What Are The Most Important Questions For A WordPress Web Developer?

  • By Ricky Brown
  • 11-07-2019
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important questions for a wordpress developer

Whether a business is seeking web developers, there are a number of questions that must be asked along the way. Asking the right questions of web developers is how a business finds someone that truly understands their vision. WordPress web developers can make or break a project with the helpful advice that they have to offer.

Those who do not ask the right questions when choosing WordPress web developers are missing out on a wide range of benefits. That's why this helpful guide is here to make life easier. These are the questions that must be asked of WordPress web developers who are currently under consideration.

With the help of these questions, companies can now work their way through their shortlists far more easily. Let's take a closer look at the most helpful queries and how they are going to shape a process of this nature.

1. How Much Is This Going To Cost?
A project of this magnitude is not going to be cheap but that does not mean that the client should be prepared to pay whatever the developer is asking for. Meeting with a few different WordPress web developers will allow the client to learn more about the current marketplace. This keeps potential clients from making the wrong decision.

2. How Much Involvement Do We Need To Have?
Different developers are always going to have differing opinions when it comes to the involvement of their clients. Some may prefer a more hands-off approach and others may wish to speak to their clients on a more regular basis. The top companies will typically choose to have some level of involvement in the decisions that are being made.

3. Are There Any References We Can Speak With?
The best way to learn more about the past projects that a WordPress web developer has handled is by taking the time to speak with their chosen references. If the firm is unable to provide any helpful references, this is a major red flag. Talking to previous clients is a great way to avoid future mistakes and learn more about the firm's bedside manner, so to speak.

4. Are There Any Content Marketing Packages?

content marketing packages

Content marketing packages are a crucial aspect of doing business, especially when it comes to web development. The top WordPress web developers are able to offer a content marketing package that is sure to boost conversion rates. In turn, this creates a much higher return on investment. Businesses that do not already have a content marketing package available to them would do well to find out more.

5. What About Edits?
This is where the awesome power of WordPress comes into play. One of the main reasons for this platform's continued success is its ability to offer easy editing to site runners of all skill levels. A site runner does not need to have a strong level of site building literacy in order to handle the simple changes that must be made.

6. Is There a Viable SEO Strategy?
The most well-crafted WordPress site will not be all that helpful if the developer does not have a viable search engine optimization strategy. How do they plan to increase the site's visibility? Can they provide further insight about past plans and how they have worked for other clients? Lead generation and engagement are always going to be important topics of discussion.

7. What Additional Services Will Be Provided?
Every WordPress web developer is going to provide different services to their clients. That's why it is important to ask each potential candidate about the services that they are willing to offer. Do they handle every aspect of design? Do they offer any additional social media promotion once the project is completed? Be sure to ask about all of the features that are an absolute must.

8. How Long Will The Project Take?
Some companies might be able to turn around a project of this nature quickly. Other WordPress web developers may not be able to do so. It will all depend on the breadth of the project itself. A client tends to have a certain time frame that they need their WordPress web development firm to consider. Making sure that the chosen firm is able to adhere to this schedule is crucial to success.

9. Can You Walk Us Through Your Research Process?

research process

This question will give the client a greater level of perspective. How well is the brand going to be represented once the WordPress site is finished? If the customer is unable to visit the site and learn more about company goals, this is a sure sign that a different developer should be chosen.

10. Have Projects Like These Been Handled Before?
In other words, no one wants to be a guinea pig. If a developer has never carried a vision like the one that your company has, their ability to assist is relatively limited. In a best case scenario, a client will want to make sure that the WordPress web developer has already handled projects like theirs in the past.

Finding the right WordPress web developers from app development companies. Modern businesses must be willing to put in the time and effort necessary during the research process. Having access to a developer who understands the goals and dreams of their clients is of the utmost importance. Finding the perfect one is everything.

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