9 Facts You Must Know About Web Application Development

  • By Ajay Goyal
  • 25-07-2019
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web application development

Mobile Applications are increasing day-by-day, with increasing number of mobile users the number of applications are increasing whether its for business or for health. Web Developers these days are developing application with different technologies which helps them create cool and robust applications.

Well building a Mobile Application is not the only application development process that developers go through. Mobile application is a business process which is organized, planned and strategized which is designed to solve the purpose of end-users.

Before going and humping on mobile app development and making it a decision of creating a mobile application you should calculate its results in advance.

Web Application development process is generally done to ease the life of the users the clients wants to target. Also these type of applications are developed to ease the daily lives of the users and the businesses to bring flexibility. Running on all the kinds of platforms Android and iOS on all kinds of devices these web based application reach out to a large amount of audiences.

Facts or Points you must read before getting into the process of Web Application Development

1. Getting to choose the right platform: The Discussion to develop the Mobile application starts up with the design you will give the UI the application will have. Choosing the right platform Android or iOS by thinking of a very cool UI you are able to deliver to your application. The UI design of the application not only influences the developers it also affects the flexibility of the application.

2. The Language/framework your company works with: There are many languages and frameworks to work with but what your companies use you need to have a good knowledge in those. Probably you will need to have good knowledge of any frameworks your company uses. Familiarity with the language means having a relatable amount of knowledge in it.

3. Debugging: AS a developer you should be familiar with the debugging your company uses to debug. The debugging tools can vary according to the language you are using. All the programmers should be familiar with the in-browser debugging tools like chrome developers tools such as Lightroom.

4. Git Repositories: Every developer for once in his life has confronted this platform known as Git. You should be familiar with the Git Repository, you should have a good knowledge in knowing how to clone a Git repository, how to merge the branches, and make changes.

5. Database: Well if you are a developer and you have not faced databases then you must reconsider doing the developers course again. Well if you are developing a website then you should have knowledge of reading and writing form a SQL database. A developer should know the basics of setting up and configuring an SQL database like MySQL.

6. Web Servers: Well wall the website are served by web server software which is worth knowing about. One of the most popular web server software is Apache Admin which is known for Linux dev, another one booming the big splash here is the Node Js. Well as a developer you should be having knowledge of setting a vhost, reverse proxy and should have some experience installing an SSL certificate.

7. Web API’s: Now with the upcoming changes to the HTML like HTML to HTML5 the use of web API’s have grown. API’s like geo-location, battery status detection, notifications and many more. You should have a proper knowledge of creating an API and integrating an API in the web application.

8. HTTP Protocol: You must be familiar with the HTTP protocols because that’s how the data is transferred over the internet. Also you should be familiar with the type of requests and responses and how to interpret the error codes. Also if you are learning AJAX then this could be the knowledge you can use.

9. Web Services: The Web Services are the API’s which are available over the HTTP. In the older days it was all about the XML and SOAP. These days JSON and REST have taken their places all over and are far more popular.

There is a lot more to web application development than this. Still there are a lot more points to consider while going for Web Application development.

Some of them if you might want to consider:
- Conducting Marketing Research
- Understanding your users
- Choosing the right web application development Company
- You should know the reason behind developing an application
- Building a viable application
- Developer should know Cost of developing an application

App developers should have a good knowledge of web application development and the technologies used to develop an application such as databases, frameworks, UI designing, server hosting and many more.

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