficient fleet overall.
  • Enhanced Productivity and Efficiency: GPS fleet tracking software offers insightful information about operations, allowing companies to find inefficiencies, update plans, better allocate resources, and boost output.
  • Enhanced Safety and Security: GPS tracking software helps organizations and individuals track the whereabouts of assets, personnel, and cars in real time, improving safety and security. This helps identify potential risks or emergencies and respond to incidents promptly.
  • Cost Savings: GPS tracking software helps organizations save money and boost profitability by maximizing routes, cutting fuel consumption, and fostering operational efficiency.
  • Improved Customer Servicing: Businesses using GPS tracking software can increase customer satisfaction and retention by providing real-time information on delivery status, anticipated arrival times, and service appointments.

List of Top 10 GPS Fleet Tracking Software

Fleet Stack

Fleet Stack is one of the best GPS fleet tracking software available in the market. It is the most accessible software to deploy and use, and you don't need to be tech-savvy to use it. Its advanced capabilities operate on a server and are intended to make fleet management more effortless. Installing it merely requires one touch. Fleet Stack is a user-friendly system that guarantees asset monitoring in real time while boosting operational effectiveness. It is meant for businesses that have sizable automotive networks.
The platform offers profound insights to enhance fleet performance, is highly flexible, and serves a broad range of industries. Take control of your data, adapt the app to your requirements, and make use of cutting-edge features for fleet operations that are optimised. You can get cost savings, scalability, seamless implementation, and unwavering support by using this product.

Key Features

  • One-Touch Installation: Fleet Stack sets itself apart by providing an easy-to-follow setup procedure that makes it easier for companies to install GPS software on client servers.
  • Monitoring Driver Performance: This process includes monitoring driving habits, idle periods, speed tracking, and safety and productivity checks.
  • Real-Time Tracking: Make use of real-time tracking capabilities such as intelligent route optimization and geofencing. This will save costs, improve fleet efficiency, and enable you to make data-driven decisions.
  • Multi-Platform Support: This feature allows you to access various platforms from anywhere at any time, including mobile apps for iOS and Android.


OpenGTS is among the top GPS fleet tracking software known for its standout features. Every feature offered in the tool is designed to meet the demands of fleet owners. It is, therefore, the best option for trades requiring a certain level of tracking. OpenGTS is widely recognized for its adaptability, enabling deep customization to meet the requirements of various industries, such as fleet management and logistics.

Key Features

Basic GTS Enterprise: This OpenGTS edition's improved web interface lets users manage user roles and customize status code explanations. It also offers a "System Administrator" account to make creating new accounts easier.

Lite Event Notification Rules Engine: Users can configure notifications based on particular attributes with the OpenGTS lite version of the Event Notification Rules Engine (ENRE). This function improves the ability to react quickly and keep an eye on events.

Custom Geofencing: Users can construct "geofences," or virtual walls, around their fleets while they are being observed. The system's notifications, sent out anytime a gadget enters or quits these predetermined zones, allow ample mobility and usage tracking.

GPS Gateway

GPS Gateway is the leading GPS vehicle tracking software that helps fleet managers track their vehicles in real-time. Its user-friendly platform and global coverage enable users to track and manage their assets with ease and precision. Its dedication to delivering accurate and current data makes it a reliable option for anyone looking to improve asset management and security. This user-friendly application provides full tracking of valuables together with global insurance.

The software is designed to help companies create their own corporate identities, complete with names and logos in the relevant local tongue. Moreover, the company offers clients all the necessary technical upgrades, training, and support in addition to the software.

Key Features

  • Real-time Location Data: The software offers motion asset status and real-time location data. It is simple to use thanks to its intuitive interface. This information is helpful for fleet owners to stay informed.
  • Geofencing Notification: Geofencing improves security and streamlines asset management by enabling timely notifications regarding assets entering or departing designated zones.
  • Historical Information and Reports: Get access to particular historical monitoring data and create in-depth reports to analyze patterns and improve operations.
  • Multi-Platform Support: GPS Gateway provides applications for Android and iOS smartphones, allowing access at any time and from any place.


Samsara provides all-inclusive GPS fleet tracking software designed to maximize fleet productivity in logistics, construction, and transportation. It offers GPS fleet tracking together with reporting, alerts, dispatch, routing, and ELD compliance. It also monitors driver conduct.

The solution is designed to enable fleet business owners to monitor their drivers' behavior and movements closely to guarantee adherence to FMCSA and ELD standards. To improve employees' safety and efficiency, Samasra has a driver app, fleet admin app, mobile experience management, and others. It is among the leading providers of premium fleet management software in the world.

Key Features

  • Get Helicopter View: The software allows you to get a complete helicopter or aerial view of your fleet in real-time. Moreover, you can share the live location with other team members and the fleet manager.
  • Maintenance Scheduling: Automated maintenance alerts and scheduling contribute to keeping automobiles in top shape by extending the lifespan and decreasing downtime.
  • Fuel Management: The program has tools to track fuel usage, spot inefficiencies, and implement cost-cutting measures to lower overall costs.
  • Safety and Security: By monitoring and alerting users to unsafe behavior or unauthorized vehicle usage, enhanced security features like geofencing and speed alerts help safeguard assets and guarantee driver safety.

Teletrac Navman

Discover your fleet's most recent whereabouts and lay the foundation for a safer and more sustainable future with Teletrac Navman. With its fully integrated driver apps, a range of safety solutions, and powerful analytics engines, the Teletrac Navman GPS vehicle tracking platform will set up your fleet for success.

The system includes a built-in communications platform for document sharing, recurring alerts, and fleet-wide messaging. This will be more practical for several firms than phoning their drivers. Teletrac Navman also has the advantage of being one of the finest ELD (electronic logging device) providers because it offers the most comprehensive summary of driver status and activity.

Businesses can guarantee drivers are more productive by monitoring the amount of time drivers spend at job sites or loading bays with Teletrac's Navman GPS vehicle tracking software. Administrative procedures can be reduced with the use of digital workflow solutions, freeing you and your team to concentrate on finishing the task at hand.

Key Features

  • Automobile Safety: One of the company's main priorities is driver safety, which is why purchasing GPS vehicle tracking software makes sense. This means keeping automobiles in good condition, monitoring drivers' behavior, and ensuring that safe driving practices are being followed.
  • Entire Reporting: A vast array of reporting options allows users to generate logs and analytics with detailed information about stops, routes, and other features. These insights could improve output and simplify procedures.
  • Mobile Access: The tool's mobile interface makes communicating with drivers easy. The user can interact from any location.
  • Fleet Liability: Teletrac Navman's GPS fleet tracking software and fleet compliance solutions, including maintenance scheduling and driver hours of service monitoring, have been made simpler. You can optimize and digitize processes that support compliance management using a range of flexible apps.


Track My Ride is a 2011-founded company that offers GPS vehicle tracking security systems. As a simple and user-friendly device, they have developed an all-in-one dedicated solution, unlike some other car tracking services.

No matter where you are in Australia, the system, which is Australian-made, is assured to work in the event of a theft. TrackMyRide takes excellent satisfaction in being able to safeguard automobiles.

This is a fantastic choice if you need a vehicle tracker that can find your vehicle anywhere in Australia, mainly if car security is an issue.

Key Features

  • Free for the first six months: If you're not sure if Track My Ride's products are right for you, you can try them out for free for the first six months.
  • On-the-go Monitoring: TrackMyRide software works with any device—a PC, an Android smartphone, or an iPhone—to track your vehicle or vehicles. This way, you can track your car remotely.
  • Tracking in Real Time: The Sequence Every ten seconds, the My Ride program tracks the location of your car. You can precisely track your vehicles with such exact tracking. Furthermore, the real-time tracking feature makes it possible to record accurate tracking information, which will enable you to be alerted right away if your car is stolen.
  • Cell Tower Intersection: Cell tower triangulation is particularly helpful for businesses since it allows you to determine the precise routes that your cars have been taking. Understanding the destination of your fleet can assist in identifying potential more fuel-efficient routes, improving travel efficiency, and lowering associated expenses.
  • Internal Reserve Power Source: When your car is stolen and you need it most, there is nothing worse than having your GPS tracking system fail you. To ensure that the tracker is not wasting energy, My Ride installed a low-power mode that is automatically enabled when your car is parked.

Digital Tracking

Digital Tracking is a trailblazer in the GPS monitoring business and the best GPS tracking solution for fleet management. Often called the greatest GPS fleet monitoring software, it acts as a central location for vendors and developers, fostering a thriving community dedicated to the advancement of GPS tracking technology.

Numerous honors and accolades have been bestowed upon the system for its business-friendly features and outstanding assistance for fleet firms in the US.

Key Features

  • Live Tracking: With a refresh rate of zero seconds, this real-time movement tracking feature instantly updates maps.
  • Data Accuracy: Provides accurate data, establishing a new benchmark for GPS tracking stability.
  • Trip History: All moves are recorded, and a complete trip history is provided for a detailed examination.

GPS Canada Track

GPS Canada Track offers complete fleet management and GPS tracking solutions. To improve vehicle operations and increase efficiency, it provides real-time data about driver behavior, vehicle location, and maintenance requirements.

This enables businesses to improve customer service and streamline processes. By utilizing GPS Canada Track's exceptional features and intuitive platform, companies of all kinds may increase efficiency and lower fleet management costs.

Bell, Rogers, and Telus, Canada's top three cellular operators, offer the strongest signal that our GPS tracking devices instantly detect.

Key Features

  • Live Tracking: With a refresh rate of zero seconds, the program provides a real-time movement tracking feature that quickly updates maps.
  • Trip History: The tool keeps track of every move and offers a detailed journey history for study. This history is available to fleet owners for data analysis.
  • Real-Time Alerts: This feature provides customers with instant push alerts by utilizing trusted services such as Firebase.

Rhino Fleet Tracking

Rhino GPS Fleet Tracking is offered at a fair price and has a wide range of capabilities. An easy-to-use dashboard gives you a comprehensive understanding of how your vehicles are operated, from speed and fuel efficiency to position monitoring. You may record fuel card usage, landmark stops, maintenance logs, and more.

You can monitor and control your fleet from a desktop computer or a mobile device running iOS or Android, making it perfect for businesses of all sizes. For voice activation commands, it can also establish a connection with an Amazon Alexa device.

Key Features

  • Reduce Maintenance Cost: Rhino Fleet Tracking's real-time fleet tracking solutions help you reduce the hefty expenses associated with vehicle breakdowns by making sure your fleet runs as efficiently as possible. You can set up notifications on our system to tell you when each car needs maintenance.
  • Boost Security: Using HOS and ELog Solutions, you'll know exactly how long your drivers have been running. Drivers can now comply with FCMSA regulations and prevent injuries and accidents by adhering to driving times.
  • Reduced Labor Expenses: With the use of our car telematics, you may significantly reduce your paperwork while tracking drivers' actual hours worked and hours not worked, identifying and stopping extended breaks, identifying time-sheet fraud, and controlling overtime expenditures.

LiveView GPS

LiveView GPS is the leading GPS fleet tracking software. It is wholly cloud-based, with an approximate server availability rate of 99.9%. A wide variety of reasonably priced tracking options use the most advanced GPS tracking technology on the market to keep you linked. Easy-to-use web administration interfaces have several built-in features, such as high-resolution picture mapping as standard, fast alert messages, historical replays, live and real-time position updates, and customizable reports.

Asset monitoring lessens the risk of theft and liability, which lowers insurance costs. This software can save direct and indirect costs while enhancing customer service for logistics and fleet companies.

Key Features

  • Real-Time GPS Tracking: For businesses seeking complete real-time GPS tracking at a very affordable cost and without a contract, LiveView GPS provides reliable telematics monitoring.
  • Map Integration: The program easily integrates with a range of maps, including satellites and topographic maps, to meet the diverse needs of outdoor enthusiasts.
  • On-Time Notifications: Provides users with timely push notifications by utilizing reputable providers such as Firebase.


Today, every other business dealing with fleet management invests in GPS tracking systems. The GPS Tracking Device Market size in 2023 was USD 3.12 billion and is expected to reach USD 3.53 billion in 2024, at a CAGR of 13.41%, and further reach USD 7.53 billion by 2030. Government laws requiring the installation of vehicle monitoring devices in both passenger and commercial cars and the expansion of fleet operations in developing countries are driving this growth.

Investing in the top GPS fleet tracking system from the aforementioned list can drastically improve logistic compliance. You must now decide which fleet management solution is ideal for your logistics business.

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