Hot Trends in iOS App Development to Keep Track of in 2020

  • By Kate Orekhova
  • 04-03-2020
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Mobile app development is a rapidly growing sector. According to specialists from Statista, its total revenue is going to exceed $580 billion in the nearest future. To survive in this highly competitive environment, developers need to keep an eye on the hottest trends. Let’s review eight promising trends for custom iOS app development in 2020.

AI and Machine Learning
Artificial Intelligence technology still has enormous potential. Experts from IDC believe it can generate an income of up to $47 billion in 2020. When it comes to iOS app development, the sphere of application of ML and AI includes but is not limited to:
- Siri;
- search suggestions;
- deep learning;
- speech recognition.

Augmented and Virtual Reality
AR is often associated with games like Pokémon Go. However, the sphere of application of this technology is much broader. It is used in marketing, sales (a good example is IKEA with its AR furnishing app), and even social media apps like Instagram. iOS developers can take advantage of such tools as ARKit 3, Reality Composer, and RealityKit framework to integrate the elements of Augmented Reality into applications.

Internet of Things
The much-hyped IoT concept is, without doubt, one of the most promising trends in IT. The idea of connecting various objects without human involvement can find applications in multiple industries. An illustrative example is a healthcare app that collects data about a person’s health condition and automatically sends it to a healthcare services provider.

Wearable Devices
This trend is closely linked to the previous one. Smartwatches, fitness trackers, and other wearables are booming, thanks to their portability and convenience. These devices perform three essential functions: they show notifications, collect data about activity level/health state, and give access to social media. For iOS developers, it makes sense to think of compatible applications.

Cloud Technology
In the era of digitalization, data storage has grown into a pressing issue. Cloud technology offers many advantages to both end-users and developers. Thanks to cloud-based apps, users can store and process large volumes of information faster and simpler, while developers use cloud-based platforms for creating new apps. Other benefits of cloud technology include higher security, cost-cutting, and expandability.

This Bluetooth-based technology is gaining popularity, so we can rightfully call it one of the hottest trends of 2020. It works as follows: a wireless transmitter sends a Bluetooth signal, which is received by an iOS app, which displays on a smartphone screen in the form of a push-up notification. This technology is mainly used in the retail industry – it helps retailers draw people’s attention to the current offers and marketing campaigns.

Many companies use chatbots to accept and process customer orders automatically. Using chatbots helps speed up the process and avoid mistakes caused by the human factor. This makes it a highly-demanded solution worthy of developer consideration.

In the context of iOS app development, security is primarily related to personal data protection. For example, developers need to provide a due level of security whenever it comes to mobile payments via apps. AppTransportSecurity is a shining example of a useful tool for developers to consider.

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Why Follow iOS App Development Trends
Needless to explain that nobody will use an outdated and cumbersome application. Alternatively, when you keep up with the times by following the latest industry trends, you solve several important tasks.
- Increase customer loyalty by offering convenient and effective tools packed with top-notch features.
- Increase user engagement by adding smart interactive features, such as chatbots and integration with wearables.
- Boost security by using advanced tools for data protection.

The Final Thoughts

We’ve reviewed eight hot trends in iOS development to consider in 2020. The focus on AI and AR technology, using Machine Learning algorithms and IoT elements, as well as following other advanced trends, will help you be ahead of times.

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