Top 10 iOS App Development Trends 2020

  • By Naiya Sharma
  • 13-08-2019
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ios app development trends 2020

Technology would never fail to amaze all of us. Time and again, there have been advancements that caused tremendous disruption in trends of mobile app development. What started with user engagement apps now seek real-time interaction apps. IoT, VR, and AR are most talked about technology and without a doubt, these lay the basis of iOS app development trends in 2020.

Apple, since it's inception, has been an epitome of innovation. WWDC is one such event that all developers look forward to and there wasn't anything different in the conference this year. Apple announced some of the most crucial aspects laying an impact on the mobile app development trends in the upcoming years.

Now, as a developer, you need to stay abreast with all such trends and attune your development strategies with them.

Trends To Watch For App Development

- Prioritize App Security
Apple is known to embed features that guarantee app security. Even since they started with app development, developers made it a point to prevent hackers from intruding the users' personal space. After the release of iOS 13, developers now are mandated to integrate ATS - App Transport Security for every app built.

- Merging AR & VR
iOS apps would now see the face of the virtual world. With the integration of AR and VR technology, developers can try their hands on building real-time applications proven to enhance user trust and likewise experience. Thanks to the advent of ArKit, building standalone AR apps no long wary developers. Apps such as Dance Reality and Houzz are some of the examples of AR-VR apps.

- Powerful Siri
Apple developers can now embed improved Siri in their apps. As launched in WWDC 2019 by Apple, the new voice of Siri owns a personalized touch having the ability to customize conversation and this feels natural.

- Apple Pay
As stated, security is one of the key driver's for iOS apps. And with the all-new and more secured Apple Pay, developers can now easily integrate in-app payments using the same. The platform is not only secure but also eliminates the need to keep details saved by the user. Further, it is expected that the total payment done via the getaway of Apple would rise by 200%. So, using this digital wallet would be what developers lay interest.

- Swift 5
Apple released Swift 5 around two months ago. Being a standalone framework, it integrates with IOS 13 to boost the features and performance of developed apps. The software holds compatibility with Linux and hence the developers can easily enhance and upgrade their knowledge base to embed Swift 5 while developing apps.

- Wearables & IoT
As per a report was given by Statista, the world would have around 31billion interconnected devices by the end of 2020. Now, this is incompetently huge. With such high popularity, iOS app developers need to step forward and vest in these technologies to build apps that stand strong in the face of technological advancements. HomeKit is one such application launched by Apple to officially announce the prevalence of IoT driven technologies.

- Cloud-Specific Apps
The fact that cloud integration enables enterprises to have a, secured storage facility with equivocal access to all in that network, cloud integration is another major shift. It's time that developers use cloud platform to store apps and in a way optimize cost along with operations.

- Enterprise Development
Enterprise development still stands as one of the most important development and developers prefer it through iOS. Considering that it provides a better experience, improved security, and greater productivity, app developers rely on iOS for scalable enterprise development.

- ML Is On Rising
CoreML is one such framework that has gained tremendous popularity in recent times. Where AI-specific apps have had their entry in the app development phase, sooner would we find ML norms dominating the above to build custom apps having benefits of advanced technology.

- Big Data
Another trend that would pace the speed of app development in 2020 is big data. The integration of the above help developers builds robust and scalable iOS apps fueling the growth of both the app and the business associated.

Apple is growing by leaps and bounds, scanning almost every technology and implementing in nearly every device, it builds. The year 2019 is halfway gone and now we look forward to what the next year has in store for the users worldwide.

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