Why Choose NodeJS for Your Next Web App Development project?

  • By Emily White
  • 16-01-2023
  • Web Development
why choose nodejs for your next web app development project

A web application is stored on a remote server and launched over the Internet on a web browser's interface. The speed and performance are the crucial considerations when it comes to creating web applications. So, there comes the need for the correct web development technology. Node.js has emerged as a promising technology to create various web applications. It is one of the most used cross-platform runtime environments for JavaScript. It is used to develop fast, scalable, and efficient web development solutions.

Web apps need to be user-friendly and high-performance that you can get with Node.js. Businesses are adopting NodeJS for developing various web apps. You can partner with a NodeJS development company to develop a feature-rich web app based on your requirements.

This blog highlights the importance of NodeJS in web app development.

Reasons to use NodeJS for Web App Development

1. Architecture

NodeJS uses “Single Threaded Event Loop” architecture that can handle multiple clients at the same time. Its processing model is based on the JavaScript event-based model. A single thread is assigned a complex request and is responsible for completing a particular blocking request by accessing external resources.

Since it uses lesser threads for a request, it uses fewer resources/memory, which results in faster task execution. This architecture is equivalent to multithreaded architecture.

Without blocking the thread, it processes multiple requests at the same time. Its development is handy and useful for developing chatbots, web applications, and so on. You can leverage this architecture to develop efficient and quality web applications.

2. High-Performing Web Applications

NodeJS is fast both in terms of performance and development. It is developed on the V8 engine of Google, an open-source, highly performant JavaScript engine. Using the V8 engine, NodeJS compiles JavaScript into a very fast machine code. It results in an increment of speed. Also, the performance of web applications is inherited natively.

It is also asynchronous and non-blocking, where processes can run in parallel without waiting for other processes to complete. It allows the web applications developed on NodeJS to perform faster than others. With the help of TCP sockets, you can code outside the browser, making it more resource-efficient.

3. Scalable

One of the prime advantages of NodeJS is scalability. The web applications built on it use single-thread to handle non-blocking I/O calls, making it use fewer resources to accept concurrent connections than traditional approaches. Also, you can use microservices or modules to scale your web application. Therefore, scaling a web application with NodeJS indicates the addition of modules in it. NodeJS can easily handle your scalability needs by providing more power to you for additional features and benefits.

4. Improves the Response Time

Thanks to the architecture of NodeJS, improving the response time of the web apps. As it offers a non-blocking asynchronous architecture resulting in removal of unnecessary threads to handle the concurrent requests of the users. It uses less resources as a result. Overall, it boosts the responsiveness of your web app since it can deal with multiple requests at the same time.


NodeJS is a JS run-time environment and used to build web applications as well as for server implementations. It is preferred because of the benefit it offers to businesses, such as faster development, high-performing web apps, and so on.

Also, its single-threaded, non-blocking I/O makes it an excellent choice for businesses to develop different types of robust web apps.

You can hire NodeJS developers to leverage its features and build top-notch web applications for your business. This runtime environment is suitable for creating efficient web applications.

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