Effective Ways To Accelerate Your Digital Marketing Strategy

  • By Lauren Wiseman
  • 26-08-2020
  • Digital Marketing
digital marketing strategy

In today’s hypercompetitive digital marketing landscape, getting yourself noticed by the right audience is harder than ever. Just building a website and creating accounts on popular social networks is not enough to boost brand visibility.

To maximize your brand’s exposure and start generating leads, you need to diversify your digital marketing strategy.

Choose a Memorable Domain Name
A domain name is the first thing a user will see when scrolling down the crowded SERPs. It creates a strong first impression of your brand and enhances brand memorability.

For starters, choose a relevant TLD. Studies show that over 50% of registered domains use .com. As the most popular and trustworthy TLD, it will help you gain customers’ trust and enhance brand credibility.

However, .com is definitely not the only option for you. From Google’s viewpoint, all domain extensions are equal. For example, some domain extensions have better branding capabilities. Many brands, such as Themify.ME, Cook.ME, or ID.ME, choose the .me domain to create a persuasive call to action and personalize user experiences.

Avoid creating lengthy domain names that will only confuse your target audience. A domain name should be concise, recognizable, and unique. Do not use numbers, hyphens, or intentional misspellings as they can make your website harder to remember.

Optimize for Mobile Devices
When browsing through websites from their tablets or smartphones, users expect your site to adapt to their screens and be highly responsive. Google found that 49% of users would not purchase from a brand again if they had negative mobile experiences.

To test your site’s responsiveness, go to Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test and assess your website. The tool will tell you how optimized your site is for mobile devices and even provide actionable tips on how to improve its performance.

To adapt your website to mobile experiences, you should:
- Prioritize your key information by placing it above the fold.

- Instead of a standard horizontal menu, use a hamburger menu. It collapses and hides menu categories until clicked, helping you declutter the website interface.

- Simplify content to make it easier to follow on mobile devices. Slice the text down into smaller paragraphs. Write clear sentences. Add clear headings and subheadings. Insert visuals to keep content easier to follow.

- Choose legible fonts, simplify your lead gen forms, and design larger buttons that are easier to tap.

- Make sure your site is fast. If it does not load in 3 seconds, most users will ditch it without completing the purchase. For starters, compress your website images. With many image compression tools, you can do that without compromising the quality of images. The choice of a content delivery network and a hosting provider can also impact your site’s performance.

Create Targeted Email Campaigns
Email marketing returns $44 for every $1 spent. However, is every email marketing campaign that profitable? To boost email marketing ROI, you need to create targeted and relevant marketing campaigns. In the era of hyper-personalization, uniform messages do not resonate with consumers anymore.

For starters, you will need to collect customer data and create detailed buyer personas. Ask customers questions on their preferences, needs, and expectations. You should know which kind of content or deals they expect to receive from you.
Never send spam. To send an email to someone, you first need to ask them for their permission. That is why you should create optimized opt-in forms. Many email marketing services allow you to create effective opt-in forms and A/B test them without hiring a developer.

Based on the data you collect, you should start segmenting your email list. In other words, you will slice the list of your recipients down into narrower groups. There are many ways to segment your newsletter list, such as by your audience’s age, gender, location, education, profession, content preferences, previous purchases, product requirements, open rates, activity/inactivity, etc.

With the right email marketing services, you will be able to automate your email marketing practices. For example, you could set up automated “welcome” or “thank you” emails, as well as use autoresponders for promotions, upsells and cross-sells, educational videos, follow-ups, etc. Those messages will engage users, nurture relationships with them, and turn them into paying customers.

Partner with Micro-Influencers
You do not need to be a big-budget company to collaborate with influencers. Instead of building relationships with macro-influencers, you can choose to partner with micro-influencers in your niche. Those are accounts with approximately up to 20,000 followers.

Compared to social media celebrities that have millions of fans, micro-influencers target a narrower but more engaged audience.
There is a simple reason why online users trust micro-influencers more than celebrities. They are often perceived as “people like me.” Customers can trust their product recommendations. That is the opportunity to boost brand credibility.

All you need to do is connect with the right influencer. They should be in the same or related niche, as well as have the same values and missions. You could search for micro-influencers manually on social networks or register on platforms like StackInfluence or Tribe.

Over to You
Those are just some of the numerous effective tactics that may boost your online presence. Additionally, you should:
- Create long, insightful, and data-backed blog posts.
- Diversify your content marketing strategy. Create blog articles, infographics, whitepapers, long-form guides, videos, etc.
- Target natural and long-tail keywords to rank higher for voice searches.
- Humanize your brand on social networks.
- Create retargeting campaigns to win over your customers.
- Invest in paid ads to maximize your brand’s exposure.
- Keep testing your presence and make informed marketing decisions.

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