7 Best Digital Marketing Tools for Growth-Driven Agencies in 2020

  • By Susan Raj
  • 03-03-2020
  • Digital Marketing
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There are many small companies running around and trying to establish around the world. There is so much of competition around the world among the various business houses and each company is trying its best to grow bigger with the help of the latest digital marketing tools and strategies.

Let us discuss the 7 best digital marketing tools for growth-driven agencies in 2020 below and find out how each of the tools offers a competitive edge to the company and help in growing faster.

1. MailChimp
The email to text technology suits perfectly for B2B and B2C companies. It is an email marketing plan and very effective business promotional activity. It should be implemented from the beginning as you start your business activities. MailChimp has become one of the top email marketing solution providers with over 12 million customers across the world. The freely available tool with lot many useful options will surely help you in making your customer network wide across the world.

2. HubSpot
It provides all types of solutions to your business relating to sales, marketing and customer relationship management areas. HubSpot is all-in-one marketing software which offers all types of business plans and marketing solutions. It can help a company to grow faster by providing valuable tips such as - how to attract visitors and how to turn a visitor into a trustworthy customer. Digital marketing tools allow you to work on different digital platforms.

3. Trello
Though it sounds like a social media network, but it is a tool that helps in organizing digital marketing strategies along with sales & marketing team. It helps in managing the projects, sharing the recourses and allowing the people from different work-areas to work together as a team. Trello not only allows people to come together and work together but it helps to save a lot of time and to overcome frustrations.

4. Hootsuite
It is a tool that perfectly manages the social media network of a company, regardless of its size, age or the area of work. Social media network has become part of digital marketing and business promotion activities but Hootsuite helps in scheduling and managing the social media network effectively. It can help you to plan the posts on social media in advance, assign the tasks to the influencers of your team on various platforms. It is the best tool which works as a social media manager.

5. Google Analytics
Google Analytics has to become part of the digital marketing plan and the business promotional activities from the beginning. It is a tool that is available free from Google and it manages the websites by tracking every step and the actions of the visitors with the help of analytics code. Google Analytics is not only a tool to track and manage the web traffic but it helps in placing the marketing strategies perfectly well.

6. Followerwonk
In order to make use of social media marketing, Followerwonk offers well-planned strategies to improve your social media interactions by working on Twitter analytics data. It compares twitter accounts, sort the list of customers according to location and criteria and optimize the content for better customer interactions.

8. All in One SEO Pack
Search engine optimization plays an important role in your business plans and marketing strategies. If you are using WordPress which is one of the best content marketing systems then you can also make use of the plugin All in One SEO Pack. It is a tool which helps you in making the right decisions at the right time regarding the content that you make use of.

These are the best tools of digital marketing that help you to run the business successfully with the help of internet which has grown bigger and powerful across the world today.

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