Artificial Intelligence Role in Education

  • By Jhon Nick
  • 31-12-2021
  • Artificial Intelligence
ai in education

Artificial Intelligence implies the use of robotics and computer to perform various human activities like visual perception, decision-making, speech recognition, and translation, etc. With the advent of such techniques, scientists and various researchers proposed that it can do wonders or bring disasters. There have been several assumptions regarding its use in almost every other field. Be it the intelligent sensors that click amazing pictures or the personal assistants in smartphones, AI has taken over greatly.

Teacher and AI collaboration
Teaching can be done more effectively by making good use of digital media technology. They should help students to adapt to the new modes of learning in the AI era. The launching of education management information systems involving curriculum planning, digital content development, and the use of robots to perform administrative tasks.

The educators have a bigger challenge to not only improve their methods but also incorporate digital technology with the latest techniques. Where the use of machines to perform many educational tasks provides benefits of speedy assessment and time saving, there can still be problems to make the learning process effective for students. Introducing the AI technology can assist teachers and students in:

Quick grading and assessment
Judgment-free environment
Advanced tools for learning
Generating feedback
Better record-keeping
Differentiated and Individualized Learning

Differentiated learning focuses on creating groups or dividing students based on their abilities into different categories. The educators have to design the lessons keeping in mind the characteristics of that particular group. This helps in distributing various tasks among groups for effective learning and usually requires practical activities. Individualized learning involves targeting one student at a time and understanding his learning needs. To incorporate machine-assistance techniques into these two modes of learning, the educator must have good knowledge and command over technology.

For instance, the educator can handle a class of 30 students individually and smartly by the use of AI techniques. This requires proper management and awareness of its applications in the best way possible.

Tutoring and support outside the classroom
Besides aiding the educators in bringing advanced and efficient techniques inside the classroom, the AI also assists in the outside environment. Machine-assisted education can fill the learning gaps and provide more opportunities to parents and tutors. While teaching Algebra to a kid at home, the use of Artificial Intelligence can make the process a lot easier. Students can access digital devices to do their homework and conduct online tests.

This brings more knowledge and guides students towards smart learning techniques. The efforts required to perform tasks manually can drain the educators and learners already to foster an effective learning process. Here, the application of digital tools can not only save time and energy but also generate more productivity by expanding the human mind.

Automate admin tasks
Now the machines are being designed in a way to grade written responses as well. When a student gives an online multiple-choice question-answer test, he gets it graded easily by digital tools. The educators have to deal with the burden of marking the written responses and keeping the record of the performance of students. If these tasks are done by machines, the educators can give students more time and attention to students.

The AI technology can be a great aiding tool for performing admin tasks with accuracy and getting rid of strenuous work. Educators can do much more than simply serve as a source of information. They can go beyond typical educational and administrative strategies and apply AI for personalized learning, managing field trips, enrollment processes, and HR-related tasks.

Artificial intelligence and its applications can occupy an integral place in the education world and improve the learning outcomes for everyone including educators, administrative bodies, and learners.

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