Trending PHP Frameworks for Development in 2022

  • By Jemin Desai
  • 07-06-2022
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PHP Development has seen a rapid rise in recent years, as it's offering up-to-the-minute and progressive features to comply with the latest tech trends.

Also, for extending the functionality of any PHP solution, there is the various freely accessible framework available.

You will find Laravel, Symfony, and many more PHP frameworks as top PHP-based web technologies. However, you must know which frameworks are currently in trend for optimizing productivity, reliability, and stability.

PHP Frameworks: Top Choices of PHP Developers
While selecting a framework for PHP development, Laravel is always the top-most choice of every developer. It provides all the necessary features to craft an efficient and high-performing PHP application.

You can avail the following benefits in 2022 by using it:

It provides built-in modules to enable authentication for allowing only legitimate users to access resources, maintaining data integrity and confidentiality.

It stores all the data in paths, leading to reduce loading time.
Laravel routing is flexible, allowing for the creation of SEO-friendly URLs along with crating restful software.
You can link any database with Laravel through its eloquent ORM.
It comes up with Artisan, a tool helping engineers streamline tasks and automate operations.

Yii is another PHP framework that will be rapidly gaining popularity in 2022. You can prefer it for building applications with modular architecture and scalable features.

Below-listed is its primary features, contributing to making it a top PHP developer’s choice. It allows database access objects to perform data-related operations in diverse DBMS.

You can configure its in-built Hierarchical Role-based Access Control mechanism for fulfilling security needs. You can be hassle-free from error handling, as it automatically executes the appropriate module to manage unexpected app behaviors.

Its MVC architecture aids the developers in focusing on every app layer and implementing updates without impacting the overall app functioning.

PHP developers consider CakePHP due to its runtime environment and MVC-based architecture. In recent times, it has received some updates, and from then, the industry experts are highly considering it for their web-app projects.

Following are some of its primary features, supporting organizations to increase productivity. You can use its dedicated unit testing framework for finding bugs and removing them at the developer's level.

Its overall structure is search engine friendly, supporting enterprises to increase their ranking across the internet. From MySQL to PostgreSQL, you can connect any database with your CakePHP app.

It has a by-default-enabled template engine and caching mechanism to improve the app's speed and handle cookies and session information.

CodeIgniter lets you accomplish all the primary web development tasks, from assuring data security to creating a featherlight application.

It's been more than ten years of CodeIgniter being in the top PHP framework list because of its below-listed features:

Active Record Database Support to build a robust backend for seamlessly handling extensive user data.

The in-built email sending class enables client systems to communicate with functionalities to attach images, text, video, and zip files.
Encryption for data at rest and in transaction channels to prevent data breaches.

Top-notch web-app performance with its full-page caching and error logging. It supports localization by building a business app in different languages to attract customers across the globe and increase the user base.

If you are looking for a PHP framework for accelerating the development procedures, Symfony must be your first choice in 2022.

By implementing its following features, you can ensure a world-class app in a shorter time-to-market schedule. It has a great community of developers, leveraging to find a lot of pre-build code templates for faster app creation.

Its conversational and sleek interface aids in creating complex app structures with ease.

It follows the OOPS programming methodology, supporting optimizing features and core functionalities.

With Symfony, you can perform Full stack, micro-framework, and brick by brick customization.

The company backing up Symfony provides lifetime support for security issues, promising a stable development framework.

Wrapping Up: Which Framework to Consider for PHP Development
In 2022, every organization has dynamic business needs and wants to provide a business-oriented, stable, and attractive application to stakeholders.

You can utilize any of the trending PHP frameworks. Whether it's CodeIgniter, Laravel, Symfony, or any other, every framework offers exceptional features.

You have to analyze whether the framework aligns with your requirements or not. For instance, if you need to create an app in a shorter time, Symfony will be right for you. Likewise, you can cross-validate requirements with features and select the most relevant PHP framework.

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