How AR Is Redefining The Industry Of Game Development

  • By Arup Roy
  • 13-02-2020
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For the last couple of years, Augmented Reality as a mainstream technology is gaining popularity with its meteoric rise. As far as the modern digital gaming ecosystem is concerned AR helps in integrating the audio content and the game visual with the real-time environment of the gamers. In other words, with AR you can utilize the existing environment of the targeted players for creating a playfield within it. Games with AR functionalities can be played across devices like tablets, smartphones and other portable gaming systems. Apart from integrating the digital information, it helps in adding new information on top of it.

Growth Prospects Of AR

Wikitude has predicted that by the year 2023 the value of the AR market can go up to 61.4 billion dollars. Orbis Research believes that the worth of the AR gaming market can be close to approximately 284.9 billion dollars by 2023. Considering the period from 2017 to 2025 Statista has stated that AR can progress from 3.5 billion USD to 198 billion USD.

The facts and figures mentioned are a clear indication of the indomitable opportunities AR can have in today’s digital spectrum. The huge potentialities of AR in the gaming industry have made the modern-day games highly interactive and immersive for gaming enthusiasts. A noted AR game development company can provide you with tailor-made solutions to make games entertaining and dynamic. 

Listed Below Are Some Of The Ways Through Which AR Can Influence Today’s Game Development

Varying demands in gaming:

With the use of advanced and the latest technologies in creating games, the players are looking for innovative techniques to experience their favorite ones. AR is one such platform that can enable gamers to interact or communicate reciprocally so that playing becomes more lively. Using this technology games can be highly addictive and distinctive. To meet the varying demands of games worldwide, AR is being used extensively to engage prospective gamers across the globe.

Creating appealing games:

A game development company with AR expertise can generate immersive gameplay to enable players to interact personally with their digital surroundings. The AR functionalities add a digital touch to your games to experience the existing real-life setting that can appeal to various senses. Here the computer-generated objects are used by keeping touch with the actual environment to deliver a thrilling experience.

Better quality consoles:

In today’s perspective gaming market scenario it has become tough to choose the suitable consoles that can augment your playing experience. With consoles, the developers working with AR technology for game development can have advanced technological solutions. For developers and gamers, appropriate usages of AR gaming techniques help in enhancing the imaginations and vision to a new level that was unimaginable before.

Traditional gaming replaced:

Keeping in mind the recent trends AR has helped in providing endless possibilities towards the game development realm. Through innovation and creativity, it has revolutionized the look and feel of digital games. AR gaming apps are developed with special 3D programs that can deliver amazing animations to perform smooth navigation and interactive controlling.

AR game development companies are capable of transforming your dreams into reality by offering customized solutions to boost the adrenaline rush of the gamers-both avid and casual. The concept of utilizing your real world with computer-generated objects to match the nature and scope of diverse games is truly a competitive aspect of AR. In today’s fiercely competitive industry AR has given directions that can take games to a new level to satisfy the gaming aspirations.


With technologies becoming more prominent in today’s lives people always look out for engaging ways to experience new things. As games have always been a popular form of entertainment for people all over the world, technologies like AR have been used in various ways for diverse games belonging to multiple genres.

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