How Does Web Design Affect Your Online Sales

  • By Shawn Byrne
  • 08-10-2020
  • Web Design
web design affects online sales

For most business owners, a website is simply their online identity. For them, it’s just a virtual representation of their physical office or store. In reality, however, websites are more than just online business cards. The kind of website you have, especially its overall design, can make or break your brand.

Websites that are not well-designed often end up doing more harm than good to the businesses or stores they represent. Today’s consumers are very visual, so the design is usually what they immediately notice. How good (or bad) the images are, which fonts are used, and how the entire page is laid out – these are what they store in their minds; what makes up their first impression of a website.

What visitors think of your website and how they look at it play a significant role in your quest for success, particularly online sales. If your webpage does not have an innovative website design, generating positive reactions and feedback can be tricky – and this can negatively affect your brand’s online reputation and sales.

Aside from first impressions and feedback, there are other reasons and ways website design can affect your online financial success chances.

Web design can make your site stand out
Considering that there are thousands, probably even millions, of websites in operation nowadays, being noticed can be difficult. However, if your website has a unique and innovative design, it will stand out from among the competition and attract audiences. Once people discover your site, more visitors will come in due to word-of-mouth or positive online feedback.

One important thing to remember is this: your website can create an impact on your visitors in a matter of seconds. Again, if they do not like what they see, you won’t be able to “hold” their attention enough to make them stay and go for repeat visits. Your chances of getting conversions or online sales are lessened.

Web design can make your site more visible online
A strong virtual presence is vital if you want to get more people to visit your website. How do you do this? If you want audiences to find you easily online, you need to ensure that your pages are all optimized – which is what SEO or search engine optimization is all about.

If your website design is SEO-friendly and incorporates SEO techniques, Google will easily find it. Certain factors such as using the right keywords, placing a CTA or call-to-action in the content, and choosing the right font styles and sizes will help make your site attractive to search engines. Thus, your webpage will be highly visible online.

Aside from effective SEO, mobile-friendly web designs also attract many visitors and lead to significant conversions. Keep in mind that consumers nowadays prefer using their smartphones and tablets over desktops and laptops, so a responsive website will definitely bring in more people and significant sales.

Web design is about good, relevant content
Creating relevant, well-written, and original content is also essential. Good design is not only about the aesthetic elements, but it also focuses on what visitors can read or see when they open the pages. If they do not find the information or details they need, they won’t see any reason to stay on the site.

Good content is also about featuring interesting, eye-catching images, video, infographics, and other multimedia elements. An experienced, skilled web designer will know how to incorporate all of these into your site.

Web design is about reaching out to customers
When you create your website design, think of your customers. What you put in your pages should be addressed to your target market, not to anyone else. When you think of content, don’t force something because you like it; you are not the intended audience.

As such, web designs that include customer service or contact details often generate the best impressions from visitors. People like pages that allow them to connect to you, make them feel you are real, and help them trust you. Your website serves as the face of your business or brand.

All the web design elements mentioned above are guaranteed to bring in more visitors to your website. With a continuous influx of people, getting leads will be easier, and these leads will eventually be converted to online sales. Work with an experienced professional mobile app developer and web designer if you want an innovative, creative, and effective website.

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Shawn Byrne

Shawn Byrne is the founder and CEO of My Biz Niche, an Arizona-based digital marketing and web design company that has achieved superior results for their clients. Before My Biz Niche, Shawn worked for Venture Capitalists where he built a private portfolio of e-commerce and informational websites that generate revenue through various digital marketing strategies.

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