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  • By Alex Jone
  • 13-08-2019
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Web development is a skill that has been in demand these days. Thanks to the development in the internet penetration and subsequently the e-commerce domain everybody has come online. Web development as a business has become a mainstay for firms with many IT service providers indulged in extending web and mobile app development services.

In midst of this, all lies bagful of off opportunities who are involved in the business right at the very core. Yes, you got it right we are talking of web developers. Web development has opened up great career opportunities for developers. Amongst developer, there is a demand from firms for niche development like java web development, Python Web Development, HTML web development, etc. Thus, those with any kind of web development knowledge would get opportunities and career progression provided they have a passion for coding and development.

Python has emerged as a popular web development language off-led. Most of the firms and even developers prefer development in Python. In this regards learning python web development is a natural thought for a budding developer. If you are one of those then thankfully you have hit the right page.

We know its difficult to start something new as the mind is surrounded by queries and doubts. To put those doubts and queries to rest we would discuss with you the basic path that one should follow to start his web development journey in Python. So, just relax and read till the end to kickstart your development journey on the right note.

Learn A Basic Language
The first and foremost thing you shall do is to start with some of the basic programming languages (assuming that you are new to development and have zero knowledge of coding). Learn to code in C, C++, JAVA, etc and try to understand the logical flow and thinking that goes beyond programming. Once you get hold of that coding in any language would not be difficult.

Start To Code
Once you are done with getting the idea about coding and development (with basic language) start to code yourself. After executing programs of your choice switch to Python. While starting coding in Python keep the approach similar to the one you had while beginning the coding in the basic language. The one difference you would notice is that Python being an advanced coding language would use fewer instructions to execute a function then a basic coding language.

To learn the basics start with Python video tutorials and get the theory part done. Meanwhile, start coding with whatever knowledge you have gained. The idea is to learn as much as you can through coding.

Enroll In Certification Program
If you are learning Python Web development to make a career in it then you can’t progress without certification in the domain. Even if you become a master in web development to land a job you would be asked about certification in the language/skill. Thus, the next logical step once you are done with the basics of the language is to get enrolled in an offline or online or certification program. The certification program would assess your skills through a test and provide you a certification from basic to advanced (based on the level you have applied) signifying your command over the skill.

Compete Actively
The best way to grow a skill is to compete with others who are better than you in the respective skill. Same goes true for your web development/coding skills. The more you participate in competitive level coding the more you going to learn the nuances and nitty-gritty of the domain. Don’t hesitate to participate in the online coding platforms even when you have got just the basic level of knowledge. By completing online you would learn that art of coding which would not come just by rote learning and solo practicing. In the long run, this art of coding is what that would separate you from the average coders.

Create Your Own Projects
Don’t wait for the job to get hands-on practice of doing a web development project. Yes, you read it right don’t wait. While you keep on searching for employment opportunities post-certification indulge yourself in project development at a personal level. Use your web development skills to create a project like your own website, gaming software, assessment software, etc. This projects would be good examples of your skills that you can put up in your CV and enhance the employability prospects. So, don’t waste time in the post-certification period and create something new.

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