High Demand App Development Startup Ideas Amid Covid-19

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  • 10-07-2020
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Covid-19 has crippled the whole world economically. The Mobile App Development Industry can be no exception. But, surprisingly, it has opened certain new avenues for Startup Mobile App. It is for a promising entrepreneur to pick up the right one and transfer the adversity to opportunity. Here are certain startup ideas in 2020.

1) Pharmacy App
Retail pharmacies and medicine buyers are prospective users. Hence it has a wide market potentiality. The following are the benefits for, particularly amid Covid-19

i) Customers
• Place an order, sitting at home, and get the same delivered at the door.
• Get great discounts and other incentives such as free shipping
• Access a wide range of information on prescription medicines.
• Get reminded of their medical needs.

ii) Pharmacies
• Make their online presence and add to their customer base
• Attract new customers and reach new geographical locations
• Search for generic alternative medicines.
• Get useful information and not3ification on expiry dates.
• Manage their inventory digitally.
• Monitor their marketing campaigns and different schemes.
• Provide sophisticated customer service
• Obtain refill orders from repeat customers.

The outbreak of Covid-19 has made people more conscious of their health. At the same time, they don’t want to waste time standing in a queue to get their medicines from counters. If you are looking out for a startup, you can opt for Mobile App Development under this category.

2) Grocery Shopping App
This probably is the best Mobile App Development Ideas, mainly because of the lockdown imposed in all the countries in the world. Groceries are the basic requirements of life. But, people can’t go out freely to get their grocery needs. It is now for you to grab the opportunity and make the groceries available at their doorsteps.

This app empowers local grocery stores, small shops, and other businesses to market their products online. It also helps in monitoring the entire life cycle of the buying process in a systematic manner.

In order to further strengthen the Mobile App Startup Ideas, consider the following services:
• Grocery Delivery Services
• Shoppers Lists Programs
• Price Comparison Platforms
• Grocery Discount Applications

The Mobile App Development Company provides the following services to customers.

• Pre-defined categories of inventory of 5000 + products. A user-friendly CMS helps in creating new categories and uploading products
• Order History; keeping track of all the orders with checkout options.
• Search the store for the required items and brands.
• Advanced Delivery Options; self-pickup or online delivery with the incentive of discounts
• Hassle-free Online Payment
• Product Details

3) Food Delivery App
The process of lockdown has made many people stranded at homes. A startup of the Food Delivery App is worth considering for an entrepreneur. For keeping away from contact with the Corona Virus, people want contact-free delivery. You can think of two options that would provide enormous market potentiality- picking up the food themselves at checkout points or delivery at the door or in the lobby.

Yet another option is instituting contact-less deliveries. Your chief objective should be to assist in preventing the spread of the virus. You should ensure your customers that you will provide delivery personnel with more sanitization options. You need to encourage your customers to report, in case their delivery personnel appears unwell.

You don’t have to invest much as you work as a middleman between restaurants and customers. You may provide an option for ordering on-demand or scheduling your deliveries in advance. You may also think of partnering with restaurants for providing hand sanitization facilities for the riders at pickup points. You can add temperature guns at such restaurants that will ensure that the body temperature of the person picking the order as normal.

4) Fitness Apps
Covid-19 has made the gyms to shut down, and options for fitness have narrowed largely to home workouts. But the real enthusiasts maintain their spirit to keep themselves fit. They have faith in virtual guides. This has created a great opportunity for mobile app development. Gym Owners, Yoga Gurus, Personal Trainers, and Dietitians use this app.

You must understand the intricacies involved in the health and fitness industry that covers the following
• Fitness Tracking App
• App for Yoga Centre
• Wearable Fitness App
• Personal Trainers App
• Diet and Nutrition App
• Workout or Exercise App

Instead of jumping into the vastness of the fitness industry, conduct some cutting-edge research to transform heritage portfolios to flexible, modular applications that offer new services for getting feedback. This will enable you for better customer engagement, deliver better business alignment, and higher Return on Investment from your Application.

You can think of cognitive automation, maintenance, and testing, and automation of the app will help in increasing customer service. Therefore, the exploration of thought leadership from the automation industry will guide you to choose the right fitness app.

5) Learning and Education App
Students are the hardest hit by Covid-19. The need for social distancing has made actual learning in schools, impossible. The only alternative left for them is virtual education through mobile apps. As a seeker of startups, education will be one of your best options. Most schools have made the digital teaching-learning, compulsory. You don’t have to toil much for the market if you go in for a startup on Education App.

To make your online presence, you may provide free services for revision through practicing mock tests for a few months. You may authorize the head of the department of a school to conduct and direct the classes. Provide video lectures and updates on the names of those who have viewed them.

The features of the app should include quick tests, quizzes, and facilities for clarification of doubts.
Educating people to break Corona is another good idea for a startup. Your approach should be to promote ideas and product solutions to support coronavirus patients and quarantined people. Think of providing corona-related hardware products such as logistics and distribution of food, special support for aged people and infants. Yet other ideas are making of masks, gloves, and sanitizers.

Startups during Covid-19! It may appear for traditional entrepreneurs. But those who are aware of the scopes of digital marketing can be sure that Covid-19 has opened new avenues for startups. If you are among such entrepreneurs, consider the ideas mentioned above.

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