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  • By Shaikh Mayra
  • 13-09-2021
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The event industry has gone virtual, and so has the corporate world. Event planners have come up with new ideas to make the most out of Virtual Events. The virtual event platforms facilitate you with the opportunity to use various tools and elements that can perfectly simulate a physical event into a virtual format. Following are some of the top curated ideas for the virtual event of your company:

1) Gamification

Adding gamification elements will not only elevate the engagement prospects of your event but will also help the attendees to feel involved. Gamification is gaining more and more prevalence in the industry of event technology. Unlike physical events, virtual corporate events require better engagement tools and gamification is one of the best stimulating elements that can ensure attendee engagement.

2) Photo Booths

Photo Booths are one of the all-time favorite activities for corporate events. It works well as both a virtual networking or virtual conference idea. One way is to create a branded booth of your company, so the employees feel a sense of belongingness and are engaged in the event. Another way is- attendees can share their photos via hashtag or text and all the pictures can be curated to create one large mosaic. This unique idea can also elevate your attendees' event experience.

3) Internet Quests

Your attendees can be in remote locations but a virtual event platform has the ability to connect each one of them in a matter of seconds. Your attendees can get involved in fun Internet quests like a virtual scavenger hunt, virtual escape rooms with a company-related theme, or take a virtual tour of popular destinations. This idea can not only build an atmosphere of excitement but also eliminate the chance of any initial awkwardness between your attendees.

4) Remote Meal Party

Remote dinner or lunch parties are a great way to gather your employees and foster natural interaction between them. You can decide the time, activities, and theme for the meal party. You can also cook at home rather than ordering the food. Another interesting way is to provide a recipe beforehand and then all the participants can share the images on the platform.

5) Award Session

Another interesting element to add to the virtual event of your company is to organize an award session where you can prize your participants based on pre-decided categories. Giving awards and prizes is an efficient way to motivate your attendees. Award sessions can spread a sense of accomplishment and appreciation among your participants. It also promotes corporate loyalty.

6) Games Party

Gaming sessions on a virtual event is one of the most popular ways to keep your attendees engaged and interested in all the other sessions too. One idea is to organize a Trivia Game that is known to bring out the competitive edge in all your attendees. You can hire a professional game host to make sure that your entire team participates. The one who wins can be rewarded with online coupons or offers.

7) Online Training Session

You can also include an online training session in your virtual corporate event. Training sessions can provide specific training to your attendees that can further be helpful for them. This idea can both be a source of information and motivation. During these difficult times, your staff can gain important information with the help of an online instructor interacting directly with the attendees.

8) Social Media Groups

Making social media groups can create a buzz for your virtual corporate event. People can interact on all the platforms and kill the awkwardness between them at the time of the event. You can also introduce a hashtag related to the event theme that your attendees can use while posting anything related to the event. It will further assist you in creating a social wall on the virtual event platform later when the event occurs. During the event, a social wall can bring together all the posts together on a single display. This feature also increases the reach of your company.

9) Entertainment Sessions

Entertainment sessions in your virtual corporate event can lighten up the mood and facilitate everybody with a happy time. These entertainment sessions can include fun sessions like karaoke, open mic, or storytelling. Fun sessions in between the event add an amusing and enticing element that maintains the engagement throughout the event. You can also include contests and polls in this session. Another interesting way is to plan a theme of performances where people can team up to participate in the sessions.

10) Virtual Coffee Breaks

As we move from physical to virtual platforms, the opportunity to catch up with other members over a coffee gets eliminated. However, virtual corporate events can also include such coffee breaks where all the attendees can meet up to interact during this session. Attendees look forward to interacting and discussing things about the event but this gets a little difficult when they attend the event from remote locations. Hence, adding a virtual coffee break session in your virtual event can elevate the attendee's event experience.

11) Swag Bags and Goodies

Sending swag bags or goodies always works like a charm for your virtual corporate event. This idea will not only make your attendees feel delighted but also motivated to attend the event. You can also add discount coupons to restaurants or online platforms that can be used during the event. This way your attendees will not just be motivated to participate in the event but it will also make them feel enticed and engaged.

12) Live Stream a Show or Movie

Further adding some excitement to the event, you can introduce a live-streaming session. Attendees can poll and decide which show or movie they are interested in watching during the event. Live streaming a series of short films based on the theme of your industry can be a fun corporate event idea that can even lighten up the work stress.

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