10 Ways AI Can Change The Future World

  • By Nishil Prasad
  • 13-01-2020
  • Artificial Intelligence
ways ai change the future

Artificial Intelligence is applicable in a variety of industries. Managers in companies can use it for decision making. It can be used to speed up the digital processes and reduce the human workload. Machine learning and neural networks are replacing older methodologies and paving a path for innovative technologies in various fields. AI is more than what engineering along can do. It can be used by knowledge-based and business technologies to make the right business decisions. There are various ios and android app development agency are avaiable.

- Industries that are disrupted by A.I
The advent of A.I and its use started in the year 1958 and the first program was created by Simon and Newell. Along with the John McCarthy is one of the founders of A.I. The primary goal of creating A.I programs was to process large amounts of data with speed and accuracy. It is used to create systems that process human-like interactions and cognitive thinking. AI systems are thinking machines. AI has evolved over decades and is the future technology that can be used in a variety of fields.

- Healthcare systems
Data mining is one of the greatest needs of the healthcare industry which is simplified with the use of AI. Large amounts of data can be easily sorted and used for various purposes in this industry. It can be used with medical equipment, to make accurate medical diagnoses, hospital management, and developing robots to perform surgeries. It is easy to analyse the drugs used for diseases with the use of Big Data and A.I.

- Ecommerce
Ecommerce companies can use A.I to study buying patterns and behavior of consumers. It gives them a competitive advantage and helps in boosting sales through accurate analysis. For instance, the ads you see in your email, Facebook, and product recommendations that appear on Amazon are usually based on your searches performed. These websites are powered by A.I to understand user behavior and buying options. The products that you are likely to buy based on your searches and previous purchases appear in your login to buy any product on these websites.

- Financial services
Finance and banking services are now using A.I for many finance departments such as processing loans, making financial decisions for organizations, etc. Many processes are replacing employees because of the accuracy and analysis of large amounts of data. Many financial organizations are using robotic advisors that analyse user behavior and patterns using A.I tools. Financial transactions are analysed using A.I for fraud detection.

- Logistics
Supply chain management is easily managed using A.I tools. Warehouses use these tools to sort data for packaging and shipment. Various types of data are easily sorted and stored using these tools. In the future, it could also replace human driving and have robot-driven vehicles for shipment.

- Customer service
Chatbots can be used in a variety of industries and are one of the most useful tools that can be used in the travel industry. It can help in improving customer service in various industries by providing quick resolution to queries. Using chatbots also increases the rate of conversions and ushers more leads because of prompt customer service and quick resolution.

- Entertainment
People in the entertainment industry can use A.I to analyze user choices. Platforms like Netflix and Amazon use A.I to understand user choices so movie recommendations can be displayed in their profiles. It also helps them understand what the users are looking for. Many A.I processes are used in the post-production to speed up the process. It saves cost in this phase of filming. It can also be used in music production and the gaming industry.

- Education
Students can benefit learning from digitized textbooks and no more have to carry heavy school bags at a tender age. It helps them learn faster and visualize concepts. Virtual tutors analyze the emotions of students to know if they are interested or bored in the classroom. This data helps in building better sessions in the classroom that keeps the students focused on the subject taught. Teachers can optimize their method of teaching using this data.

- Manufacturing
Operations from planning, designing, and improving product quality can be done using these tools. It is easy to accurately perform all the operations using A.I. It saves costs and downtime when you use these tools. They make the entire process of manufacturing and delivery effective. A.I tools notify malfunctioning and other faults made by the machines that can reduce the cost of fault detection and recovery.

- Real Estate
Brokers, agents, and owners can use A.I tools to know user preferences and show them properties based on their taste and preferences. People in real estate businesses can find perfect customers for their properties for buying, selling, and leasing. AI chatbots also help in improving customer service.

- Cybersecurity
This is a division in the IT industry that can be applicable in various industries to analyse networks for intrusions. Companies can protect their data from hackers and attacks using A.I tools. It protects industries as well as small-scale businesses from data theft. A.I tools are advanced and analyze the patterns of malicious software and notify before they can attack systems and steal massive amounts of data.

AI tools are the future of many industries. They speed up the processes, reduce human intervention, help in making accurate business decisions. There are many more applications of A.I that are useful in getting conversions, boosting sales by providing excellent customer service with the use of A.I chatbots.

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