5 Killer Ways People Are Making Money With Artificial Intelligence

  • By Akash Tripathi
  • 19-02-2021
  • Artificial Intelligence
make money with ai

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is right there at the top when it comes to the fastest-growing technologies. If you are planning to learn AI or know AI like the back of your hand, you can become the next millionaire by using that knowledge. There is no doubt that Artificial Intelligence is making all the right buzz and all for the right reasons!

Making Money with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has brought so much to businesses and continues to do so. It has been estimated that by the year 2050, AI will have changed every field ranging from Entertainment to Medicine, and Transportation.

One can make use of AI in any business sector, bringing along some creativity and innovation. This itself opens up many gates for people who wish to make their mark in the industry and eventually earn some good money. Here is how people currently are making money with Artificial Intelligence:

● Develop an app or create an AI startup – 

You can create an app using artificial intelligence. It can be anything ranging from a game, a travel app, a shopping app, an interactive community, an educational app, and so on. Correct usage of AI can make your app popular. If you have created a useful product, you can earn money from downloads of the app and ad clicks. You can even give a premium subscription option wherein users have to pay to unlock extra value-added features.

● Create Chatbots –

A lot of businesses have started using chatbots on their website. Many are yet to have them. AI emulates the way the human brain works. You can use it to create a chatbot for one business - it requires speech to text conversion, database search, and entity recognition.

You can use some ready to use platforms and customize them to create a chatbot for a business and pitch them. Once you have sold a chatbot to a company, you have unlimited enterprises to sell the product (with modifications).

● Teaching –

If you are one of those who like to share their knowledge by teaching others and you know AI, then you indeed have a bright future. As mentioned in the beginning, it is a fast-growing and popular technology, and a lot of people would be interested in learning it.

You can teach students offline or use platforms such as Udemy to create your course and earn money from it. It is among the top three courses that people enroll in. You can also start a Youtube channel and make good money from it.

● Freelancing – 

If everything stated above looks too much effort for you, you can be a freelancer and earn money working on artificial intelligence projects. Many companies want to start a pilot AI project, and for that, they need freelancers. You can take such projects, work small-time, and since it is still a niche technology, the payments are high. You will need to have moderate work experience to start taking freelancing work.

● Start a blog about artificial intelligence – 

If you think you have a decent understanding of the technology, you can share it by creating a blog about AI. If you have the premium content, you can make money from subscribers to view your content or add a Google Adsense account and start earning from it. Starting a YouTube Channel is a good option.

Given AI is a hot topic, millions of people are searching about it every week. If you can present good content and have good SEO, you can surely make killer recurring income in a few years.

These are just a few of the many ways you can use to make money using AI. AI offers plenty of possibilities, and if you want to make money using AI, no one can stop you from doing so. Going down the line, Artificial Intelligence will dominate the world, like computers and the internet did, once upon a time. If you wish to be amongst those who benefit from the ongoing AI trend, the right time to act is Now!

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