Magento Development: Trends to Look Out For In the Year 2020

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  • 29-11-2019
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`magento development trends 2020

Magento’s magic never fails to impress the technology world. The reason behind this is the constant improvement and extended flexibility. The platform continues to deliver the most flexible and impeccable ways to develop online stores with easy variants for implementing complex templates and themes. Today, we will have a look at the latest Magento Development trends that can help you implement the trends for your website in the following year.

Magento is exceptionally popular. You need to know about the latest updates and trends of Magento whether you are an online merchant, website developer, software developer, or Magento blogger. Magento offers two platforms: Magento Open Source and Magento Commerce. Magento offers flexibility to improvise with an extension and paid version. With Magento, sellers can have full authority over the hosting service. Recently, Magento released Magento 2.3.1, which has set the bar high by trying to reach every nook and cranny of the world to gather customers.

Magento Development Trends to Watch Out for in the year 2020

Include Chatbots

Including a chatbot that can converse, resolve issues, and can make quick responses can keep you ahead of the race. Chatbots are already in practice in various online stores and real-world applications. When you visit a site and see a pop-up appearing on the site and asking you to have a chat, it’s a chatbot. It’s attractive and keeps the user engaged. Moreover, it excludes the necessity of customer care executives to be on call around the clock.

Major players in this field like IKEA and Amazon are already making the most out of this technology. We can expect a significant expansion of this technology in the year 2020.

Steller AI Technology isn’t future- it’s now!

AI technology is an emerging technology but is not necessarily a new technology. It was first discovered in 1959, but recently drawn popularity and being implemented in some real-world applications. Considering the current technology scenario, people expect personalization in everything. People resonate most with devices that converse with them and resolve their issues accordingly.

With Artificial Intelligence, companies are now targeting customers based on their choices and offering them with a personalized shopping experience. AI can not only ease the shopping process for customers but can also suggest items based on their choices and shopping patterns. Therefore, keep up with technology's pace and embed AI into your Magento project in the year 2020.

Offer personalized Experiences

Personalization is the key to keep customers engaged. Nowadays, people prefer getting a personalized product list, offers, discounts, product suggestions, depending on their searches and shopping behavior. It is important to offer experiences to the customers they can relate to. Currently, the best-personalized services offering company is google. By 2020, there will be ample of companies offering personalized services. Stand up to the customer’s expectation to stay ahead in the race!

Responsive Micro-interactions

To offer a first-rate experience to users, responsive interaction is a great option. It is quick in nature and feels almost like human interaction. To make your customers feel welcomed, when they visit your website, adopt micro-interaction. Including micro-interaction is conceptual and exciting that will greet your customers with welcoming words or celebrate them on special occasions. It is a great option to charm your customers and keep them hooked up to your website/product. It is important to acknowledge users in order to make them feel special.

Organic searches

Web presence is great but is not the only requirement. You need to offer organic searches in order to offer easy navigation to your customer base and ultimately to gain popularity. To make your product/website more accessible inculcate various features like filtering options, breadcrumbs, autocomplete, etc. Navigate your visitors through organic searches, engage them, and help them dig deeper into the website.

Wrapping Up

Magento is evolving constantly and never seems to lag behind as a platform because of its open-source technology and great features. Businesses are thriving in boosting online sales and maximizing the gross margins because of the agility in Magento. All in all, it is a platform worth considering. Find latest ios and android app development agency for your project.

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