AI Can Assist Web Developers in Crafting Web Portals For The Future

  • By Fahad Ali Khan
  • 07-01-2021
  • Artificial Intelligence
ai assist web developers

Businesses need the latest web technology solutions and application development. There are certain aspects in which web development has become very important for the survival of all businesses. With the COVID-19 wreaking havoc the world over, online businesses have seen a boom for their ventures, and in a big way. Only with a strong base that a website can work well, and that’s where exceptional web development is the requirement.

The development process is often misunderstood for many reasons. Many people like to put emphasis on the design aspect as they think that this can attract their target audience. Surely, we all get attracted to a great design, but it is only one part of the whole web experience you can provide to your visitors. The backend programming, database, and structure of a website are all related to the development part.

Web Development and its Role for E-commerce Websites
Web development is the foundation for any website so that it works without any hiccup. Web development can make things work smoothly, and for companies that indulge in online shopping or transactions of any type, this is vital. The general framework for the web development process can get very complex and is comprehensive too. For young business grads just out of college or people investing money in a venture and not knowing its nitty-gritty, this can be impossible to master.

Many services offer their support to anyone looking for a taut solution in this concern. A web development company having a good reputation can be just the solution that businesses need in this concern. But web development, which is monotonous and doesn’t use new technology, would succumb to the force competition that is prevalent nowadays.

Artificial Intelligence in Computing
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is how machines demonstrate intelligence, unlike the natural intelligence shown by humans and animals. AI has long been touted to be the next frontier in making the Internet, and specifically e-commerce, to make a difference in our lives. The Internet is already an important part of our lives, and the use of several technologies using AI helps us a lot. But you can achieve it when AI can be implemented in web development.

Let me shed some light on this aspect
AI can make a developer's job easier by offering great support and incorporating new aspects that can be done through ordinary means. With the aid of AI, websites look not only cool but offer features and facilities that are unparalleled to what current technologies offer. Things can get really interesting when there are certain aspects added like support to visitors on a homepage that can make them customize that page.

Let me give you an example so that you can understand my viewpoint easily
The use of AI can make visitors of a website customize that page so that in the future, they see the content in which they are interested. Some readers would argue that this can be done through some other option too, so what is the role of AI here? Artificial Intelligence lets a person choose topics or features on a website based on his interest. It even predicts what a person may like, based on his history of browsing and shopping.

AI Software and Tools
Right from helping designers develop templates that work for a website to assist content marketers and brand managers in devising the right strategy, AI is everywhere. For example, an AI designer tool can help designers craft a design according to the latest trend and which will be in for a long time to come. This will save a lot of time for them to think after every few months to redesign a website.
Similarly, web developers can get support from new software and tools in laying the foundation for a website catering to the demand of their target audience. With the ability to search and analyze massive data, AI tools can help developers make their tasks easy. Developers can put together web development elements that can make an e-commerce portal invincible in terms of performance and ability to transform with changing times.

AI to the Rescue
In the coming few years, AI is already everywhere and, coupled with AR and VR, can offer mind-blowing and surreal experiences to the visitors of any website. While much of it will be about the design and layout of websites, the development will be essential as it will lay the groundwork to make complex and heavy design structures work seamlessly on any platform.

Billions of dollars are being invested by research firms and by technology giants like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft to make AI work even better. In the future, AI's role can be of even greater importance than we imagine right now. For example, in the early 2010s, it was estimated that AI would be of around 100-billion-dollar industry, but just the amount for research for this field now exceeds this amount. So, AI’s future is bright, for sure.

Final Word
In the near future, AI’s worth in the market will skyrocket as new software and tools are making their way and regularly used by businesses. Developers need tools and software to make their work easy and also make it sustainable well into the future. With AI in their repertoire, the sky’s the limit now as advancement in this technology will make things spicier for anyone in the web development field.

AI is known to correctly predict and realize end-users' frame of mind and preferences, there is every reason for the developers to rejoice. The cognitive investigation, like the use of AI chatbots, are groundbreaking technologies that were not even thought of a few years ago. Now they are part of virtually every other website, and the future looks rosier than ever.

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